Trump Jr. slams London Mayor after terror attack

"The View" co-hosts react to Donald Trump Jr.'s tweets criticizing the mayor for his previous comments on terror.
3:08 | 03/23/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump Jr. slams London Mayor after terror attack
So yes it. And the city of London. And fell victim to terror tactic claimed three lives and injured forty. The attacker was British born diocese is claiming responsibility for inspiring. And of course our hearts and prayers are with everyone dealing with this right now because our friends over and and London you know they've they've lived through these kinds of the tax. Before you know when they were not getting along with Arlen but it's never it's never a white. You never get used to Latin. Now or should you know it now and you know a lot of messages of support. Are pouring in for London from around the world. Be. No that's not. Julie Julia. But decided to forgo all sympathy. And instead attacked London's may act waiting. In got to be kidding Sarin attacks and part living in the big cities as London mayor Cindy Connors. Now perhaps he needs this young man needs to do a little war reading on May be read carefully. Because not only is this a six month old quote what the actual quote the man went on to say. That because of that. Consistent. Threat of terror London is was always be vigilant prepared and support the police that was they that was the end it and it's entirely up to. What is this kid I've. Now busy getting on and so whats my point I think he wanted Sobel like he was a guy who was tough on terrorism and somehow they weren't not recognizing that. The reality is that if you do anywhere in New York City if you live in a big city. These threats are real and sometimes no matter what you do you can't prevent every time and the fact is that this guy this guy current Indy his. Article was calling for vigilance he was calling for tougher police think he was calling to be tough against these things. So to me it looked like an opportunity to seize a political talking point. And that may not think highly and make fake I did not excited about it does diet. Right because he's supposed to be in charge of Donald Trump's business empire now addition 8020 handing it off don't it is a big game country likes to kill and look yet at other other animals but I thought what was interesting was. This was a British born. Terrorist death and so what does that say about Donald Trump's Muslim man well what about eight Lexus that and I reasons that the Arab. Getting out of that the European Union because of immigration and the word about refuge is and now it's homegrown guy who's the book is a result actually witnessing an issue here Madden this is also the problem with Donald Trump himself in his Twitter habits and I think it's not a coincidence it's his son right now the fact that you can't have an immediate broadcast message in the clique of abundant. It doesn't mean you should have an immediate broadcast the fact that there was no. Accuracy it was misleading it was the support and knowing he has something no no no and no hole that saying OK Larry really tap that the blame nobody has one point eight out of a million followers have a Sunday. Well not him have very many followers as he wants these dues bloody hallmark do your homework know what you're talking about a mentally. Or this just we're still weeks why don't don't it's not a place amount.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react to Donald Trump Jr.'s tweets criticizing the mayor for his previous comments on terror.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"46330762","title":"Trump Jr. slams London Mayor after terror attack","url":"/Politics/video/trump-jr-slams-london-mayor-terror-attack-46330762"}