Trump fires National Security Adviser John Bolton

President Donald Trump tweeted on Monday night that Bolton's "services are no longer needed at the White House." Charlie Kupperman will be acting national security adviser until Trump appoints one.
25:22 | 09/10/19

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Transcript for Trump fires National Security Adviser John Bolton
Yeah. Hello everyone welcome to the briefing room not none of those are dean. Coming to you on ABC news live from our Washington newsroom we had a full show ready for you today right now. Preparations are under way down and he's in taxes for ABC news's. First democratic primary debate we have a lot more coming up on that from our crew that's down there but first. We want to get to our top story national security advisor John Bolton. Has been fired the president making the announcement himself. On Twitter saying that he asked for Bolton resignation and got it this morning but bolts and offering a different version of what happened saying he. Offered to resign so to break down the latest on a day this developing story let's bring in White House reporter Jordan tells. And State Department reporter Connor Finnegan. Jordan I want to start with you tell us how did this all unfold because Bolton was scheduled to appear. At a briefing at 130 he was obviously missing from that briefing but it seems that all of this was of drops. Hi nine AI it was very abrupt we knew around 11 AM that there was going to be this briefing Bolton. Was supposed to be there along with Pompeo and menu shin. But they anyways just sit within an hour later that president from announced that Bolton was. Now it's now a minority hit on it but it really depends on who you ask on. How this all unfolded according to the White House and the president that really sticking by this story. That he asked for born to resign and Yury sees that this morning but Bolton is very insistent even going on the record to refute the president's. Telling of a vent saying that the president never asked for his resignation and that this morning. Ice he ultimately put it and decided to throw in the towel now Mona is nothing new that these two men have disagreed on a host of foreign. Policy issues everything from North Korea to a rhyme. And the most recent advent we had obviously we're the east peace talks with the Taliban and that potential meeting at Camp David that the president announced and then abruptly. Called off. But Monad the president in the past has always made light of the fact that he and Bolton didn't see eye to eye he's made light of the fact that Bolton is hot he's called him. Eye and said that he is the one who tempers Bolton but. Ultimately the president likes to be seen as a ultimate decision maker doesn't want to be seen as anyone else controlling him. Eyes so he's always downplayed what ever internal disagreements there had banned. But today Mona a very different story we're seeing president trump. Lay out those disagreements in his tweet saying he no longer needs Fulton service says and he disagreed with not just him but mini in the administration. Yet journey definitely beat Bolton to the punch. Another person who said that they didn't see Ida high with Bolton as well as secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Who was also out at 130 briefing alongside secretary of state. A teenage Treasury Secretary Steve new chin. And he also touched on in their disagreements over good play got a little that. I don't have caught the workings of how how this all goes week we will give our candid thing if there were many times ambassador Bolton and I disagree that's to be sure. But that's true for Watson. Lots of people who withdrew my in Iraq but my missions that is always. To make sure as I run the Department of State is to deliver America's diplomacy to make sure we get good outcomes that. I don't I don't know everyone's talked about this for an awfully long time there were desolate places that bass and I pulled and I have different views about how we should proceed. Not right now want to bring in this State Department reporter Connor Finnegan Connor the president said that he set to appoint someone at next week. The White House says that bring out Charlie copper men is the acting national security advisor he tell us where do we go from here. Well mine I think the biggest thing here is that Mike Pompeo has really emerged as president trumps most important advisor lease on foreign policy. You heard him there talk about is open disagreements with John Bolton. It's really his relationship with president trump that has kept him around for so long he was first president from CIA director then transitioning. To the secretary of state after Rex Tillerson was also fired by tweet. And it's his alignment with the president his willingness to implement president trumps Dick tunes his tweets his foreign policy ideas. Into actual policy that has kept him around for so long as you said Charlie cup are mean will now become the acting national security advisor. But he's a very close ally of John Bolton was actually promoted to be Bolton deputy in January so it's unclear how much longer in the last. And and beyond that it's unclear. You know what this national security position will look like with Pompeo emboldened and really having an ally in his friend and former. Class mean at West Point mark expert the Pentagon. It's really Mike Pompeo who appears be calling a lot of the shots on foreign policy. Sentencing coming from the secretary of state think you Connor. Let's move now to our other top story in new ABC news Washington Post poll shows a dramatic drop in the president's approval rating. 