Trump: 'Not happy' with rally-goers' 'send her back' chants

President Trump claims he was not happy with people's chants against Rep. Ilhan Omar, although he did not stop them.
27:47 | 07/18/19

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Transcript for Trump: 'Not happy' with rally-goers' 'send her back' chants
Good afternoon amid shocking and disturbing chance of the president's rally last night. Still at going on Capitol Hill and piercing communities across the country today. I'm Mary Alice parks this is the briefing room. Supporters of the president chanted send her back. At his event in Greenville, North Carolina last night they're referring of course to the sitting congresswoman ill on Omar from Minnesota. Who came this country as a Somali refugee when she was just a child I see now is a Democrat on Capitol Hill. And for me this was race baiting like we haven't seen before. It was president talking about Americans who disagree with their government specially Americans of color. As if they were perhaps. Less American or didn't belong congressman Omar responded to those chance on Capitol Hill just a little bit ago I want to listen to what she had to say. I want to remind people. That this is what this president and his supporters have torn our country that is supposed to be a country. Where we allow. Democratic feet. And is set to take place. And so this is not about me this is about us fighting for what this country through these should be and what it saves. I'm joined by a lot of our reporters here on Capitol Hill have been covering the president but as a president and as a candidate with his reelection bid. And Jennifer you're there just moments ago talking to the president about his statement he seemed to try to distance himself from these chant erupted at his rally. You pressed him because he didn't seem to distance himself in won't. Well I when it was an Oval Office events he had with the the special US Special Olympics team and eight I was in the Oval Office we've that was so variety I asked him about what happened and might my first question and we had a book pretty lengthy exchange on this the first question was. Why didn't you ask them to stop why didn't you ask if your supporters. To stop when they were chanting Centre back tickle us. If stop them what you asked them to stop saying well. What I think it did this started speaking quickly it it really was. I disagree with. But it was quite a chant again and I say that they did that I. Just look what they weren't going what you send your first week that they should go back you examined I don't think we'll find that let. I disagree. I was not happy when our that you can't thank you Everett regular. And I asked them to. What I suggest as I was not happy but what I would suggest. You go there go North Carolina. And you ask people why wouldn't they say that but that's what they said that was. What life is like they did it and I started speaking very quickly activist I could just back. Yeah well really. If you would have heard it was a tremendous amount. Noise and action and everything else I started very quick I think you know. You may be giving me too much credit used to giving me too much credit thank you everybody. What would you don't hear clearly there is what I'm saying what he's pushing back in disagreement me is I'm saying it. No you didn't you didn't stop it and start secret we've it would not played out for several seconds. Played out for quite some time and you know he's trying their create this new version of events but if you look at the tape. Com. Eight it goes on we clock and it goes on for about thirteen or fourteen seconds and what's interesting is he doesn't start speaking again. Until the chances over the chance has died down so he let's that chance. Play out in its entirety now as much talking unless we have like ticker a picture. I keep talking about the evil is real and it's all about the Benjamin's not a good thing this. So the worst ever bought me an end thank goodness we got Terry and Rachel who were both there but there were ample opportunity for the president to step being. Ask his supporters to stop doing it or talk about why he didn't like easy. He sent her a lesson he backed away from the podium soon to let the chant built. And get a ladder and I think it started right to the right of us that there are now a group of purely kind of swept like a wave around that arena. As it got louder. It was something in that audience seemed his his supporters seemed enthusiastic we're doing this it's like they almost took that energy where enemies that send them back later at a later on he said. Tell them to go back he incurred to supporters to confront people who don't support him. Org or his vision of America sufficiently to tell them to go back. But it was it was his remarkable moment when they took trump is them. Themselves I thought and you could feel it like a wave going around that arena while he does setback incidences. It seemed like he was enjoying the moment. And I think what I was particularly interesting for me is hours before that rally started I was outside. With the folks that had lined up hours before waiting there and they told me they wanted to see the president talk about this they wanted to see him. Touch on this issue they were energized around us. I asked them whether or not they bought that the president was races by