Trump makes waves across the pond

The president participates in an official U.K. state visit, and a particularly deadly weekend in the U.S. calls attention to gun laws.
29:59 | 06/03/19

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And. Everybody welcome to the grief and her mom Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us on this Monday hope you had a great weekend the president is across the pond being defeated at this hour by the queen of England. On its first ever state visit won't get in at this summit be pretty incredible pictures coming in right now we'll also take a look at the gun violence epidemic. In this country is a very deadly weekend and we have some of the latest numbers on that will get into that. As well and finally today we'll take a look at an ABC news exclusive inside Iran we are inside Iran were also on. Onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln that aircraft carrier that was steaming into the Persian gulf as tensions were ratcheted up that's weeks that is ahead and join a buyer White House reporter. Rachel Scott we're also joined from London by our White House fellow White House reporter Jordan Phelps fort for the latest on this visit and what what what I'm struck by here guys is the president eating this all up but not without controversy. Rachel tell us about it this is hanging over this whole truck as he kicks it off. Eight as a leading into the trip right it's a good debate over the word and nasty the president had an interview with the sun and which. He was asked if he was sad that he wasn't going to see you duchess Nagin Markel because she's on maternity leave after she has made some. Up pretty you know critical comments of him calling him device and it he replied and said. That he did not know that she was nasty. Now of course headline started sparking people started talking about this. Flat out saying that the president called Megan Markel nasty which is what he's now the White House the trump campaign and even the president himself. Pushing back on as the White House official tells me was taken out of context that some campaigns will be something similar. And then the president himself yesterday I asked him before he departed on this trip to the UK right there on the south lawn and he said that he made no bad comment Canada. Roll the tape and he certainly did. Yeah hard hard to see how it's taken out of context and we do have the full recording now that he is not only calling make Markel mass you just saw the -- he's taking on the mayor of London city con as well upon. Landing in London calling him nasty as well lot of nasty it's. Offline in this presidential trip in just a short time ago the mayor himself responded actor president trump just as he was meeting the queen. But this video tickle present trump if you're watching this you'll values and what he's stung for the complete opposite. Clemens bunnies and the fighters in this country we think stuff as seasonal weakness de listing is a strength we respect women within the equal to men. It is important. To safeguard the Ross of all of us to keep the vulnerable on the law's choice. We know the president of the USA you have a massive and ancient world domestic plus former school people follow what you do we've seen of the lost years and years as a road and and much of the progress made in previous decades. These were important recent move forwards. Pretty extraordinary to see the mayor of one of the world's greatest cities going after the president the United States shortened Phelps. How is all of this plane there in the both the British press and among the British people this back and forth with a lot of nasty is fine. Yat DeVon the president there proved again that he is the power of controlling his young aired and tested Air Force One was coming in for landing. At Monday and heat tweet it out at this insult against city con but of course. With the London mayor that true the first pints these two men have had a long running feud. And the mayor of London seems to very much thrive. I'm going Tony tete with the president I just as much as the president we now will counter punch but. Perhaps more significantly. DeVon and the battle with Cindy Conn is that the president has also weighed in. And some very sensitive domestic political matters here in the UK expressing his opinion his favorable opinion of Boris Johnson used. Considered one of leading candidates to replace may eyes crying minister that's being wracked by some here as meddling. By the US president into mass steak UK politics is generally considered a known now for presidents to go abroad. And apple in. That domestic affairs of foreign nations but DeVon as we well now this president has been breaking norms. For the last two years and he's showing no signs of slowing down. Every time he really seems un restrained going into this trip as we see some pictures of the pageantry that we know the president love so much he is obsessed. With the royals we know this is something that he has long clamored for action to his first trip. To London. Got delayed he was more subdued Hugo avoided a lot of these scenes because the British were so up in arms now where are. At this juncture we're Theresa may is on it earned her way out the president vindicated by Bob Mueller he certainly seems. Much emboldened in a lot of these attacks and as Jordan was just seen Wayne into some pretty controversial policies like parks. Yeah I mean all politics right all the way up until he got essentially two Buckingham Palace that things liken it became about diplomacy and you know kind of talking in according with the royal family there but and the force he headed off yesterday he was even asked by a reporter. Here is it criticism that why is a US president involved weighing in on Rex it he's said flat out