38% of Americans approve of the job the president is doing that's a 6% drop from July. 56%. Say that they dis approve of the way the president is handling his Johnson two died. Deeper into these results I want to bring in Daniel breakage from 538. The Ben Nelson get really stuck out Timmy isn't that 60%. Of Americans of more than half Americans believe that a recession. It will happen in 20/20 or they believe a recession is coming in Tony twenty. Does that scene meant to be fueling this drop in the president's approval rating. Yeah maybe you never know for sure because correlation is causation but I think that's pretty good gas over the fired thirty aborigines. Approval rating which I'm not insane. Mom isn't there already has steadily gone down at least the last few months and really the only thing bad has happened or that I'm is this volatility and market slot stories about how certain indicators are saying that a recession era coroner. Our read Daniel meanwhile other president vice president were down in North Carolina yesterday to stump for our. A Republican Dan bishop who is running in that special house election for the ninth district seat. He's going had to had to Democrat Dan McCready now this election could give us a glimpse into the future ahead of 22 when he. Our Rachel Scott was down there yesterday as well and she spoke with one trump supporter who said. It's going to take a miracle to keep conservatives in power. With sickle listen to what that's from supporter also had to send. Thank Elizabeth Warren. Could be a threat. I sure do. Her is appeal to a lot of people. This whole state seems be turning to read lately. To I mean Democrat lately. And North Carolina has been conservative for a long time but it's time. And I hope we can hold it right now. Nathaniel is this special election being held tonight a big test for the president. And the Republican Party is a whole. Yeah you know sedatives and I think that it's just one special election which is important thing to keep in mind and lot extenuating circumstances ask in my you know this is a redo between eighteen election after election proper was reportedly aren't taking place sonar lot of unusual circumstance this year ascent this is a seat at trump won by twelve points in 2016. It really shouldn't be candidate who calls saying it to call so honestly yes even if Republicans do end up winning only old apprentice in their teeth that's not a good sign them just ask. Close special election results in funny scene where tickets I'm. But I don't act here. Time ran its annual rake it with 538 we appreciate you joining us. Those are now we're gonna switch to the gun debate heating up here in Washington Democrats are looking at now the congress is back in session. To keep the pressure on senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to take a gun control legislation in the senate but. McConnell made it clear that he's not willing to take up anything that the president hasn't backed. So we wanna go to cap their father who is on Capitol Hill Katherine where does this stand right now it seems that. Every one both Eric at least congress and the White House are looking for someone. To make the first book. The Yemen and over at the course of this recess we've heard McConnell say that he's waiting to hear from the White House we've heard the White House say that are waiting to hear from. Republicans on Capitol Hill lawn McConnell spoke to reporters just a little while ago about this and it. Instead that the White House briefed them behind closed to warrant comments one of the top aides and alleged affairs office. A said that the White House is coming up with a plan the president will sign McConnell said that until that happens all of this is. The actress says are his once and he wants. The White House is saying what they're going to do before he brings billed to the floor but on the other side of this Luna house Democrats they're marking up. Some gun violence bills today they're making this a big priority as they come back but I think what's important to note here is that there's no. I'm line at least from the White House yet on when the soft. I think you Catherine and yesterday a group a bipartisan group of mayors. Where from all over the country's from including. Came to Washington to meet with the White House officials to urge them to take action. On gun control legislation among those in attendance was. Louisville mayor Greg Fisher who I spoke with moments ago take a lesson. The man professor at first like to thank you for joining me here in our Washington newsroom now you're in town because you're part of that bipartisan group of mayors. That man with White House officials to discuss gun control legislation. Asking what were the conversations abound. And when you take away from that meeting. The almost 300 mayors Republicans Democrats independents came together to say we need common sense reform. Or 90%. Of Americans are saying this now so yesterday at the White House. Good session obviously lots of questions back and forth. You know their message was we're looking at a suite of solutions our message was let's do something now because the people on the streets of America just. Can't understand why nothing's happening and sees mass shootings continue to increase so. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good here. Let's get started in the work on the next step after that so. I can tell you measure not gonna go way moms are going to go away students are going on way people are just sick and tired of seeing their fellow citizens gunned down. Who had. And he is also talk about what you guys are doing at the local level as well that was one of the questions tell us about some of the measures you are taken increase safety and I sensed something really set. I said you know for a practical stand. What we're doing is training people if they become a come from across a situation where there's been a mass shooting of their involved with the how can you stop the bleeding because these assault rifle. Both bullets have a small opening them massive cavity inside city have to stop the bleeding so the person has a chance to survive. So people appreciate the reality of this but they're also really upset and angry that in the United States of America. This is what we're M the train our citizens to do to protect us from his weapons of war. There's been a lot of public outcry about people demanding that congress acts congress or turn a session yesterday. And senate majority leader Mitch McConnell recently said that. He's not willing to take up any legislation that doesn't have the president's backing. And we seen a recent weeks and weeks that the president has his views on background checks have evolved and at one point he said that he didn't believe that background checks would have. Prevented the recent mass shooting so do you believe that a Republican led senate will get behind some of the things that you guys are advocating for. Well this is a time for statesmanship to come forward here what we do know is that 90% of Americans want this to happen. So this is a no brainer in terms of listening to the citizens listening those suburban moms who when they're dropping their kids off at school are wondering. I'm I'm gonna see them again. Her grandmother Lowell asked me two weeks ago whether or not she should buy her granddaughter of bulletproof backpack with a bulletproof vest accessory. And what kind of country are we becoming here so. People need to be thinking about country over party this is a human issue is not a Republican or democratic issue take action let everybody be accounted for. And when you hear some of those stories as a surprise you that a new ABC news Washington Post poll shows that. Six in ten Americans more than half of Americans fear that that rationing can hop in their community. That's the unfortunate sad pitiful reality that we're in today when you take a look at Dayton. Kilroy. Had little dust so why them why not. Who evolved. Washington DC. You know this is sad that we're him to think about this is a country and people see the increasing. Frequency that things are happening as well and so not always this horrible today but if this kind of repeated the continues. When we unit report on this every two or three days right now. So with the amount of weapons on history of America and in the lack of regulation in this space we need to do more than the American people deserve that. And Lhasa mayor and ask you what would you say to those who say what you guys are proposing. Background check legislation the red flag laws. Arm is radical it's radical take on the measure. Yet what's radicals nothing's been done on this. When 90% of the American public agrees on these issues when the vast majority of NRA members agrees on this as well. A small group of loud people holding up this type of reform common sense reform. There's just incredible numbers of Americans want is a real disservice to this country. Great conversation with mayor Greg Fisher there thank you for joining us. Well now to the race for 2020s. And the third democratic primary debate set to take place on Thursday one stage. One night ten candidates in Houston Texas a state that has been dominated. By the GOP for the last thirty years but has seen in recent changes to with political landscape so to talk further about that. I'm gonna bring in ABC's Devin Dwyer DeVon glow from the other side what are you seeing and hearing on the ground there. We're having quite a day down here and Texas Mona it is is he changing place we're gonna get into that and a second I had tea. Coming T a live from campus you know coffee house not far are from downtown Texas Rice University is nearby. Tom and it's sort of emblematic of the changing face of this State's politics is that the day. On a road trip we ended up here and after spending the morning down in Richmond Texas work their way. How back up to Sugar Land, Texas were here now talking to voters politicians both sides of the I'll. In the consensus is just this place is turning purple. In large part because the diversity here the economy here but also. I because that politicians and and figures were stepping up two lead that change in joined by a one of the announcement whose. Part of this change in the front edge. Back in 2009 former mayor of Houston's Parker the first openly gay mayor of a major American city it's great to see you thanks for for talk