using that trove. Whether or not they believed in India and what are these owes us an answer committee did I talked to a few supporters that told me elicited the bumper sticker I have said it before and they are not loyal Americans however they defy loyalty they think they should go back when I ask where should these American. Congresswoman go home if they are Americans. One man told me. Back to their roots. John why he tried to distance himself today to think there is a realization that went to far it's it's it's a really good question com. And and I need I'd been doing Turner's importing this I don't know exactly what it was that it pushed him but I do know. The a significant numbers of Republicans. Freaked out frankly might by the chance they you know even those that didn't criticize his original tweets when they heard. Thousands of people chanting. Send her back it it definitely brought it up another level. And you saw a Republicans including Kevin McCarthy who has defended the president on just about everything but come around so that's not something that that we should do here in America. And I also if I thought it was interesting at that event again it was event for the Special Olympics Karen pants. Was was standing next to Mike on the vice president so wife and secondly the United States and she. You know oaks cause of her role in the Special Olympics. It you know she was right there in the long it was right there in the room and I've got to believe dates that there were some. Internal push back as we have seen at some other points in you know we in in in Trump's political Odyssey here we have seen. Other points where members of his own family. Borer you know even even the vice president have come in to say this went too far. So I yet again I died nobody is told me this yet but it but I thought it was very notable that those two were standing with him as he said. Well John how we are glad that you're there to push the president asked these important questions. Want to bring in a rabbi from Minnesota where congressman on Omar is a represented. Rabbi ideal in ski who's joining us who wrote an op and about. Needing to take down the temperature in our political discourse right thanks for joining us tell us your reaction to those chants that we're talking about last night. It's pretty terrifying thank you for having needs is pretty terrifying. The idea. This sheet that's being fomented being carried out suit's arms orders presents orders. Eat it fuels like it's quite rural. Tight barrel and your community turned rousing in this momentum. It to come together hurting responding what are the emotions like today. George emotions are very idea it posted. My op and it would follow the previous votes on fees yesterday and its re all that I experienced. The sport on one side he on the other. Is it really doesn't matter what's happening. Is this is a convert seat belt to Jewish community is used as a political football. And week due to. I heard you say earlier Reese the eat. And garner support in a way that it really Irvine. I would also act when you asked about chanting at the rally. Congress and Omar not a don't we see I die I didn't public school. Doubts are her stance on Israel and her comments until he publicly. Out against. The pro beat yes resolution that just was put out error but beyond that I still can't six Ers and silently. All are sitting presidents. Is Steve sort racist rhetoric and put out earth and we make RI. And sprint race further out. Rabbi is Terry are writing calling you're on your professional wisdom here what's happening in your judgment you look across and hear these. These these cries just send this congresswoman back and the divisions that are opening up. What's your take on I'm glad you got any special take from your position isn't as the leader of the of your faith community. It uses a dirty green week. Similar situations or disagree with them sword you're alluding to. Ethernet Nazi Germany or elsewhere where people are coming to that are in and coming out of the woodwork to go law ought to be right here eight. And saying you know I didn't publicly hateful eighty quickly to our. I don't need to show rightly or net and it doesn't matter you're on the left or right we're seeing that on the right right so let soup. And this statistic is and that the real it's just it's. It's paralyzing. Its terror. Yeah that is exactly though the feeling that I got. It in that arena it is in everybody's given themselves permission to be the worst version of themselves imagine somebody for example. Who has been raised in a very very strict environment and has never been allowed to sick curse word on their whole lives and all symptoms as you can say whatever you want to dancing. Propping up bombs in kind of delirious Ecstasy is the worst instincts coming out. And as the Rehman says it is it's somehow people feel permitted right now may be the leadership whatever the moment whatever it is. People feel they can't. But what happens next right you people. Stand up with if congresswoman Omar in Minnesota is they're going to be. A distancing effect from her at and how little politics play out there. Sure I think that part of this I'd always said loudly and proudly dialogue. And civil discourse is always the true path. To peace and reconciliation. I think what's happening right now is on both sides idol were just screaming into the