Trump on Kim Jong Un: 'He's not going to threaten the United States'

The president said Kim "has disrespected our country greatly."
10:18 | 08/10/17

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Transcript for Trump on Kim Jong Un: 'He's not going to threaten the United States'
More tough talk there from president trump he's at trump National Golf Club. In bed minister and New Jersey with some of his top advisors there and a national security meeting covering a range of topics are trying to keep up in our notes here and doubling down. Of course on some of that tough talk against North Korea tensions have been ratcheting up over the last couple of days was trying to walk you're some of the highlights. That why arranging twenty minute press conference president counts escape. We've assembled a crack team here cross hit DP and in majored in Everett depending analysts are in Washington DC that. Alex Mallon and John in QG there over at the Pentagon Stephanie Ramos and of course with the president. In bad mr. New Jersey is their own Catherine baldor. Stephanie and I go over to you first though because on North Korea we've been talking about it a lot over the last couple of days ever since the president first issue that fire and hear the remarks. He's not backing down and then maybe the contents would be that he tried it. You're absolutely right on we are. Not seeing the president back down the back and forth continues I mean wow some really strong words from the president. Just a few moments to go saying that North Korea has districts disrespect it our country. With meat not getting away with beds and that this is a new ball game it sure is it is aid is definitely new ball game. You know we we we've heard we've heard these threats from North Korea for years now this has nothing Yale but. Right now they they have different capabilities and that's been units that's also a new president who continues to tune to make these statements as you mentioned. Just about a day or so ago where president trump said that the US would meet North Korea with fire and fury. That in response and then North Korea responded saying that they're going to fire. Four missiles toward Guam a US territory by mid August of this is getting it seems as though this is getting worse and worse but here at the Pentagon what we're hearing is that. Despite this this heightened. Rhetoric there is no elevated US military status it doesn't seem as there there are no signs here that the US will be first to launch any sort of attack. Of course the military is always ready to deploy at a moment's notice they are ready to fight. But as far as and means new. Plans are missions being put in place because of this recent back and forth between the president. And a North Korean leader is we're not seen that here but. We have heard from secretary of defense not its who has sat. That if he wants to go about this that the US will go about this diplomatically. And he. Actually called president Trump's comments and his efforts diplomatic yesterday so. It it'll be interesting to see how this pans out but. Again here at the Pentagon what we're hearing is that the are trying to keep this diplomatic. Diplomatically and knots moving forward with any sort of plan of attack just now but of course military's always had deployed so. We'll see what happens but definitely the strong strong words from president to spew them. Absolutely and in case you missed any of those words here's that you're sort of the key section in which he was answering. Series of questions about strategy and approach towards North Korea us take a listen to that and then talk about it on the back here it. And we are. Preparing for many different alternative exit North Korea. He is disrespect it our country greatly. He has said things that are horrific. And with movies that get. He got to Wear with a for a long time between him and his family he's not getting away with it's a whole new ball game. And he's back and saying those things any surface activity during those things I read about where in Guam by August 15. Let's see what he does win Guam. He does something. In Guam. It will be an event the likes of which. Nobody's seen before what will happen in North Korea. It's. You'll see if you'll see and heels. University. Or did this to state. Has nothing to do it there. That's a statement he stuck it to go around threatening Guam and stock at a threaten the United States and he's not gonna threaten Japan. After that threatens South Korea. A bear as you say that is a statement of. Back our rights and guys ever in the ECB now Alex brown and John NT she talked me about this a little bit because this is not at all. Faith in the same tone of the walking back of the far higher in theory comment. That we saw from secretary seat filler thin and secretary of defense mad at this is trump doubling down and tripling down basically saying. Let him do it let it lead and they do any said he gonna do and then we'll see what half yeah. I mean on the that this is one of those rare moments where earlier today when we sore that tweets from the president's saint we have these nuclear weapons we don't wanna use them but we can if we well it's a weird moment where his tweets are a little correction a backpack wearing his rhetoric is the complete opposite usually we we see Israel feelings from the Twitter account. And that's a much in person but you're right. We