Trump 'not happy' about potential new border deal

Congress expected to pass new border security deal despite funding for ICE detention beds nearly derailing talks.
27:25 | 02/12/19

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Transcript for Trump 'not happy' about potential new border deal
And. Everybody welcome to the I'm on this Tuesday on ABC's Kevin Dwyer. In our Washington bureau with White House reporter torn felt good to have you with extraordinary. Game hopefully a shutdown averted. Negotiators overnight on Capitol Hill coming to an agreement announcing that this morning actually. Holding back from telling the president some of the fine print while he had a campaign rally last night in El Paso, Texas they didn't want him. To be a spoiler Jordan he still may be because the president has offered a definitive answer on whether he will sign this deal. Yet DeVon in fact the president thinks he's not happy with the deal but he's also not saying he's going ten V talent so. He's not really showing it's cards here when he's community. All right let's break up for people what's in the border security deal that hopefully will avoid a government shutdown and Friday. Late Friday night here's what negotiators on both sides seem to have come up what they. I came up with and we just under one point four billion dollars Jordan that would. Build 55 new miles of of of. Wall ordinary miracle or get a little bit a little while at least he wants 200 miles of this is just about a quarter of that but eight. New barrier which is significant but of course. DeVon at barrier has been built under past presidents is to say this isn't as if it's a Korean knew we barred it from being that sort of and while the the president envision during the Q. And they put to trial sonic can't be can't concrete it can't be the steal Boller did. Barriers fence like structures that you see here. But certainly a concession from Democrats supporting some new barrier if they go along with this aren't the second point there. Democrats also had dropped their demands and these detention beds they had wanted a limit on the number of beds for undocumented immigrants. Yet this sort of blew up on the Democrats yesterday the Republicans saying that the Democrats wanted to let criminals loose onto industries by putting this cap on the air. DeVon little facts check they are of course. Criminal Alley illegal aliens go into prison and so it's not as if they're wandering the streets if they're not an ice custody but the Republicans sort of one. And there is funding for over 40000. Beds we understand in this agreement. Here's sports senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell had to say about it today after the smoke has cleared will this thing get a vote. Here's the majority leader. Plus five German Shelby senator William their counterparts in the house. And now they've reached an agreement. In principle. Certainly good news. It provides new funds for miles of new border barrier and a completes all seven founding appropriation bills. So congressman completed funding process for all they outshot in part for the federal government. With predictability. And was certain it. I know logic remembers on both suddenly all on us we are grateful to our colleagues on the appropriations committee for their leadership. For eager to see them complete this work. Our that's Mitch McConnell about a spears yes Dick is you'll see him the senator Schumer and Republican leader they're looking like this thing will get a votes and they will send it. Likely to president trump. But again we've insanity questions present trump he or she weighed in on the. That's right and ms. McConnell setting optimistic the incident not to match stick close but I. I can tell you that MI happy at first glance I just got to see if the X is no. I'm not. I'm not happy. We certainly don't want to see shut down. But you'll be fairly soon the bottom line is on the wall we're building the wall. And were using other methods other than this and in addition to those we have a lot of things going. Art we're joined now by one of the negotiators on the conference committee who helped broker the compromise. Just in the nick of time overnight peak enable our congressman Democrat of California great to see you sir thanks for joining us here in the briefing room. Want to get your take on this you've been an advocate for what you were calling it evidence based. Border security bill compromise does this meet that standard for you when are you ready to sign onto it. Thanks. For having me dead and this is something there that I can support. And let me tell you why this isn't what that the bill that we would draw but right now we are five months into this fiscal year. We have the potential for a government shutdown on Friday. We need to make sure that we keep government open. Democrats know that Democrats that was what we were moving forward. Throughout these discussions was hot we avert a shutdown we will start writing the next fiscal year's bill shortly. Oh but in the meantime we need to make sure that we finish this. And that means that we had to work with Republicans to produce a bipartisan bicameral bill. That's exactly what this does it reflects our values and it's something that I'll be asking my colleagues to support. There's so many Democrats speaker Pelosi top among them had been advocating congressman from no wall no barrier. Absolutely not zero and yet this would seem to provide. 