Trump makes remarks on tax reform in Springfield, Mo.

President speaks about Hurricane Harvey and outlines his vision for comprehensive tax reform.
9:38 | 08/30/17

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Transcript for Trump makes remarks on tax reform in Springfield, Mo.
President trump live there in Springfield Missouri and then factoring plan. Laying out he's vision for the next big ticket items. On this administration's agenda that is tax reform calling on its colleagues both democratic and Republican in congress. To move ahead to come together to find a way. To get this done hi everyone I'm on the Nevada in New York a lot of headlines out of that and a lot of other things to catch up. Happy new around the country let's break it down now with a few of my colleagues down in Washington DC. Rick Klein and Alley wrote in join me from our DC bureau and Catherine falters. Over on the White House north line capital let's kick it off with you real quake. Look the president to think he yesterday on his visit to parts of Texas for not specifically referencing a lot of the folks. Who were affected or impacted by hurricane Harvey. He change set up a little bit so today with the very top. This speech that in a he did he made a point. To address the victim to address those. Who have lost their lives and in hurricane Harvey and as you mentioned he didn't mention the victims by name and act all the yesterday during his visit down there he spoke. Three times and has been getting a little bit of heat for not addressing those victims directly. I'm not drafting a life lost and police officer that losses alive but he did kick off his remarks in Missouri he made he made a point to say. He honored that courage and devotion. The those first responders that if they have countless lies and he said to those affected by this storm. We are praying with you we are here. For you every step of the way he's had to of course make these comments against. I've PM received a little bit a flak for them minutes for the first time fully and I that this happened. Lonnie a trump the First Lady. You know senate would he didn't say yesterday she came on gave a statement specifically addressing on. Those lines in this first responders and in those people affected by the storm on the so today. I think he knew that he needed to get this out there and to make these contact. Catherine and they you're on the move to before we let you go give us your quick take. On what we just heard from the president there this was the big speech on his big agents for tax reform is this what we're gonna see the White House's efforts going full fourth now. It it is and I know an Alley and reckless touch on with a little bit more but that's kind of what we expected to hear from the White House today. You know if it wasn't. How we're gonna get this done this is. Why are we doing this why are interested in tax reform he said he wants this while American approach a little he tells me that it expects deet tails. From the white house on this but we do you know that this is the first stop. In Missouri. That he's going to be making he's going to be going across the country as he launches this kind of tax reform. Who are citizens want the first of many we expect to see if a vice president Mike Pence later today in West Virginia I was talking to a White House official earlier. Who said that the vice president will touch on a lot of these things he's also kicking off on his events today we'll see him going across the country probably the two I'm. Joining each other together so we will expect to see a more of this he called it the American model and he said he wanted to put. Partisan posturing. Behind us as it relates the tax reform of course this was moments after he. I'm caught out at senator Claire McCaskill saying if she doesn't go along with tax reform. She should be voted out of office I'm sure you'll get more on that an amendment but on the night you're right this was the first of many speeches on on this issue will will hear from the president. According to the White House first of many become Katherine called us on the White House north line for a thanks Catherine. Rick Klein over to you let's dig into -- with the president had to stayed there are still look to back it up for a second in April we got the first distorted sketch of an outline of what we thought tax reform would look like. To be getting more details today can expect anymore anytime soon. No no I hear the president he's leaving congress to put its board there's a lot where it meets all of that initial outline all. Anything that we heard today as happens it is a lot more about the reasons for tax reform. I was also struck by the partisan edge to his remarks on two different levels one is we still have an unfolding tragedy. In Texas and to a lesser penalties Adams president reference. That it took to get back involved in partisan politics given that back up I thought was was pretty remarkable secondly to go out and that official White House and and state if the democratic senator from Missouri doesn't go along with my effort you should vote her out of office that is about a partisan as it gets. And we should note I'll that there is no bill is nothing for her to get behind. Right now