Angeles. It's wonderful that you in Houston and in none part of monstrous hearing his. It is a great neighborhood to suggest that this place I can see why mayor and you know you were part of the change. That we witnessed. First hand today and more as a result of the changes result is there's that the population has solutions here why is that we. I was elected. The whole world take notice how to that happening in Houston in this fundamental misunderstanding of Houston one important estonians is foreign born. And where an amazingly. International city and in fact. The majority of estonians were born more than a hundred miles away from this city so everyone's a newcomer everyone comes with their ideas and energy. And it mixes together in a nice way which have to produce if you get. That's right it I heard that over and over again today these are hard working people in many cases sort of socially conservative may be fiscally conservative but in depend. I don't mind these aren't the ideologues. Not by any stretch. The sorts socially conservative because yet to clear away that's the big thing. It's a little bit of a live and let live attitude some that frontier mentality it's Reitman are definitely fiscally conservative and a Democrat down here doesn't look like America and lemon. That is assurance pact wanted to personally talked to today city Democrat in Texas were being counted for example. Would be a Republican in California and some parts of your career that I would absolutely agree that our. So socially before. Before tuck went into the democratic field because all the candidates are coming to your city. Later this week. Is Texas turning purple sufficiently fast enough do you think it will be people who stayed in points morning and we go isn't too soon for that in the presidential. We're not immediately Satan in 22 any but. It'll be competitive state it'll be me purple C. The big cities are strong democratic majorities in the big red CN rural Texas but. The the big cities have such a strong proportion of the vote. And what's happened in the last. Two years four years is that the reliably conservative Republican suburbs. Have begun to vote democratic this not bet. The Democrats are taking over I think is that the the Republican Party took to hearted turn into the Ryans who say they're not ideologues here. There are about results and they're not seeing results and so they're looking for candidates with good ideas. Current that a lot today as well we know the candidates and they take the stage one night only ten of them going to be up there. They will hammer home probably those points this week. There's a head. Vs heart to be under way right now our viewers are familiar with that this. He's electability more important is purity in the party some of these. Ideals more important where do you fall and that in this election is diesel should should voters think of electability is the most important quality B Donald Trump. We need to be dealt out no doubt but I have a different attitude and that is we hit the best person to leave. The most powerful nation on earth the best person to be president of the United States and if we as Democrats can't convince the rest America to vote for the person. We fail not the candidate. We need to pick the best person to lead our country so you are the president of the victory fund which is an organization that promotes gay and lesbian candidates and political office you've told me your group has endorsed been out front on this even endorsed people which edged. Why is TV got light he thinks he can beat Donald Trump more than say July. So first of all. He is the reason we exist we only endorse to be cheeky candidate so we couldn't consider anyone else and it's the first time we've ever made 88 presidential endorsement. He's the second presidential candidate for major party ticket but we endorsed in that because. We believe he is he has the skill set he's been a mayor he's a veteran he's a millennial he's amazingly. Smart he's got great. Policy ideas he is the antithesis. Of them do you if he gets the nomination or whoever gets the nomination you think a woman has to be on this ticket someplace either as the VP candidate. Or as the top. It's not top nominee for Democrats this year. Victories agnostic about that girl entropy and all in for me personally but as a woman we have to woman on the on the take things happen that's correct and well in the what you see so many really strong candidates. Contending for are for president Phyllis along the criminal be willing to take passenger. To finally got to ask you said you're going to be watching the debate Thursday night you're not going to be in this industry is that it's much more Fontana popcorn and don't put your feet high from where they're pressing victories to parties so will be able to see you talk about candidates and that. You don't have to be at peace supporter to come through our watch party although we'll definitely be cheering for what would you be watching for. Yes as sort of independent viewers what what what are you gonna be zeroing in on its license. How they respond to the tough questions how they respond and relate to each other's. Because we have to come out of this process. As a unified party behind the candidate whoever that candidate is and we have to win. So I'm going to be watching. Yes what they say and and how they