you keep asking me about it so I didn't. I instills certainly remember a president that's not shy to share his opinion at any point. Is for sure Jordan Phelps before we let you go the president having a state dinner right now he'd get turns to business tomorrow right he has. A meeting no one on one meeting with that's recent may and then there's going to be a press conference what's on the agenda. Yet today has been a carefully choreographed pomp and circumstance and tomorrow the president. Gets down to business he'll sit down with US and UK business leaders for a business roundtable in the morning and any heads to ten Downing Street. To me with the outgoing prime minister and that you will hold a press conference later in the day DeVon be sure to tune in to that the president. Mates and make headlines last time. He was here I and gave a press conference with Mae offering his opinion on how she didn't handle Rex say correctly. I it's hard to see how this press conference is going to help may. I see at looks to step down from that role in just the matter of days but they are going forward with that DeVon and it will sure be a news maker. All right Jordan felt Schwartz live from London thank you so much Jordan gate great every to Scott here as well I'm will carry that presidential press conference live right here and ABC news live. I've tomorrow morning eastern time I shifting gears now to what was an incredibly deadly weekend across this country. Because of gun violence take a look at the numbers just in 100. Eleven Americans have been killed from gun violence just in the last three days alone that's from the gun. Violence archive and according to that same group. The which tracks these shootings in the United States take a look at this map this is all of the deaths in the United States from gun violence. I just so far this year let that's OK and that's thousands of Americans each red dot is a person killed. We're on a record track twelve of those red dots of course are Americans are were killed in Virginia Beach, Virginia at that mr. municipal shooting him Friday ten. Were killed in Chicago alone over the weekend a deadly week in their. So many families this Monday are beginning to come to grips. With these losses and for more on that one parent who's gone through that process or road about an over the weekend in the New York Times joins us now. Gregory Gibson. Along here wither chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. Our great to have you peer thanks for coming in you recovery you've covered this for a long time we'll get to some of the bigger picture but I want to start with you Gregory. I your essay was was so powerful you lost your son Galen back. In 1992 it was a sophomore in college in Massachusetts when he was killed. What was your reaction upon learning the news at a Virginia Beach. Name and where these families going through right now. Well my reaction to the Virginia Beach tragedy with the same as that spent every tragedy since 1992. Frustration sadness on. I am Mike there most certainly have some idea what these people are going through because we went through it ourselves. And that's just a motivation on our part to try to do what we can so that no more families have to suffer in this manner. And so many appear you were just taking a look at some of the numbers we get the map up but the trend there is over 5000 or so far this year right if he if you look at the gun violence. Archive. It's stunning and I Carly chronic. So far this year there is looking at 2019. Over 22000 incidents involving gun violence. More than 5009 and people killed. Are more than 111000 people shot and were injured in gun violence and those are excluding. Suicides. So again what this tells you is that this country has a chronic. Intense. Pervasive gun violence issue. If you wanted to separate out mass shootings. Those are shootings at the gun violence archive defined as. Four or more people shot not including the shooter. There have been a 156 incidents and that this year alone. And just taking a Virginia Beach shooting which was so horrific one of the deadliest workplace shootings in the United States and a long long time you've covered so many of them. The motive there is still an open question and it's also not clear in this case. Each one so unique but it's not clear that any gun laws here quota for would've. Prevented this. Again. We do not know the motive yet we know he was a long time city employee. He apparently. Quit. Via email the day of the shooting. That's obviously being looked at but again no clear motive as to why he went to the place and he went to work so many days look and his colleagues in and killed many of them. I think there are some questions out there that we want. To get more answers to. The police chief said he used to silence or. In the attack that's very unique I can't read Carl any recent. Mass shooting in which the silence or which use what role did if any did that play in terms of people recognizing that this was a mass shooting it event initially. There are those kinds of questions he also had a high capacity. At least Moreland. One. Magazine which allowed him to fire. Moral the list and typically would be in a 45 caliber handgun which is apparently among the weapons of used. Gregory your piece in the times talks about your frustration with what pier is describing as this chronic issue you talk about. How that avalanche of heartbreaking stories is done so little. To drive change here you and you talk about how you took it upon yourself to immerse yourself in gun culture. To try to learn something about this process what did you learn. Well the first thing I learned was that I should object right here are true excluding suicide in any sense and focusing on mass shootings which are just a teeny percentage. Of