now see this president twice today once outside his bed minster compound. Which was the home of this transition. Really hitting back hard saying the evil goal at. North Korea with all the force the United States if the cross this red line that difference though. And Alex that we're talking missile earlier between the fire's fury earmarks in this. He's that. Byron period when he first made them like that threat this actually sounds like it'll be your reaction if North Korean does something first out. Yeah what struck me with those comments was this is a strict red line worker with regards to Guam which North Korea has said that it will. Fire four missiles into the waters of Guam so it really does it's unclear whether the president meant if they fired missiles that were to hit Guam. But it was it's me pretty stark there what he said that that. If they hit Guam it would be it if they would exact a price on that Guam that would be severe North Korea would see something that the world has never seen. It's similar to aspire fairy comments but specifically now drawing that line at firing missiles towards Guam. And we know on the right before that you know the president has obviously been bringing mostly seniors can't its military advisors. Up to New Jersey to meet with and he's just in that long briefing so. It when we first heard these fire and fury statements are understanding from sources that the president went a little bit broke here that he made that statement. Without really going around talking to you the National Security Council. It would be pretty surprising. If the president did this yet again tripling down after just meeting with his top advisors. Their captors volatility you wig the president a cabinet you can hear me now I've just weighing in on that you can do we know anything about. Howell that it's some of these answers were before president comes. I think it's jobs it's is it really hit and that there there was reporting before that. Yes just appetizers were taken aback by his. Fire here comets when you behind the scenes that's how he was feeling. That rhetoric and discuss obviously someone doubled today. But the fact that he has the CIA director Mike Pompeo up here yes McMaster up there. He gave these statements today with them right by his side after the security briefing I agree with Joseph on it would be. Very difficult to believe you know these comments weren't that it I'm sure they weren't totally scripted. As you saw he brought. The press pool in their for twenty minutes of questions he was obviously. A to me at least in what Alex said and what John said. Prepare to get those questions in and really doubled down on the rhetoric so I mean I would be surprised says John if if what if reports come out or if we learned that it was totally off the company didn't know he knew exactly what he was saying what Alex said it was more targeted. Towards Guam he left the door open he said you'll see you'll see he's never. If he didn't answer the question about a preemptive military strike when we've asked them before about military action he says he'll soon find out. On Cisco left the door open opened there but was definitely more targeted and has been meeting. What is top advisors all day so it definitely something I think it was probably discussed. Me but it could take on this Q this is something in the late into the questions about the nuclear arsenal and the threat from North Korea has instrument talking about additional funding. Going towards some of these anti missile efforts he said many billions of dollars that will be going into some of these things. What do we know about any plan that could be in the pipeline for that are aware that Micah. We haven't heard just yet but we do know that fees defense budget is is pretty hefty. It then and we've heard from secretary of defense Mattis that he has. Heat in the US. The South Korea China Japan they have wanted to. In an in North Korea is being the odd man out but we have to keep in mind that we have. Thousands and thousands of US troops in that region in South Korea and Japan and in want. And North Korea is North Korea and Camden and have been. Surrounded by a US military for years and years and they still they want to feel as though they're the powerhouses has been the the constant theme offer for the lots. Decade yourself. And now they are it's. They want to prove more than ever that they can defend themselves and it's with these you provocations. From the US and from North Korea whether or not you don't. Presidential can back this up. If it'll be. And to deceive but it is obvious at North Korea's leader is not backing down he's not backing down from the city's continuing to fire back verbally and of course this this new threat of firing missiles toward Guam in mid August. It is carried is a very scary time but here at the Pentagon. It is the these scene. A message that we've heard that they are trying to go at this diplomatically. And right now there is no. And planned to use to be the first to use to launch that punch.

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{"id":49145596,"title":"Trump on Kim Jong Un: 'He's not going to threaten the United States'","duration":"10:18","description":"The president said Kim \"has disrespected our country greatly.\"","url":"/Politics/video/trump-kim-jong-hes-threaten-united-states-49145596","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}