65 new miles of construction have some sort of the steel barrier you're comfortable with that. Well let's be clear the president campaigned on Mexico paying for at sea to shining sea wall in this is not that. Border Patrol and a border security have have shown us other priorities. This is one segment one area of their priorities that we feel is reasonable to move forward. Bob Bennett has to be done in a way that isn't as it is in this wall that the president campaigned on. So we are being Smart on this we're investing in technology and making sure that we're focused on the country's best interest and protecting our borders. There's been a lot of conversation in the past 24 hours some of it prompted by the president congressman. About democrats' demands to cap some of those detention beds. For immigrants and migrants coming across help us understand that bring us inside the room why. Were Democrats asking for any limits on the number of beds that ice and CBP could could could fund basically. Sure I'm not gonna get into today the play by play of the discussions but I will tell you you know from the beginning Democrats have said. These detention beds are incredibly difficult and where there is need. Obviously for violent offenders and defend and individuals are going to be deported he we have no objection to that we want to keep our country safe. But time and time again what we have seen is high east use of the budget authority that congress is not. So this is about protecting our ability is appropriators and as members of congress is a coequal branch of government. To make sure that these agencies are living within the budgets that we give them in time and time again ice has been moving and shifting in reprogramming funds. In order to increased headcount and when they. Cassidy in those beds what happens is they come into my community and other communities. And they do. Interior deportation raids. And they scoop up individuals is they have done in my district who are US citizens. Or who were individuals who have no violent offenses it all and that is problematic so what we have been clear from day one. Is that we want to make sure that ice honors the average daily population what we've been calling EDP town. To its historic to limit damage to make sure they are living within their means. And that they are only spending the funds that we designate that as our role that is what the constitution says. And so that's been our focus. And when and cumbersome what is your gut tell you now about what the president will do here obviously it's a question for the White House whether president trample sign onto this but. Having top terror is some of your fellow Republicans heard from representatives of the of the White House do you think that all those federal workers some in your district around the country can. Truly breathe breathe a sigh of relief here in that a shutdown won't happen on Saturday morning. Well they they should be relieved because right now we have Democrats and Republicans in the house and senate who have come to an agreement. Who are saying any unified way that we want and we'll do anything we can to avoid a shutdown and so if the president chooses to go down that route again. Then then that's on him our job keep in mind is not to make sure the president has a victory. Our job is to make sure the government is funded. And so that's what we've been focused on that's exactly what this deal does. I'm proud to have been a part of it and I'm appreciative of Amare leadership for allowing me to want to play a role. And finally serve row before we let you go oh want to ask you about what went what you think would happen or should happen if the president. Where to sign the deal take the deal but then also do some executive action to re appropriate rear portion reprogram. Some of the funds that congress has allocated. In a certain way to help border security one of the things he talked about the White House we know he's taking some disaster relief money from California Puerto Rico. Shifting it to build in the wall what what the reaction be from you and your colleagues at the president undertakes that. The reaction should be swift and they should be bipartisan rebuke of what the administration is contemplating. Every Republican and should be upset. If they starts taking disaster money and money that his program for our districts and shifting it to something that day that congress hasn't authorized. That is executive overreach. I just I can't imagine what Republicans on congressional house side would do if President Obama has. Head approach had done this palace armory doors he's. Have they are you able is our house Democrats and on the soon assumed the president over that. Will look at every available read every available remedy that we have including an up to the courts obviously. But in the meantime. Every time these these proposals are flowed in we should be having members of the administration come up. To us is appropriators in the say exactly what they plan to do. We need to have oversight and transparency I know congressional Republicans haven't provided that over the past few years and that's unfortunate. Black but the American people have spoken and we're gonna we're gonna provide that transparency and oversight that has been much needed to this administration. Congressman Pete Ed Olaf California Democrat member of the negotiating committee that brought us a deal overnight on border security funny and we hope it gets pastor we don't have a shut down sir thanks very much for your time. And for joining us the briefing room. They simply. Shifting gears now Jordan it is tax season they're a lot of headlines out there about early tax filers. And some starters millions of people talking on social media about the. Impact of the new Republican tax law perhaps. Seen a smaller. Refund then perhaps they expected we're joined here now by one of the experts in