this. Problem. This is a this chronic thing that occurs. In every walk of life. Gun violence happens everywhere there are guns and guns are now everywhere where all stakeholders in this problem. I didn't go to discover and and tell people about the gun culture because I don't really know anything about the gun culture you got experimenting with guns and found that shooting was there Utecht. But I'm. You know I'm no expert I can't I can't tell you what the gun culture is like and you know what we should do but I do. Want to ask. Just hypothetically. If after Columbine the media had stopped recording. School shootings in the manner that they do. How many school shootings would we now have and what severity would they be in other words I'm pilots reporting has turned into contact. It's almost entertainment for people people consume content as entertainment. And we really neat that. Rethink. How we're presenting this'll problem. And here are impressed that you because you've covered so many of these and his interest in about the Virginia Beach shooting just as an example take rigorous point is authorities said. Out front they were not gonna mention the Q the shooters name me more than once. And maybe that therein lies some of the answer here is not to glorify these people that commit these groups. Well there is some research and we've done some of our own here at ABC news where some of these mass shooters were literally studying previous mass shooters. In some cases see if they can out do each other. Column behind is. Hans is still day in many of these. Current mess judicial front and they were online researching the common line. Killing. That that incident. But I think that the ultimate question. That America has to ask itself is are we okay office. There are a lot of people that thought after new town when all those children those. You elementary school children. Were killed in the fashion and they were killed. That that would be the thing that would change. And these did the national conversation about what to do about gun violence he did not. This past weekend in Chicago according to. Our colleagues who were 52 shootings in Chicago with ten people killed nearly as many killed. As in Virginia Beach over the weekend. Again. The argument and the gun debate argument the goes back and fourth. The question that the the nation needs to ask itself is are we okay. With the fact that thousands of people. Our shot and killed in our country not just one year but every year if you were to total up the number of people. Killed in the last decade it would be well over 100000 people. It's just incredible and it is something that needs to be asked and asked again in the spotlight may know Gregory that that's something that. You have to take a nine yourself part of your advocates see as you've written about is to keep a spotlight on this issue affect you published. A book gone boy the father search for truth in his son's murder. Ending crew includes it in an incredible face to face. Interview with your son's killer. To ask him about guns how he got guns what he did with him why he chose guns I wanna play just do a little bit of it and get your reaction. Then I was since. Galen guys spend my. Thought. To somehow. Get something useful that horrible situation. Somehow. To do something that might help. Another family. Not have to go through what you're and then went through and what might him. And I don't know effect. What was it that made you choose and gun as opposed to. Parsons. A baseball. Won't I think. I look out this cowardly I was however in the sense that I want to inflict pain. On others. But I didn't want a be you. Personal. Almost let's be honest I mean there's nothing. More powerful in the gun. This is chilling Gregory what what was your take away from that conversation that people should know. Well my take away from that conversation is the name of the peace that's just the five minute video it still available on goal on board dot com and the videos ball. It was just too easy. My experience. With guns. Indicated to me that we need more training you know we've got over 300 million dollars up there they're not going away. Now almost every state has concealed carry over the last two decades this is Ben a trend that's the an irreversible. So we've got these guns and we got always people walking around with guns we really need to do something true. Trained people to be Italy used them and two institute laws that force people to take responsibility for them. I could go out and buy on right now and it ethnic background check and so forth and so on. But if that gun is stolen or might give it to somebody else or private transfer the Trace on that gun immediately disappears. And this is work there. There are no crime guns ever manufactured are all legal guns. But they turned very quickly into crime guns because we can't follow what happens to them and we can't hold people responsible for the use of them. Seems pretty obvious that but it apparently more than our government cannot master. Yeah there are so many available that is just a sobering fact Gregory thank you so much again nag on board is a terrific read and some powerful video. Are worth share worth checking out thank you so much Gregory Gibson for joining us and peer Thomas thank you for your a Smart analysis and reporting as always appreciate your time. I'm moving on now to an ABC news exclusive inside Iran amidst an incredible standoff. Between Iran and the United States are global affairs anchor Martha Raddatz got an exclusive interview over over the weekend with Iran's foreign ministers of odds are reef. We'll have more on that coming up but take a look at these pictures just coming in from our colleagues Batman Gary aboard the USS. Abraham Lincoln just minutes ago we received this video this is the aircraft