chambers and his supporters on both sides are not even listening to we are so we can turn down to eat out and Oxley. It all and didn't read it all by Lisa down and try to figure out what we're talking out instead of talking each other's ad hominem attacks. CEO language. We can finally sit down and discuss the issues and may need to make some progress. A rabbit and this is Rachel Scott I just ask you. You know this does not give does not start with the president is certainly does not and with the president they're people that have been saying this for years they've been saying it for decades what do you say it's a thousand Americans. That believe that that racist troll is okay to say at this time. There is no place for each in this country one of the reasons I'm a proud American citizen wanted to reasons I'm proud to support and lead this country. Is because I stand might know you are or others out there which is there is no place for eight. And what he says all eyes and they can be. Brett I really appreciate you joining us especially at short notice it's important press to have. Boys bear for Minnesota and your voice has conversations are thinking I'm. Thank you Rick thanks the tune your covering a political events are reelection in nineteen we've been discussing here in Washington. If there's a political strategy. A concerted political strategy that's playing out I was talking about the fact with a friend earlier that. The comment some of the comments were scripted and in the president's teleprompter about those and members of congress those women. Of color who are Democrats the chance might not have the chance not a not a good plan that night in an ad hoc moment. But he had planned to make and personal attack against them is this. Sort of the beginning of the rest of the campaign. It's certainly looks like it doesn't mean it. There's an old saying in part it was an old saying that politics is a game of addition. You trying to get more votes are trying to look for people who might not vote for you to come to your side. And not subtraction you know on a lose voting this campaign is gonna throw that out through that old rule out it's clear that president trump. Doesn't mind alienating. Pushing away millions upon millions of Americans if he can get every single person. Who might feel or feel they are now permitted to feel like that. And that is. That's more than a strategy in my judgment it is it is a movement he's a nationalist and I think what he's trying to do is redefine who gets to be in America. Defined not on citizenship. But on how he. Sees what a real American news. And if they're loyal to him exam that's the number one and that Miller I kept hearing yesterday from those sons supporters that I spoke to this word loyalty. It was a loyal American and I think I'd been traveling the country covering the president's rallies and whether it's insanity you know sat in on the Michigan whether it's in want Morrisville Pennsylvania wet weather team where we were yesterday North Carolina Greenbelt. I hear this thing think that some sections of this country have not felt scene they have felt ignored me and let me see the president on the stage when they see the president did those remarks there is something that resonates with that when they finally say that is exactly what I am thinking that's exactly what I want. And I like that the president said give me these remarks on so I think we really interesting I think going back to the strategy here at think. Part of the president's strategy here is sentenced to paint the Democratic Party as the party socialism and he's using these four congresswoman to do that along with these risks troops. There's another are on how a man running in this race on the other side of the isle cop senator Cory Booker are out of New Jersey who also has been talking about race. Need because the very beginning of his campaign unitarian DT today at an event. And responded to the president's remarks on a listen a little bit sweats under Booker how does that. I mean relieve the same language about. Governor Wallace. People who believe that they could use race and bigotry antiques and works try to not only cut down there. Political enemies but also as a sword. To advance there. Political agenda it's it's horrific it's vital it's it's violence. There's offensive and it's not new in our country. I'll buy pricey president trump is the a big hit as a demagogue as a few monger of someone trying to rip our country apart at a time. Get other nations or are showing good sense of common purpose. I'm joined by Lisette writer yet she's been covering Cory Booker and dissent dissent crew also has been making. The issue of race and racial inequality in a country a focal point of his campaign. A little bit about what he said today we just heard a snippet of it he talks more. And through their foundations and his presidential run. Any when he comes to Cory Booker and huge theme in his campaign. Our race relations and how it has affected him personally and how he thinks that we should come back and it's country. So for example one of the big things in this campaign are things like criminal justice reform baby bonds. But it's a really big personally issued to him as a line and he tells a story often. Of his parents being discriminated while trying to buy a home in New Jersey because they were African Americans. And as someone