Trump holds 2020 rally amid tweet firestorm

President Trump supporters camp out for a campaign rally in Greenville, NC.
2:38 | 07/17/19

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Transcript for Trump holds 2020 rally amid tweet firestorm
We're gonna go to Greenville, North Carolina. Where president trump is set to hold the rally there this evening as the fallout continues over those tweets I want to go to. Rachel Scott for more details Rachel before we get into the conversations you've had with voters what can we expect. To hear from him tonight. We'll campaign aides that you can certainly expect that you're a resident. On this controversy right especially as more and more democratic lawmakers are sounding the alarm calling. Racing mountain residents heeding that these more. A democratic. Congressman and war that matter all Americans and go back. Where they came in front and I just coherent and hearing remember the president will not as rally later today at seven I wanted to. And I don't just you know I added wanted to pick the locks and it. You guys are able they mean how many people are lined up here. Ahead of the president rally here tonight and out here that's an 8 AM this morning talking to. Supporters the first guy that got your god your 7 PM on Monday just to be the first person in line and I have been asking his supporters how this red. How this ongoing controversy resonates with his eighth of the deadly and tell me they don't see any. And some of them that I talked to say they have used that great book more and they think that the president is justified in saying that people want to criticize. Country they should have the option to leave. Let's play some of the sound from some of the ordinance earlier. It seems ankle are trying to do is they're still clubs. Ankles discord you find those comments late. Actually now because I don't think they were meant to be racist. It's a political view that these people had. I think his message but the way I interpreted its message was if you hate the country. If you're born in America or fewer a nationalized. Americans this here American. You are an American whoever you are I think his statements had more to do wit. The third continue Wyss. Statements that sound on America that sounded. Hot negative toward America. And again. That would the president was talking about telling them go back where they came from her American lawmakers they are all Americans the very and three of them are born in the United States. I sit here today and the basis of what the president is trying to today is that they are criticizing the country and they shouldn't have been. Auction of potentially leaving me than anything rallied. The statement that in fact they want to hear the president talk about it and ninety cents cynical. Exactly it really. All right Rachel my deep divide there's.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"President Trump supporters camp out for a campaign rally in Greenville, NC.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64393286","title":"Trump holds 2020 rally amid tweet firestorm","url":"/Politics/video/trump-holds-2020-rally-amid-tweet-firestorm-64393286"}