Trump ignites controversy with tweets

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders answered questions on the "deep state," Iran and more at the first press briefing of 2018.
3:00 | 01/02/18

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Transcript for Trump ignites controversy with tweets
I they're happy new year welcome to the briefing room offers the nation accurately seen on ABC this political director Rick Klein. By by John Parkinson from our Pennsylvania Avenue T. Mary Alice parks worked with me. In the political unit the president is in a self congratulatory mood even gradually himself on the lack of air accidents last year he's also a bit of a feisty mood throwing out some sort. Dell is not but he sees mix it up for the beginning of the year. But a lot going to be happening just in the next couple days on Capitol Hill is in new year and the potential for some good deals of the meeting at the White House tomorrow. Where we know that all of those issues they got they cut up pushed off from last year have to get taken up pretty early that's your job. It's actually against the capitals silently in speaker and this but. More short and own directors and mold and you're expected to goals that will meet with the big force though Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer. Paul Ryan. And then also missed golf course. And so they're going to be talking about community on spending caps that's definitely on the agenda and that keeping the Democrats want here is embassy for every dollar that's increased and the defense cap. That's also increased for non defense and an equal manner and Mary ousted that fuels are there I mean if if the president wanted to go into deal making mood you can do that not just on that but also an immigration with border security in the wall. As part of the mix children's health care there's a lot of there's a lot of pieces I'm sure if The Fox Report. The matches are athletic isn't just a possibility for ilsley you're saying but there's a necessity for do you mean they have to on the government they punted on that issue. Just a few weak short term extension of government funding they need something more long term we its air they're saying that theorists are desperately calling for longer term. Spending deal. And now Republicans need to figure acting and stick together not to get those key things passed. Or whether you're gonna have to reach across the aisle Democrats have shown at eight addicting others Republicans stick together and pass big bills or they going to have to work with them. Once again Democrats are only India's powerful Republicans let that be if that. Let's let's move on to pretty extraordinary week this morning from the president so that we say all the time. This one in the kind of locker while Spain this one attacking whom I happen and Hillary Clinton's former top aide. It's a little complicated story but we remember the the person who emails that were found as part of the Anthony Weiner investigation on the laptop included some official emails and fortitude account. President took that's another step in for him in fact it was that that isn't supported by the facts and seen it. Obviously classified information was in the hands of foreign hackers we don't know that it act. President believes that should be in jail for whom haven't jail isolation when. For whom happening and it's part of guys that they aren't worth the presidency it's not just politically but don't just. I. Really scared people on this monitor raise eyebrows was a the president took his claims. Being off the tests apartment to it. Whole new level it's one thing to say I'm the commander in chief I am the president and chief executive that the just apartment is my Justice Department and it's not a saint. I'm judge and jury. That on this case in this accident ivory excited that she's guilty of some crime she deserves jail time. Annie. And letting it be shocking to people he was suggesting locking up a formal political punch at eight of a former political. Yet you put in the toxicity of the interview he gave to New York Times that analog of that impromptu interview that happened there in the dining room where he said he has the power optional power. To do what he wants and the Justice Department. In that sense it looks like marching. Worse. Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the last searchers say that. This is really going to be DOJ is called out he's differs from elements. You know that no question about whether to stage is is running from the justice. You know I thought Sarah had a very pristine. Point when she said that. You know the president brought interest rates lead the FBI kind of imply there that James call me is deep state and so. You know just from it from them now to have there mixes and our message is mixed up its. When we that the commie calling was mentioned this week as well even though he would be a potential witness in the just this case. We know it's all in all those rights and along the way and. One eyewitness. You like to the civil servants to be a career justice. Someone does it without them for a long time this year tweet like the president. Basically claiming that your part of some conspiracy. To state I mean. How motive to comes where are you motivated to do the job if you're sort of accused of working cancer on government you've committed your life to I just think he continues to struggle in that. Managerial role inspiring. And accessible for so well I wanted to get another political headline for you this is that you Diego over the White House because big news today. In the political world senator Orrin hatch announcing his retirement for the United States and it we remembered I just a couple of weeks ago the president was urging Orrin hatch nude tots run for another term. Or and acts just. Lavishing praise on on president trumpet that signing ceremony at the celebration ceremony at. At the White House this all. Of all is not about hard hat guys as we note that now I'm hoping that we expect him on the run and author what is more rates today's that is the expectation. That he jumpsuit. The White House who did it and it is because of. If you don't know former Massachusetts governor spent the whole Lotta time out as he owns multiple counts he's often hosting events out there he seasonal regular news talk politics. Because I think went. I remember over the summer when. Democrat Joseph I'd and encouraged me rob undated that's been repeated as the delegates leave a direct question. For the White House today about that's we. A pretty extraordinary if you're meeting once again of the Department of Justice what's what's your take on how the White House is handling his the president is trying to stir the pot is on us department. Yeah I mean this is sort of part of a pattern that we've seen from him building up these attacks on the Justice Department and not surprising but I. What what struck me is this admission we are hearing from the White House that in fact. This administration does believe in the conspiracy theory what many believer is a conspiracy theory. That there is a eight bonafide deep state shadow. Operation if you will actively working in the Justice Department inside the US government to undermine to sabotage this president