even if you were to say I'm on board there's nothing to be on board or there isn't a feel it's very premature to have conversations. About the meeting someone for not supporting something that doesn't even exist. Me take this how how does this play and come together not as part that they would part of it is how we pay for those tax cuts moving forward right. That that's right I'm an senate Republicans house Republicans. Going to be taking meat on it. The first people who are going to have a chance to actually wrap this tax reform bill are members of the house Ways and Means Committee that the tax writing. Body in the house. And you might not notice but actually the chairman of that he has been doing it alone. Road tripped selling his agent for tax reform. Over the past couple weeks they actually kinda had this dual track. President trump be gaining his PR I today. But chairman Kevin Brady of the house Ways and Means Committee as well speaker Brian have. Spent this entire August recess on the road selling there. So the question though remains. Whether they actually going to start putting and the paper and drafting this bill the doubles the president's speech today. Was incredibly general who against lowering income tax rates who's against. Increasing competitiveness that's like saying. You're four. Three chocolate ice cream for everybody that's not something that is going to get a lot of its agreement that Deborah Allan. You answer that. OK so that will put Rick Klein in the anti Sri agitating for action here and it all out an accident. But double the details there's a lot of lobbyists who are going to be on the hill. Campaigning against certain provisions that go against their industries. Gary Conn he White House chief economic advisor sent yesterday that he expects. Committees that start shaping and released and that within three to four weeks. I you know in in congress figures which are even one earth and Don here. That's not a lot of time all and remember on that they got Lenny Moore on simply ain't got. The debt ceiling they've got. The government shut down to contend with Harvey funding meet their need to pass them. Emergency funds for Harvey recovery a lot on the airplane and it's not exactly clear tax record that congressional. Now it. Got a really busy schedule they have a ton of competing interests that people are gonna be fighting for they also have the reality the economic they're bumping up against. Last I heard some of the plans to repeal and replace would help to offset some of the costs of the tax cut to help with the government revenue. 3% sustained GDP growth would also help with that the president rightly noted there at this second quarter we did revised up to a higher than expected GDP growth at 3%. But the last time we had two consecutive quarters of 3% GDP growth. With 2014. So what are you hearing from people on the hill about how this actually comes together where those details come from. On that this is exactly the reason why congressional leaders wanted to accomplish health care first. Because as you mentioned that was going to take care of some of the tax provisions that. Help pay for the rest of tax reform. Now the that hasn't happened it becomes incredibly harder because as you mentioned. If you're going to be implementing tax cuts like the current administration wants you like most congressional Republicans want you. You have to find a way to offset those. That. Less revenue that you're going to be getting. That was going it that they were going to be doing some of that with some of the obamacare tax Britain's that they were getting right at. That is no longer the case at that point have to find a lot more areas to you. Play a little seesaw. Rick Klein the ghost of repeal and replace league record. Long and large over this do they have a shot at making this work. Up. I think on health care. Not proceed any time soon less is changing balance in the senate there's some. Scenarios where senator joins the cabinet addicts and whether or Bob and that is about the trial Jersey. You need something like that upset the balance of Alley knows so well covering those late night. They did not have the votes. Tax reform it's always easier because while Republicans to agree to these Portland after form. In some ways though it's harder because you need sixty votes this is actual legislation. This isn't on the need to the budget process and get the fifty votes so you actually need eight Democrats all over top on that list is the person that the president felt with the directly. Targeting Claire McCaskill is just hard for me to imagine from a political political perspective. That's not that kind of a rat in wasn't threatened over Brett beat her he doesn't support us is going to be persuasive for those members of congress particularly when you see a president. Lacking approval ratings so I feel like the people that are looking for signals on Capitol Hill house the president can handle this that's different health care. What's the predicate laid out how as the argument he made out there was going to be a lot of optimism out of this speech that this is going to be at a game changer he we need to get a legislative agenda back on track.

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