Trump: Ford 'a very fine woman' with 'compelling' testimony

The president called Thursday's testimony "an incredible moment ... in the history of our country."
2:17 | 09/28/18

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Transcript for Trump: Ford 'a very fine woman' with 'compelling' testimony
Okay I'll. CI. Well I'm we'll let the senate handle that they'll my decisions and a good job. Very professional. I'm just hearing a little bit about it because I've been with the president of Chile and we're talking about some very important subjects but. I'm sure it will all be very good. I guess the vote was positive but this seems to be the lead. I'll learn more about it as the day goes on I just heard about it because we would get through. I thought her testimony was very compelling. And she looks like a very fine woman to. Very fine woman and I thought. Let's testimony likewise was. Really something. That I haven't seen before it was incredible it was an incredible. Moment I think in the history of our country. But certainly she was he very credible witness she lives. Very good in many respects and I think that. I don't know if this is gonna continue one word or are we gonna get a vote but. Again I'm I'm here so I'm not out there watching because they can't be an great respect although maybe we'll go watch together okay we'll watch together. But I think. It will work out very well for the country I just wanted to work out well for the country if that happens I'm happy thought golf was pleased. That. Not even a little bit. I have no message and they have to do what they think is right. There's no message whatsoever they have to do. What they think is right they have to be comfortable with themselves and I'm sure that's what they are. I'm winner rely on. All of the people including senator Grassley is doing a very good job. That'll be a decision that they're going to make and I suspect. They'll be making some decision soon whether to take a vote or two. Do whatever else that what do I will be totally reliant on what senator Grassley of the group decides to do.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"The president called Thursday's testimony \"an incredible moment ... in the history of our country.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58155152","title":"Trump: Ford 'a very fine woman' with 'compelling' testimony","url":"/Politics/video/trump-ford-fine-woman-compelling-testimony-58155152"}