Trump joins Democrats to raise debt ceiling for hurricane relief

"The View" co-hosts discuss the president's decision.
4:20 | 09/07/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump joins Democrats to raise debt ceiling for hurricane relief
On the heels of a Harvey devastation. Arcane Armas tanked in the Caribbean and headed towards Florida and of course our thoughts and prayers when everybody in its pac. But the fact that the White House's seemingly crossing party lines extend the debt ceiling. So folks who actually have the support they'll need a content is a huge relief and it's good for the people courts actually good for the people so. So as he actually. He really crossing. Hi I'm sits at Karen people or is this. This is something different I wanted the people that experienced. You know that the devastation party to get what they need that's what government should be dealings to insistence on the distrust however. I didn't want the debt ceiling raised without spending cuts brought and the reason is we're facing twenty trillion dollar debt. That's a huge national security risk that's our Bonnie. That's our money that they keep sending quickly Reagan and residents are lining when it's not this is not a trump problem or Obama problem this is a bush this is all of them combined don't address this I've wanted him. To come full court and say. Listen I will raise the debt ceiling I want. One in Social Security Medicare Medicaid I want you want an end tonight at eight for the east and all though I don't think it should have been attached I think he shares at separate it will go well for these people and it will goal for any any place that experience is distress as a result of natural disaster and eating however. If you wanted to raise this debt ceiling. We have to fix what's broken we have to cut the waste and fraud and abuse. Military and everywhere I am not paying you technologies that had. Simulates credit to an end what's broken. Would be not nice but somehow. We we never get to the point up all humor the things that are broken we get to slash and burn fast yeah so I think public. I'm I'm actually glad head but no one wants to do what no one wants to kind and credit for a change can we give him credit threat we have an I bill and saying you know what let me let me say can tell you I don't work let me say this is why not. I'm gonna say this to you. He didn't have a choice he had to work with them he had said. That's what I'm not that could cut so that's why I'm telling you he had to do that because visually it. He can't be seen not trying to do something and if that's attached to this he has to make it art because the only people what gonna benefit from this thank god of the people work getting affected by every good yeah treatment that I didn't think they ever. Ever cared about what people think and how it looks because he I don't. It was about his jail he doesn't get it went against his bees and I and Vienna I mercy I'm I don't know what this means I'm gonna sit back and we can seem as important as the east faces a sign of any bipartisanship or deal making that we were promised. Then I will say we live in the divided time at a conversation we just had about companies coming here and how every one of its all of them against me and world divided we don't wanna talk if this is assignment you can talk to Democrats. It's it is reassuring and we at face value he worked with sure where he worked with Pelosi and think that's a big deal. Months to get credit you know what goodies and him and this is the press. That the great deal maker has made since this president and so predictable next week is gonna say global warming existence manmade you definitely can't. He'll be tweeting that's the problem but the guy and he'll play his gonna work against North Korea awful Korea we don't know what's going on yeah. We don't know what's going on in his little Bob doesn't host any time he's supposed to be degrades you. Yeah I. Know what to keep the government paying until December. Could have Compaq instead I want rings and that's some but not the great negotiators swap can say if I do this you'll have to do this and he could have. Actually what is it entering and gotten concessions. He. Did and yeah. My body is when he compromise not compromise any help the line people how people separately saying his schools could and yes but we're dealing with and it.

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{"id":49681719,"title":"Trump joins Democrats to raise debt ceiling for hurricane relief","duration":"4:20","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the president's decision.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-joins-democrats-raise-debt-ceiling-hurricane-relief-49681719","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}