of Sarah Sanders I after. That she believed does the president believe. That all of the Justice Department it's 100000. Plus employees. Are part of this so called deep deep stink you talk a little bit she goes well he doesn't believe all of the Justice Department. Is part of the deep it's a certainly believes part of it. Is now we've seen the president. Make these attacks before it's not first Chinese reference that the state is the first time I believe he's. Use the free and such explicit terms to call. It heats the Justice Department. So I don't expect these attacks to to die off as the investigation Muller's investigation. Ramps up. Luckily for you guys what's it feel like in that warm lovely hero back there. We're gonna keep you won't have a you know you know silly just because of that we don't attend more questions. For apparently you go back it's not acts outlets although with just one more because it is quite warm in here it is frigid outside. But the dementia James homey in this week. As John Parkinson points out that the suggestions are Sanders is that if only they have been part of the state and that's why. Another excited about that new leadership over yet the Arctic cold we could be a witness for Bob Pollard anywhere this goes in and obstruction of justice case did you see any significance in it kind of re starting. The clamor for teams combing himself. To be subject. Of an FBI Department of Justice investigation. Well it's it's it's he sort of hinted at this before accused. Call me. Of a crime essentially and he's going back at it again here. I'm not surprised by this this is that this is a potentially the president laying out his enemies of state if you well James Cawley is is among them. Along the same ranks now all of whom avid Enid and Hillary Clinton but I think the more that. Muller's investigation heats up the more that it gets closer to this. Oval Office this White House the president's own inner circle I think we're gonna hear a lot more attacks like ants. All right so eager to release its act act act and warm up in the cushy White House Booth I got it petered out here secret. His little trade secret all right that's back on the back on the wrongly story that is it is that way you look. This is unhappy in their determined people if you Republicans almost certainly. But puppet Mitt Romney's presence there he would like other Republicans have this we remember what you said about. Donald Trump during the campaign. You went out and gave some. Very very strong speeches in. Again it probably is not. Shy about doing Dewey on Twitter throughout hippie even in the presidency. He flirted with deputy secretary of state but he is one of the more powerful Republican critics of president that's the idea that he views and it. Would be actually change the way that Republicans in south. I think it be completely. Game changer to have somebody with the stature of Mitt Romney up in the senate every day. Just to counter presence you know every day were up there we're asking members. To pop off upon on the latest tweet from the presently is somebody. And to have somebody with stature of Mitt Romney I think respondent who greets new heights and I can't imagine Steve Manning gives in the past. You benefits of taking on every one every senate incumbent that would include the word tax decided to run for for reelection but as it is. Mitt Romney is beloved figure in a lot of circles in due time particularly an eight. Year or so much money plot RE. And I think you start off saying this seat seat and obviously it's your. Flint was flat. People six and it her attic swear in a Democrat from Alabama later this week's. Absolutely nothing beats good if quite all right so a whole bunch of up foreign policy topics for the president's mixing it up. On Twitter and elsewhere just in the last couple days of protests in Iran had enough. And Pakistan. Really fiery tweet it's royal diplomacy over there. Now the only again the North Korea. Split between top three in the Americas this. It seems like the president he. Word over the Greeks want that product they put some things out there. Particularly the Pakistan which which you know where he's throwing it out there it seems like this president does America reform policies looking to scramble that apple. Sereno I think she was. There yeah. She's she's discussing all this and I think that ultimately the president is looking at this from 40000 foot perspective. And is engagement is. Repealed its. And yes the eight domestic agenda that he wants to accomplish it continually talks about big ticket items you must pass here soon. Quite yet continues through the potter Brian at some point. You know you there's only samaritan today he only have so much attention until he continues to get pulled away on these foreign policy issues that are really reaching a fever pitch. Where would that impact his domestic. And as well it was not long they're coming off a hive signing. The tax bill they. The beautiful act knows who I got he's not allowed does he write tickets that was loyal to the left everything I got let's bring this in for a landing. What your final thoughts on. Are they would learn I think my final thoughts would be on the hatch residence there yeah her retirement. So everybody was talking about Paul whether they got tax reform through that you the crime achievement that may lead him to retire. Instead we see now is how to harness and it really you know rhymes has given up the ways and means gavel he was really got a players. Four or five years. Tax reform so I wonder what this will do in the next couple weeks at that was kind of is renewed. And you know I think it's just really be. This is pleading. Or else I was struck by a Sarah's comments about dreamers and she's sad that this was still a priority for the president to get something done just a few days ago the president giving sort of rather dramatic authoritative. Tweet about how absolutely Democrats are so you think this is an exam without a wall attached you know that is just distance he's newspaper issue. Republicans and that meeting democrats' votes on any of these budget bills I imagine Democrats while absolutely out over that issue and there gonna have to. That we haven't heard from the president on. Here to see it go all that he used waiting he's doing as Johnson is a very reactive. Often doesn't take him and he sees something useful something any response so you're looking for any more disciplinary war strategy. Not from this president that is part of the New Year's resolution can continue to do this and stir the pot a lot of different correct all things. That does it for this edition of the briefing room thanks for being here in our first edition when he AT. Will be back soon next time that that we hear in the briefing room. John Parkinson Perry Ellis park's. I'm Rick Klein take care watches again.

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{"id":52102422,"title":"Trump ignites controversy with tweets","duration":"3:00","description":"White House press secretary Sarah Sanders answered questions on the \"deep state,\" Iran and more at the first press briefing of 2018.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-ignites-controversy-tweets-52102422","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}