Trump hosts roundtable on reopening of small businesses

President Donald Trump and state governors held a roundtable discussion Thursday to talk about reopening small businesses in America.
5:21 | 06/18/20

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Transcript for Trump hosts roundtable on reopening of small businesses
Small business is no longer small businesses big business. It's one of the biggest businesses as a result of the virus 42% of small businesses were forced to close earlier this year. Including 41%. Of black owned businesses. But under my administration strategy to vanquish the virus and restore order academy. Small businesses across the nation are now safely reopening all over the nation their reopening at levels like nobody seen before. We're sheltering individuals at the highest risk. If you look at. Really high risk individuals we are really watching them and we're taking care of them and we know what to Irish means but. Largely means older people especially older people senior citizens and have a tremendous. They have a problem if they have a heart problem they have diabetes and they have. Any kind of a problem and much more susceptible so we're all we're all watching very closely we've learned a lot over the last number of months. In the past four months we've conducted over 25 million corona virus tested distributed over one point five billion pieces of personal protective equipment. America is better supplied and more prepared to reacted. Then I would say just about any other place. You look at what we've done with the regulators. We're now. Making thousands a week of it delays very. Big expensive complex equipment and we're sending them to. Other countries and where we're all stocked up our country is totally sucked up everybody. President alleges that maximum they can use. But we are sending them to other countries a nice part and I say a lot seekers I think it's pretty amazing when we. Came here yet very few ventilator is in this country. And by the time we started not one person that needed a ventilator. Didn't get it so everybody that needed a ventilator got a ventilator. That was in one instance anywhere in the country and we. We stocked up their shelves and covered was empty and we filled up the cupboards. In the past four months. Tremendous. Things have happened. But I think probably the biggest thing of all is the knowledge that we've gained of this disease in this play. Of this virus call it what you want to help small businesses of to ship to. I approved over 670. Billion dollars for the paycheck. Protection program and Steve that's been a tremendous success. And we're talking with Democrats about doing something further in. But the numbers are way they're coming and it's been really incredible so were able to spot we're here to help businesses and help people. To date we've process over four point six million small business loans saving and supporting an estimated. Fifty million American jobs you do this incredible. To small business owners. That we have with us this afternoon all receive the PPP loans. And now their businesses are of the road to recovery that doing really well we have a lot of businesses that are doing really well we're talking about of Egypt. Almost like an eye shaped by his straight up and down but. I talked about the shape and a lot of people disagreed with me not everybody but a lot of very Smart wall streeters were disagreeing there. Much coming pretty much coming on board saying it looks like it could be of me. So these I think we were shooting for it looks like that's what we've got to want to thank. Our. People in my representatives for the decisive actions and last month we added a record 2.5 million jobs. To highest in the history of our country in one month as the highest number of jobs. 2.5 million. The Dow rose above 26000. Points. And we saw the largest surge in retail sales ever recorded. Next year is shaping up to be one of the greatest years in Cuba a country from an economic standpoint I'm truly believe that I think we're gonna have a great third quarter. We have a great fourth quarter and next year's going to be a phenomenal year. I believe that NASDAQ actually set the record during a pandemic. Nest actions said. They broke there record Larry is that a correct statement. So it was higher than even before its an amazing it's an amazing achievement. After I was elected president not god created more than seven million jobs 121000 factories and trillions of dollars of well. We created nearly 9000 opportunity zones and African American Asian American and Hispanic American unemployment and poverty. Reached all time lows. We had the greatest employment numbers we've ever had and then we had to turn it off we saved millions of people by doing it we did the right thing. And now we're turning it back on and the numbers are going up much much faster than anybody would've thought. And it's a great honor to see it and these two governors by the way don't done a fantastic jam. Two very extraordinary men Nebraska. And Oklahoma. We built the strongest economy the world has ever seen before the virus and together we're doing it again so we did it before the virus who had to turn it off. And now we're doing it again and that's what's happening.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"President Donald Trump and state governors held a roundtable discussion Thursday to talk about reopening small businesses in America.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"71331930","title":"Trump hosts roundtable on reopening of small businesses","url":"/Politics/video/trump-hosts-roundtable-reopening-small-businesses-71331930"}