stepped in kind of he finished the started candidate lives. Part of the American dream that people would rally behind his Stanley in major that they can live in the home of HL SU and what's next for his campaign does not look a little bit in the polls I there's a big debate coming up next and she's trying some sharp contrast let. One of the front runners up I don't that he is so. He was asked this morning want a Washington Post in their view. If it was more important that by in a repeat call Al his support of the 1994 crime bill. Booker said he was stunned that Biden has taken so long to apologize up about this bill and he's calling on his fellow candidates. To come out and support his push to. Push for clemency. So many people have been incarcerated. By the nineteenth where crime bill. And we'll find out later today. About make up of those two nights of debates media thunder Boca will be on stage yeah Joseph Biden that might change some mechanics can imagine he might make some of those. Sort of attacks the sharp contrast there on the stage together at the center AQ I really appreciate. That I want to turn to another story that's been rocking Capitol Hill today they were big protest. Outside of congress about the detention centers that had been in the news as the horrendous conditions that we've witnessed and that I'm. So many of our reporters have seen their in the ground in Texas. And nursery a Marshall was mayor at the protests on the health Serena you're with us tell us a little bit about what you saw what the people are protesting today on the Nile. Mary Allen's these were Catholic faith leaders who had priests and nuns coming up here to capitol to protest the detention of those children I think. No longer can we rely on writing letters we're speaking to members of congress privately meaning to be not just heard but. Scene because we are sick of them taking and misconstrue mean in the face of christianity these are Catholic faith leaders. Who argue that what the administration says the rule of lines of holding the tenants of christianity they are miss quoting scripture that in fact Jesus is writing say to take it and those in need especially the most vulnerable pointing to those children I detention facilities we actually have some video to show you of those protests today. The Catholic community. Has decry the treatment of children on our southern border. Not only adds up violation of human dignity. And writes. But also all contrary to religious teachings. And the sacred hall to care for people who are most at risk. People coming from destitute poverty and violence. Write an all boys to get a laugh rusty walker people like that give them shelter mr. Liggett asked the government to demand government. Let's start. Sisters. Who stand in. And oh remembered. Me. Things cited countries. Unwelcome exchanges didn't hear people being a voice for the powerless. That's been happening right now and environment with the church people of faith. The standup to be the voice for these people have to put issues on the pavement and work. Now the largest chunk of members of congress affiliation with religion are Roman Catholics 30%. Other members of congress say they are Roman Catholic and so that's why these state leaders are here on capitol on making sure their voices. Are heard and this is happening as tensions Mary Alice we're running so high Jessica down the road on Capitol Hill at a hearing on border detention facilities. And there isn't really heated and emotional hearing on Capitol Hill as well today sir in the acting Homeland Security director. Not DeLeon was tests of. I'm yet answering intentions were still high during that hearing actually the house and sound of that as well. Pretty good news doing a great August heat you feel like you don't radar right. It would present were doing our level best maggert what does that mean what does that mean when it solve. Its sitting in their own feces. Can't take this hour. Obama. What's that about none of us. What have allowed children to net position. They are human beings. Magdalene is the acting deputy homeland securities and exceeding the acting. Homeland Security secretary and even it doesn't help the situation when you make Border Patrol agents that bad guys if you. He actually called that they've been. He actually said that and how they classified as detention facilities was unwarranted. And factor member Mary out it wasn't just the members of congress to visit those facilities are the lawyers or even the pediatricians it was the opposite of the inspector general to. The department of homeland security's own watchdog. Group that said this facilities that were unsanitary and actually one where federal agents compared it to a ticking time bomb. Serena thank you for keeping us up to date on that story and shall have more readout of ongoing testimony there from actually NN's Gina think you know. One last important story. Protests in Puerto Rico overnight turned violent. There's an ongoing unrest and calls for the governor of Puerto Rico to resign resign my ABC's Victor or can know who was mayor who talked about who can tell us a little bit more about. How the protests really got on Willie and what's next mr. Mary Alice it felt like the entire island of Puerto Rico took to the streets of San Juan last night. Thousands of protesters demanding embattled governor reporter who sealed stepped