Washington DC on all things taxes mark. Missouri's director of the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center here in Washington which is sort of the gold standard. Nonpartisan independent arbiter of what these tax laws mean they are complicated mark great to have you here we're just. Is so let's start with the big picture as as Americans look at their taxes. Were in the middle of the season. Most people your group has found we'll have experienced a tax cut. Because of the new law but that won't necessarily translate. To refund in could mean a smaller refund help us understand that. Sure so affect both the senator did some analysis of the tax cuts in jobs act and we estimate that about 80% of taxpayers will get a tax cut. But 15% about the same and 5% tax increase. But that's different than attacks refer and that's the tax liability that's on your form. Before you put in him which is withheld inferior what you refunded. And economists like to focus on the tax liability. And to see what happened to two comfortably over the course in the US the big picture here in underhill at the end of the year exactly. But most taxpayers focus on the tax refund and if you were to ask a hundred taxpayers which are tax liability very few be able to answer. But if you're after or taxpayers you get a refund Lester did have to pay almost every 100. Who knows that that's because federal withholding state with holdings are sort of automatically taken out of paychecks he don't really see the taxes via direct deposit exactly as they go away but and and AG Jordan you've been looking into this as well. I object to the IRS numbers out from last week just the first beginning the year of the refunds early refunds are down 8% so people are getting get those checks. Reggae and the big question is could be problematic person people who are really counting on these refund. Let's important point I think for a lot of taxpayers getting a refund in the spring forward march April. That's perhaps the biggest financial transaction they have all year in the count on getting that 2000 hours between 500 dollars or 3000. If it's smaller it's nonexistent. That's a bit of a hardship even if they've gotten. Fifty or sixty hours a pay period the whole yearlong that money's been spent and are looking for for two to refund. So what are these numbers tell us the IRS last week said that they've put out the statistics for their first week of tax filing season and everybody jumped on them. And said oh my gosh the average refund this year is down 8% to 170 dollars on average. I'm they also said fewer people 25% fewer people were getting get refunds. What does that does that tell us anything murderers and into early get a. I think our colleagues were likens this to picking the World Series champion after the first game of the season so it's a little early to say what's gonna have for the entire filing season. But it is Brooks indicative to see some of the social media reaction some of the news articles were people where to go forward and saying I thought is gonna get a refund and now it's smaller rule or nonexistent. So your bottom line mark is educate yourself you actually may have pay lower taxes over the course of the year even if you. Don't get a refund or even perhaps even have to pay into the government you still may be pain at the end of the day lower taxes go educate yourself on what that bottom line in this. In thing is if you really want a refund you can go to your employer change your. W four and change withholding any iris has withholding calculator and a website they'll have to do so you don't. Hit at the end of the year and before we let you go mark which is news you can use series is very helpful we've heard about the IRS. Getting totally inundated because of the shut down their staffing shortages in the life they've only been able to answer 48%. A phone call so far this year what's your best advice for folks. Putting on your account had. Seeking answers on the new very complicated tax but where should they go if not call the arrow I guess. Is that you're gonna Harris website rather than call the terrorist there's a lot of information there wasn't information in order to do for your what you're actually really isn't how to. Two navigate the system. I think. A second or third choice who recall the 34 don't call your count my children get ahead of collier. Or maybe they can find your Internet. Mark Missouri's response to senator thank you so much search. Great to have you with us today shifting gears now we are turning to a new premiere of a new app podcaster at ABC news one that. Focus is on the special counsel's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. As we know Jordan the in the investigation coming to a close winding down encouraging that angels it does seem that way. And are cured Phillips and chief investigative reporter joins us now from New York she has produced. A new pod cast today that is launching called the investigation it's a weekly look at the Mueller probe. And all things investigation here are god give us your top line on these the new episode it's really fascinating lesson. Well first of all I'm gonna pull both of you into the podcasts is that all right with you. How are now headed because you guys cover the White House you know all the ins and now it's and that's the purpose of this is taking our whole investigative team. And folks like you guys that are at the White House and in dealing with all the issues every day in particular the the Moeller investigation. We just felt like a lot of people ask us what's going to happen and what's going on what are the deet tails what do we get and know something. And then this idea came