relate but their commitment to standing up systemic. Current former Houston mayor in east Parker thanks for welcoming us here say this week it's great tenor to talk with you thank you so much. After showing you here is Mona we're gonna have much more on our road trip through four paying Tony Harris County. On Thursday on the briefing room hopeful special there of course we hope all of our viewers who join us for special coverage of the debate. Starting at 7 PM eastern time on Thursday on ABC news lively full ABC news political team can be found right there. Who live roku FaceBook watch you know all the places Mona WB two and an end and that's it from here in Houston back to you. Yes definitely mark your calendar is and we heard former Houston mayor. Denise Parker say that she will be watching closely and I'm joined now by NAACP president. And CEO Derek Johnson who says. Youths you'll be watching closely and what do you what are you looking for we watched the debate what are you hoping to walk away with or hear the candidates and. But analysts are whipped him it's an African community are the going to speak to questions upon its case or children are going to address issues of aggressive policing. How would they addressed the problem would voter suppression that we've seen. All too primitive in haft don't know throughout our community summer listening for that. Of course I was one who can beat Donald Trump. But also won't someone that's gonna leave with substance in leading give our people hope. And what stands. Out most to you. Just within the candidate pool. And also this time around as we inch closer to 20/20 Brooks. Candidates who speak to issues and not to the person is in office right now are the people then begin the standout. Nothing that's important I think after American voters are looking for people who can speak to issues. And not to react to personalities. The more we have who were reacted to personalities it can be a turn off. Progressive win we have messages of hope. We lose when we allow masses of fear too so continue to really take over so public and for that candidate who could speak to hope and aspirations of African community. Rainy such a little bit on voter suppression that is something that you sad. There is evidence of 12018. Election can you elaborate a little bit on nine in the mid term election. Into the rock promoter reported and bill that there was election tampering by a foreign nation Russia. And they used race as bad as them who. It throughout the process. Who for us we need leaders who can say we would not allow foreign nation to temper when I elections we also need leaders who won the marks the could be open to everyone. And it cannot be open to everyone if you suppress in the balls outside. It's a we're going to be listening for candidates when they clear plan how to address to secure two violent actions will report. And that's as she took to Capitol Hill today testifying before and a House Judiciary Committee. About protecting against voter suppression can you tell me a little bit about how that went to that. But there was a hearing to all about the reauthorization of the voting rights act the supreme court's six years ago they cut its section five of the voting rights act. The NAACP we've been pushing for reauthorization. Section five is that part of the of the act that required to restrictions to pre clear any time there's changes in action policies practices. Or policies and that's important but cuts in the southern states in some stake in some areas outside of the south they will pull forceful suppression methods. In order for this to be true democracy and we need a representative government he cannot get that if you suppress votes and he mentioned. About rush spank. Russian election interference he touched on the Muller report. Do you feel the congress is doing enough to address that and the warnings that Mueller issued himself saying that it's still happening right now. So the delegates convene a Detroit 410 annual convention. And we voted unanimously that articles of impeachment should be initiated it is evidentiary hearings process that congress can initiate to ensure. And that the information her mother brought forward and they can continue that investigation determined was the actual attempt re. What involvement did this president's path in and there was involvement they can carry that evidence to the senate for removal office we support that. All right we'll thing to their doesn't appreciate you joining me here today. And again at the first democratic primary debate hosted by ABC news will be hosted by our very own George Stephanopoulos. David near Lindsey Davis and you know visions Jorge Ramos we'll have that here on ABC news on Thursday. Thanks for watching Denny's and catchy BC news are alive or on our. And the briefing room every day here at 333. 530 and at 630 they skip watching.

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{"duration":"25:22","description":"President Donald Trump tweeted on Monday night that Bolton's \"services are no longer needed at the White House.\" Charlie Kupperman will be acting national security adviser until Trump appoints one.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65521268","title":"Trump fires National Security Adviser John Bolton","url":"/Politics/video/trump-fires-national-security-adviser-john-bolton-65521268"}