Trump and Mattis seemingly at odds over North Korea and transgender military ban

The president and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis offer differing statements on North Korea and the military transgender ban.
8:14 | 08/30/17

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Transcript for Trump and Mattis seemingly at odds over North Korea and transgender military ban
Let's talk a little bit more about our commander in chief and the Defense Secretary a president trump tweeted this morning obviously this is among rising tensions with North Korea. The South Korean defense chief visiting Washington to meet with sacked after. Matt it's as well this is that the president had to see this morning. Quote the US has been talking to North Korea and paying them extortion money where 25 years. Talking is not the answer I wanna play quick sound bite for you guys and then come back to our team and Washington. After that this a little bit of sound. From general Mattis the defense secretary of course it is meeting we at his counterparts from South Korea he would ask questions specifically about this tweet whether or not diplomatic options. We're done it and this is what he had to say. President this morning we did that talking isn't that in there. Are we out of it. Please take and her minister song. What it just US military court might not treat it need to be skewed. Increased pressure on North Korea. Yeah. We pick you up there to take pictures. Let dad know that we're never out of the medication week. To work together and the minister and I hear or responsibility. To provide for the protection of our nation. Populations and aren't. What record steps. So Rick Klein over to you on this let's be clear now here it general Mattis and and secretary retailers and have been consistent on it they have always said. They would like to continue with a diplomatic tack when it comes to North Korea. But in the faith of the president's tweet this morning that's a pretty bold. Counter statement to just say no. Talk about lack of diplomacy. That's not a diplomatic answer. He was needed trying to explain cast any kind of contacts around president fonts. Very starkly of course president has set the opposite as well is that he wants to talk that it that if North Korea's pursuit diplomatic solutions so a lot of this has lost of I think you're seeing some very real splits. Inside this White House insiders administration. I'm not just don't seems to happen now want some of the top cabinet secretaries including. General Mattis including Rex Tillerson is saying things that are at least. In directly critical of president trump and now seem to contradict what the president. It just went out there on Twitter they have regular visitor her real way I don't discount the possibility that president thought. Is playing a three dimensional chess here he wants north Koreans to receive this and certainly want the world community. To understand it in certain way. But went when it comes down to the cabinet level people actually have to. Use those words put it in policy I think you're seeing some some pretty stark divisions that are starting to merge these are real splits. That's that it is another issue at which the two have seemingly content sorted at lines although it seems to be very much evolving. But when it comes to with the presidents proposed ban on trans gender military members we know that they've been communication. Between the White House in the Department of Defense exactly how that should be carried out just bring it up to speed on what the department of defense's. Latest stance is on how that's going to be implement it. While not. This secretary of defense Mattis has said he put out a statement yesterday saying that he has until February 2. Come up with a plan on how to deal with transgender people who are currently serving in the military. So by doing that he says he'll. It panel will be put together to. To figure out how best to do this on they are transgender people that are currently serving in the military they will continue to serve. Despite. President trumps. Guidance so as of right now the secretary Mattis is has until February to come up with a plan how to how to do just sat how to you. To handle that community that is currently serving. I reckon Alley over to you on this because what struck me about that statement that they just mentioned from general had it was a line about how basically until then. Everything remains exactly the stay status quo. And that's something a lot of readers on the hill on both sides of the aisle. This really hasn't been an issue for them for a long time. When the Obama administration announced that it was changing the policy view. Allow transgender people to serve in the military. That was something that there were few people that expressing concerns about the effect on troop cohesion. But it wasn't me your lightning ball. Because frankly congress a lot of other major issues Q to worry about. The fact that general Mattis secretary that it is delaying the implementation for at least six months I think going to be met with. Not incredibly strong real. Responses from most members of congress they have. Folks like senator Tom cotton of Arkansas who has expressed great concern about this policy. But frankly congress just has a lot more on its plane I would say that in terms of the the war in Afghanistan. That is something that there's going to be a little more discussion folks like Senator John McCain senator Jeff flake Tim Kaine of Virginia. They want and new authorization. For the use of military force. That essentially. Allows congress to say they gave the blessing to be commander in chief to continue. He involvement there of American troops the Afghanistan war has continued to be authorized under. At this point. A UN maps are called better more than fifteen years old. And it's something that keeps coming up in congress it doesn't really have a fever pitch yet of support but it's never going to be something that's. Remains part of the conversation when congress comes. And on that I could jumping. The that the we need that this policy was obligated on the transgender man this is that we. This caught everybody off guard including I didn't know what's coming president felt woke up 1 morning about a month ago. Put this out there it said that there would be a ban on transgendered individuals soaring the military. You can't make policy this week and that that's where a secretary bats and others coming as they actually do what is on the ground that got to deal with the fact. That there were there are individuals who currently serving it's one thing to say we will recruit any further appointments in one allow medical expenses to be reversed. Well it's another thing to say we're have to go kick people out and that's where it comes what do comes down to end I think that the ways that it. Highlight a lot of the inconsistencies that are inherent of that policy and maybe soften it pretty considerably from the president's very clear statement in a tweet. Rick before that you going to get him one last thing here it feels like a very long time ago we are talking about the president potentially threatening a government shut down. Over funding for his border Wallace like news years away retrieve a longer I think congress ears and dog is now. If that still a possibility. It is according to him but I think there's little appetite for that on Capitol Hill I Alley knows this and talking to members and staffers. There are there's nobody that wanted to check on the governor over the border wall before. Perking Harvey it. After hurricane Harvey. The idea of a government shutdown is a horrible idea I think there's a consensus around that that you would do anything. To try to stand in the way back Ahmad Don Carlo I talked to a leading conservative yesterday the chairman of the house freedom caucus. He even wants. A clean so Paul clean spending public doesn't include. Border while funding put that fight off to another day I think that's one sense that that Harvey is sort of cool that. That that the sentiments around be confrontation on the border wall the president can still say it that's about earlier this week says he doesn't want it but he could still be there. But I don't think if you are on Capitol Hill even of any of Donald Trump's strongest allies will tell you yes it's worth shutting down the government and. And I would say that was the case even before Harvey this has never been something that any leadership. On any side wants you the statement let me coming out about the notion that it might shut down the government over over funding for the quarter ball. Have been met with the most they didn't diplomatic statements but they've been about as strongly as you can say. Heck no never happening as you could any congressional. Press conference on the heck no but at the reading between the lines there Alley wrote Wednesday Rick Klein and Stephanie around us thanks so much you guys a look at top.

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{"duration":"8:14","description":"The president and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis offer differing statements on North Korea and the military transgender ban.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"49523166","title":"Trump and Mattis seemingly at odds over North Korea and transgender military ban","url":"/Politics/video/trump-mattis-seemingly-odds-north-korea-transgender-military-49523166"}