carrier that the military. Expedited to the Middle East. Just late last month to counter Iran. On the Gary sent us this video from the strike group and an undisclosed location the military there as you know and a heightened state of alert to do dirt deter. But the Pentagon is calling pretty aggressive behavior on the part of a Ron. Our Martha Raddatz asked the Iran means about that behavior in those allegations also bought the sanctions. That the US has leveled against Iran. Here's a would've been a Martha's and. Hey Devin we're hearing to Iran we spent the morning at the Foreign Ministry talking to the foreign minister about the sanctions which are having a devastating. Effect on the economy here in Iran. And also about the possibility of conflict with the United States. Mr. thanks for joining us this morning and let's start with this sanctions and president trump so called maximum pressure campaign. What effect are you seeing it looks like it's having a devastating effect on economy. Whether president trumpets called the tenth that economic war. A college economic tethers. And duties and I quote economic terrorism. Is that the target or dignity onion people. Even the United States. Claims that. Food and medicine and exempted but financial transactions associated with food and medicine on politics. So people who want to buy food. Who want to put medicine. And important for him and that's how to quote through. Many. I can use in order to pursue a commitment. To financial. Sanctions that the United States has imposed on us. Given what you perhaps had if you did come back to the negotiating table. Would you trust the United States would you trust president true it's very difficult. It because I mean the news. Practice. The vast experience was not committee. Optimistic. Does not polite optimistic. Perspective. Put any future agreement that this is what they believe is happening to be national community that his people think twice. Before they talk to the United States because they know that put the agreed to date may not pulled tomorrow so you are blaming. Who for the sabotage the freighters. I don't know but I don't think anybody can blame it on. They cannot simply draw conclusions based on erroneous assumptions that Iran was responsible. So you. Categorically deny that Iran or or any Iran in back groups had anything to do with fat for the Tricia rocket in Iraq. Or we don't attack almost paddy land. We don't control it and otter creek nation's beat people who friends it's not a conventional control. If it creditor nation of control we wouldn't be able to have this type of relationship. Be headed people. Who defend themselves. But we don't control it I mean B don't differentiate between economic ordered him to table the US is engaged in war against us. And he warned it's painful to all participants. The be ready. Kia notion. That in a war nobody wins. In a war and people it behooves us the loss of some could be greater than that also looked. What would you say to president trump. Possibly before threats against it on net before. Never threaten and you don't even try it respect. That man. Foreign minister of course saying he would avoid the use of force it would all be about self defense but that has a very broad meaning DeVon. All right our thanks so much to Martha Raddatz for that reporting for more on how the situation could play out when it means for Americans in the region. I'm here at home or bring in our State Department reporter. I Connor Finnegan right now also bantam. Talk Tolle blue he's a senior fellow at the foundation. I for defense of democracies bantam great to see if they so much for coming in want to get your take on the situation between. Our two countries right now. And you have a lot of family friends associates on the ground inside Iran as well what are you hearing from them about the situation. Is death to America of those chance we see all the time is that. The widespread sentiment there in inside Iran right now. Devin Connery of great to be with you I think it's imperative to note here that the death to America culture of the state of the regime. He's not reflected whatsoever in the culture of the society of the people. And the chasm between the state in this society could not be getting any water yes sanctions are having an effect. Yes by all major macro economic indicators weathered looking at what the IMF is reporting or whether you're looking at what the World Bank is reporting. Iran's economy is contracting under pressure but the bulk of Iranians continue to blame their own government for mismanagement. As well as for feeling to come to the table and take an opportunity which may be a historic opportunity. Actually for the regime to try to engage here. And we heard our team on the ground inside Tehran heard exactly what you said venom which sort of surprises here let's take a listen. To some of the flavor. Of a public sentiment that Martha Raddatz heard privately in seven the markets into wrong. I would act to divert about everything in my life threat now because eight I cannot see any future ahead of me. Because of the teams that are happening right now so it's like a Khamis studying but that's all I can do right now and and and who do you blame for them. Lame. May beat got Aaron government but mostly people too because he let these happened. And the Arab silence to say nothing you're an experienced teacher but it's been difficult. Yes on violence and there's an experience and on but especially since I mean the last three years I've found a fairly decent call to my niche mind. Expense since through my income I citing Iraq. So that's why is active looking for a job at brides. And finally I found a job at rods in advance most sixteen Almonte. By nuns happy I can save financially go ahead and that's why I decided it was kinda