up about the podcasts without OK we're talking about this in covering this every single day it would still pockets and have a conversation. With newsmakers and so the very first person we were able to. Pull into our adventures shall we say. John Dowd as you know guys he was in charge the trumps legal team. And he is the one that received of those forty plus questions firm Robert Mueller at the very beginning and had to look through them Whittle and down and decide. What the president was going to answer in what he was going to answer. And what he said in our podcast actually made. News today when I asked him about the smaller and smaller investigation what he thought it would reveal. He told me things like it's terrible it's a waste of time it will say nothing. It's one of the greatest frauds this country is ever seen also say we probably have better intelligence than they do better intelligence. Then a Robert Mueller and his investigators so. V interview was definitely. Pretty provocative guys I actually understand we have a clip from the podcast is Glenn Roland we'll talk about it. The question the top of everyone's mind the highly anticipated Moeller report. Will it actually clear president trump and members of his campaign. Here now the man even talking about our conversation with president trounced former attorney John Dowd said John Ward is the Mueller report is going to drop within the next couple of weeks. Only DeBoer report. The rules of the departments and overbought so what do you think's gonna what are what would you figure will be who I don't know I think on him and acclamation as the declaration historical you know. I'm written declaration. Are told my superiors who have attorney general. We'll have declined all I did the internal investors the FBI declined probably twenty cases. I just is so you don't think the public's gonna see any thank you think it's forty million dollars Moeller investigative it and that's it. Know what the rules of the department just put yourself. Put yourself in the present shoes. And so we investigate you. Comes who would listen subject you cooperate transparently. We take almost actually civilians often here. The idea that you would take that information and make it public. You know violates the whole concept of the Grainger. What's the brand she reported protect the innocent. A fascinating stuff. Is really incredible and we should for the audience just as if you were listening along there. When when John that's talking about it dec culmination that spends its legal speak for declining to prosecute somebody and so his poll pointless Kara. As you know well that by declining to prosecute there's really nothing more. Is it. And he and that both the bus and you heard Chris classes voices well post might be wondering women who is at other boys it was John that it was mean Chris last so. Who is the head of our investigative. Unit we actually did the interview together. When he said when John Dowd said the explanation we both looked at each other at. Like what just Chris said that's a headline as it gets a headline answer or not that's what everybody is been talking about so. You know our sources had have been telling us and I I think you guys having getting the same information as well that. You keep your expectations blow that the word is there isn't going to be anything explosive with this within this report. The other side is saying actually no it wouldn't Mueller is really been taking its time this has been an airtight investigation we're talking forty million dollars. He's going to have something and the bottom line is we've heard so much. No real well and so much of it is already planned on a Republican in your party had 34 indictments and so many in this is of those indictments have beens. Huge bombshells in their own right individually. But when we're talking about collisions and we're talking about the president the United States and Russia and and Russian election meddling. I mean we we we don't have anything yet. And here are what really fascinating part of the conversation. Jumped out kind of explain Tina Wesson is a leading advocate against the president sitting down with Robert Moore even when the president really wants you what what do you give as a reason you know I asked him that question Jordan I said why do you just have the president sit down face to face. With with Bob Mueller and he gave me this look you it was actually kind of funny I wish you could have been in the room with us like Keira. Are you crazy if I think you're talking about Donald Trump fear he's that I actually would've been okay with that if I could script his response face to face with a Robert Mueller. And so I think there definitely is then. Feeling within all the attorneys that they have to you know trump likes that live right trump likes accountants say his own thing tweet his own thing do is own thing. And that always makes. Lawyers very nervous so. Is there and therein lies the reason the questions an answers were prepared and handed off to Robert Mueller the way they were through John Dowd well. Your kudos to you and the team it's a great listening great interview with John Dowd to kick off this premiere of this new ABC news investigative podcast called the investigation it's a I'm gonna be a fascinating series each week to start maybe he will become daily if things really heat up later but go to apple iTunes and they replace you get your podcast and download it star like it listen follow along. It is fantastic your Phillips thank you so much for joining us. And going overseas now to close out the day here in the briefing room we continue to follow the developments in Venezuela. When that standoff