down one person apparently watching closely president Donald Trump he tweeted about it just. Moments ago saying a lot of bad things are happening in Puerto Rico the governor is under siege the mayor of San Juan is despicable deed goes on to say that B. Billions of dollars for hurricane relief were squandered any finished by adding that he knows the people Puerto Rico well and they are great. But much of their leadership is corrupt and robbing the US government. Lying thousands of protesters clashing with police crowds since running as canisters of tear gas were launched at them this comes after five days of unrest at times also turning finally. Protesters hurled projectiles police firing back in response. Anger stems from belief group chat between the governor and several top aides nearly 900 pages laced with sexist and homophobic language. 18 in the aftermath of hurricane Maria appearing to muck dead bodies piled up at a board. The store powered definitely made a difference Ricky Morton was brought in center he was also the subject of some of those probing attacks. That bony go up and coming Puerto Rican swept argue was out here and we saw Benicio del Toro at the airport he joined the crowds to. In New York back on the mainland probably still live that while Miranda who marched in solidarity. The old wrest has caused Royal Caribbean to divert you cruise ships from the island fearful of the demonstrations could escalate. Several officials oversight but Alessio is defiant. He's apologized but refuses to give up power and right now there's not really anyone that could take his place and the state legislators. Don't meet again until August right now there is really no end in sight. And we're joined by Julio Ricardo are the Milan who is with and PR and Latino USA. Julio human an expert in this space tell us what your reaction is what you saw last night and if we can expect more protest the next few days. I know what happened last night this is a concede you wish you know what happened Monday and what's been going on absences as early as Friday. Because this has been over a week right now. That's been happening in and where every the first the first set a group chats were released or leaked about eleven pages where where leaked out last sheet date and also there were FBI arrests of two before her trust and your administration officials Wednesday. So this is gonna come back in court the governor today issued yet another statement saying that he respects. The peaceful people that protest but the and there are some acts of violence we also have to understand that this is that the Puerto Rico police so we're talking about they don't have the greatest history. There's been DOJ investigations. And also there's a bigger deeper theme here that's happening embarked on regal think goes beyond tax. It's about. Decades of corruption and decades of the political class it's mostly white and male and privileged. And I'm sort of ignoring the real needs of the island so you know this is colonialism and action. And what we're seeing right now is the Porter he can people. Finally trying to figure out what the next step is an end and I argue as well is that you know that the gross ago. Is is totally tone deaf right now he's not listening to the political wills it all and he has no well he has no allies. Anywhere. Joseph we know what it's heard these protests and violent that we had pictures of militarily priest kissel protests in the earlier. In the evening when they just that it. Got dark and got on Willey or was there are trigger. Thing is when you think when you think of estimates between 40000 in a 100000 people. That's what we reported a we have people on the grounds and warm for Latino rebels they sought yesterday. I'm what what's interesting is act. People look left right it's a cross section approach answers out their people leave and a night. You have to clear the streets I don't know if people little battles and under the streets are narrow its colonial city. And beautiful. I mean that's I'm from Portland and I I I will let you know I claim that let. What's interesting is that this is a small group. Anybody it gives enough it gives Ross and you'll enough to simulate what I'm projecting on order. Well what's what's kind of a little bit ridiculous about this is that it is about you know he. Me. Thinks he didn't even by apologizing the border in people signal we don't accept it. And could link. Clearly if if he were to step down from what happened next narron. Transition plan and plays and CNN deputy what's what happens. What happens is as mergers he was also part group jagged kind of second in command he resigned. Although he's still in office on July 31. What you need to see is win. The pro statehood party of which are that you as a part of chooses a secretary of state. That's when this could could potentially happen what I from our reporting on the ground and Larry my sources and I think a reporter for for years. This is not a question I'll. If any mark is the question of why. Room clear part of our think you would lets you know USA thank you so much for joining us and bringing an expert. Voice to this conversation. That's a briefing realm I'm Mary Alice parks we'll be back here tomorrow and every weekday you can watch us on ABC news lives and your after. Before talking to him armed.

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