forced. To go outside Iran because he had it was really hard I mean to continue eyes. Fascinating to hear some of those every hair Ryan's talk about their government there are with our Martha Raddatz Connor whatever you know the conversation. And in pick up four is a reef left off with Marcella he said the united C should try respect. With the Iranians rather than threats so where are we and on this back and forth about the potential for some sort of we're respectful conversation. Between the US and Iran that day keeps being teased by both sides. Well don't I wouldn't hold my breath for any sort of conversation. Jesse get secretary of state Mike Pompeo said yesterday that. The US would talk to Ron without preconditions. Which sort of seemed to indicate maybe an opening here it's something that he previously. Had said that there would be precondition that there were twelve steps Iran. Had to take in order for the US to engage with them. But afterwards today we've seen Mike Pompeo walk those comments back. And now go back to that list of twelve things I think the issue here is that there's a difference between what president trump believes and what Mike Pompeo wants to actually happen. Present trump has said as far back as July coming eighteen. That he is willing to engage Iran that he's willing to sit down with the Ayatollah just says he's sitting down with Kim Jung and of North Korea. And what Mike Pompeo wants however is something far different he he believes that maximum pressure campaign. He believes in trying to change Iran's behavior and if not if they can't change runs the heater perhaps. Changing the regime to some sort of popular uprising in the streets of Iran but he wants Iran to stop Beano testing ballistic missiles. Stop its support for for terror groups in the region like Hezbollah and Hamas and to stop its nuclear program almost entirely. But that's not what trump inking it seems to believe as well he said as recently as of last week that he wants Iran just to not get nuclear weapons. An inning is it's not just mixed messages coming from the American side that I'm. And it's also since become from the Iran inside wanted to ask you about that we saw. Indications from president route Hani who suggested perhaps he would see some sort of openness to having a dialogue on any host of issues and then we heard. Last week from the Ayatollah who shut that down. How do you see this plane from that side of the equation is there any chance there are dead that Iran might. Be willing to have a fruitful conversation or is that even possible. Well I think that's a great point I think both sides are looking for leverage births both in terms of rhetoric and policy. And when you look at the Iran inside there's been a cacophony of statements but you know on Washington is not going to be successful with respect to its Max pressure campaign. Until it signals to all factions in Iran that there will be no way out. But through. There are very few times in the history of the Islamic republic when it's on one media corps national security issues and that's only when the regime realize of course that there is no way out but through. Ending the Iran Iraq War is one way that this happened. The regime said something for seven and a half years and at the end. And it had terminated the war under less than favorable conditions the regime of course has every incentive to look tough and for a threat is likely why Iran was. Behind the tanker isn't likely why the put up cacophony. A statement saying different things and much like the Cuban missile crisis it's going to be up to Washington picked. Which message from its adversary it wants to respond to. And Connor finally want to ask you about sanctions we've lot of talk about maximum pressure but then we saw last week that there was sort of dialing back a holding off. On some of these sanctions that the trump administration has slapped on Iran big. It does seem that the State Department and and the White House don't want to provoke this into a war. He added if we don't want a war DeVon I think president trump has made that very clear. But the administration has enforced sanctions to the maximum extent possible they they just this month and did waivers for eight countries on oil sanctions. And that is really started to bite in Tehran it's a matter now what has been said Iran dozen response. All right Conor Kenny enforced at the State Department thank you so much in Benton Tolle blue. With the with the foundation for defense of democracies I'm sorry Ben and thank you so much for coming in appreciate your perspective as well again our thanks to Martha Raddatz. Hot in Tehran today for filing and that exclusive material finally today up pop music mega stars flexing some political muscle once again. This time in honor of pride month which of course is in June there you see Taylor Swift has posted to her ins to Graham. It pleats or her state senator of Tennessee Republican Lamar Alexander she wants him and the senate to support the equality act which would ban discrimination. On the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity it passed the house. Last month she writes the fact that legally some people are completely at the mercy of the hatred and bigotry of others is disgusting and unacceptable. Alexander's office did not have any comment for us when ABC news reached out for it but it is fascinating to see once again. Taylor Swift kick in the politics game we'll see how that plays here in pride month great to have you with us on this Monday on Devin Dwyer Washington where her everyday at 3:30 eastern and 5:30 eastern time and ABC news live download the app. After the latest on all the source who talked about today and more important. See back here tomorrow. At 330.

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