and now has stretched on for over a month between Nicklaus merger on the president there. And opposition leader won why go who has the backing of the United States and dozens of western countries is the as the effective ruler of Venezuela are a Bruno rover is in the region he's actually been tracking. Efforts to get humanitarian. Aid into. In the country and joins us live now from the Columbia. Now Venezuelan border Bruno great to see you again sir you're actually following some protests this afternoon there in support of why go. Bring us inside what's happening. Well it's a smoltz but it lacked a league lot of boisterous. Protest by. A venezuelans on which they're off three million outside veterans Wailea. Venezuela. Excuse me in Colombia heads and many hundreds of thousands of people here who advance but to get back to that country but it being driven out by conditions. In that country which is why humanitarian I'd is becomes such a key. Lots in the clash between the Nicklaus my door and wound wide because there's been weaponized and a sense Perez humanitarian aid. Sitting on the border but is being blocked air commodore I lose sighing you know. Lucas has a full month. Intervention. By the Americans not just today that was a demonstrations in Caracas by tens of thousands of opposition supporters I'm glad he died out front. Why does has announced. That he promised to take the aid across the board on the 23 of February. Regardless he's issued an order to the military to make this happen I smoke they want actually gonna happen. They clearly this situation is being done it for quite some time is gonna reach a climax. On the 23 of February I think he's done it essentially about people power and challenge the military. July that Obey his orders all the oldest all of these. Contested president Nicholas Fedora. That's pretty going to be quite the stand up on the twice or ten days from Alberto we saw those pictures over the weekend. Of the military blocking the only highway from Columbia in the Venezuela with the US. And Central American aid convoys standing by you saw many of them earlier today here and ABC news live. Before we let you go out I want to get your take on something that happened this afternoon here in Washington we had the top Republican. Bruno who chairs the armed services committee oversees a lot of the American military effort in but as well he raised the prospect he said. Quote it may be to the point where the US. Would have to intervene. To help get that humanitarian aid. Across the border what's your take what's your sense something's got a groundout would people there be supportive. US military help to actually forcibly bring you know that humanitarian aid. I I think so actually it has a lot of I'm getting out a lot of resentment about. What they see it's I mean ultimately by and that causes around their opposition to borders on offense that would say not. But you really get a sense as tremendous frustration. Hubble people save as this sort of indifference to the suffering of the people on a desperate need for the eyes I think they would be but I think with all that happens. Heidi we're gonna save some sort of demonstration of people time and this is speculation on on my pop and I think that. Which Odyssey of Folsom will hair and challenge the army to actually oppress their own people now also back. Of course it could escalate rated by Baddeley who knows whether it's the guns so I think. There's a feeling that this is really reaching quite an important point is one month on the when he thought of privately one month since Fido was. One why does his knee walls to clad interim presidents I was a sort of a key turning point out that we can as they have a next week we'll side. Now that's going to be a big moment for sure turnover and I know you'll be there appreciate your reporting on there for us on ABC news live think he served chasing down there. Great to see you in Jordan you have a kicker for us today. Yet to wrap things up today politics has been a little politics to injure day. That we know that the 22 when he presidential campaign party heated up but so is the republic can add to the senate race out in Arizona mark Kelly the husband of cabbie John McCain told C that's right John McCain's old seat at he's going to take on. Martha makes Sally in that. I had for that race he has announced this former astronaut obviously a huge advocates. For limiting guns his wife obviously a victim of gun violence announcing he's and I get in the race take a listen. I would partisanship. And polarization. And gerrymandering. And corporate money. Have ruined our politics. And it's divided us. I care about people who care about the state of Arizona. I care about this nation so because of that decided that I'm launching a campaign and the United States senate. We've seen this retreat. From science. And data and facts. And if we don't take these issues seriously. And we can't solve these problems and where they need to bring people together. From all parts of the state and all walks of so please join us. I am the torpedoes. Full speed ahead. Can mean spirited race out there for senate in twenty Swanee in Arizona of course it's going to be a battle. A fighter pilots if you all navy pilot Brian Kelly going up against Martha makes Sally. The Republican she is also. A former fighter pilot herself so we'll be formal stay tuned on acrid and Jordan Phelps White House reporter here with us today thank you for watching us. Here in the briefing airman is very busy Tuesday hoping join us tomorrow at 3:30 eastern time I hear an ABC news live on Devin Dwyer in Washington thanks watching.

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