Trump, May meet amid Brexit turmoil

The leaders highlighted the special relationship between Britain and the U.S. during a press conference, while protesters against Trump took to London's streets.
7:32 | 06/04/19

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Transcript for Trump, May meet amid Brexit turmoil
We begin with the day to the president trumps state visit in the UK while yesterday was pull up pageantry with the queen. Today is all about business with the president and prime minister Teresa may holding a joint news conference this morning so take a listen. Our special relationship is grounded in common history values customs culture language and loss. Our people believe in freedom and independence. As a sacred birthright and cherished inheritance worth defending. At any cost. As the president described it the greatest alliance the world has seen it is this deep special relationship and partnership between the United States and the United Kingdom. But in shoals I'll safety and security and the safety and security of others around the world to. I think is this relationship. That helps to ensure older adults the gym fully people here in the UK and in the United States but underpins our prosperity. And Dolph fuchsia. Fact is a relationship we should cherish it is a relationship we should build on it is a relationship. We shall be proto. Our and I wanna bring in Jordan Phelps who's in London and an also Ian panel outside of bucking ham palace. Jordan I'll start with you what stood out CU in this presser. He had that they'd take away. Here was that the two leaders really agreed to disagree they were both diplomatic they were both races at the end of the day don't have very diverging views on. Some key issues and decided to part ways at you know without. Much is up plus side the president and may most poignantly agree on Iran of course. You pay and still part of the Iran deal that the US has withdrawn from but may said there despite that both sides still have the same goal. I that was just one have a number of misuse of course that they spoke about some really the press conference with a demonstration. That. He few allies are as close as ever. I Ian I want to ask you about breasted because obviously. Prime minister Teresa may have stepped down and of wrecks ended come up during this press conference what was the conversation. Yes seems abraxis is pretty much hung over this trip right from the get go on the president's. Has not held back on his opinions all the decisions were taken he had she had said previously that he thought she could have been a better deal left to the U although. He was he medical session today that perhaps tourism I was about to negotiate in the knee but the truth is that she's been unable to Celebrex a deal that she got from Europe. To the British parliament's it's ultimately what's his. On Don. Leadership here in Britain this prime minister. By the end of the week she's gone. The president again slightly way did all this spending he said anything to controversial about Brett says he was asked whether should be called Breck says. In other words do we leave without a jail and not could be. Fettig disastrous for the economy some people think he could so he was asked about that he said look he thinks of Britain to go it alone it should be able to run its own affairs and that's something that the majority of people. We took part in the referendum also agree with senator ending the venting. Two controversial led the key thing. Was this issue of a trade deal and the president weighing in saying that the NHS will be on the table the NHS is the national health service in other words when brits get ill they go to the hospital they didn't get a bill. And having lived in America I know the health care is an expensive business. This is the real crown jewels the many brits and for the president to say that that would be on the table in any trade negotiation the prison desperately needs a trade deal with the United States. I think for many people fear that will be the key takeaways. And he and I just have to ask you what are the people's reaction to. The president forcefully injecting his opinion in some British politics. One look at me Elmo level no surprise that. Told trump could come to britney's gonna have some opinions on things he inserts himself into the business of who replaces two Reese of night. But he also had said something fairly similar before he once again. Went after the matter of London's to become. And they've been exchanging messages a home on twister in social media against each other. No real surprise is that you're glad secrets to that it went down to the protests walls. The purchase will much small of the many people have predicted. I think Britain is tired of protesting been protesting about wrecks it fourth and against it for a long time we just want to move on as a nation. And actually the majority of brits as polls indicates. Believe that this state visit should have gone ahead that recognize that we've got this situation we do need trade deal we do need the special relationship. Would you like the president's. All know it's. Irate and Jordan I wanna get an idea of what's on tap for the rest of the president's trip. Gallup just behind me the president just wrapped up touring the church tell war brands. I in this evening he won't reciprocate at last night's state they went with a US dinner held at the ambassador's residence at where health house. Prince Charles and his wife Kama. And try you extend the same side of hospitality that has been shown. The unites states throughout this trip. And then prime here heat tomorrow go supports net. Still here in England where hill participate in the US presidential pilgrimage. To Normandy ad which is of course the site of the I his respects to those who gave their lives sent me five years ago. In that effort that ultimately turned that high in the favor of allied forces in world war you tell. A lot more commemoration ceremony still the continent's trapped. And Ian before we go we saw some images of those protests the president said they weren't that big where they is bigger than anticipated. Yeah me is no accident there the president says that he hasn't seen any protest because they would deliberately kept away mean there's been a ring of steel around the present when the largest ever security operations. He was taken place. In London I'm we will walking down here towards Buckingham Palace a so couple of people were placards that protest is as a whole would not allowed to come here. There's no way they can get close enough for the president to hear that doesn't mean that the will and people ounce on the streets who would genuinely angry. Some of the policies and some of the statements of the president though out that outraged by what they see is his sexism. They accuse him of being racist. They don't like his policies on the environment there's some very strong opinions held certainly here in London which tends to be a little more of a liberal city. So no the president didn't hear them but yes they were taking place we have what we just sold to mex K go by Leah people are taking place says some people waving. In wasn't an angry environment. People don't like. The president's and they don't let the policies but that is just a specific number of people here in. All right Ian panel in Jordan Phelps thank you so much for joining us we appreciate that. And her usual London was a bit rainy today in at ten Downing Street resident cat lay airy perched himself underneath. Presidents from the limo as you see there to try and get some shelter called a lot of blasts and in this tweet from a sky news reporter. He said Larry that cat is trying to get in the beast. That can only ever in net badly let me tell you. Pretty funny.

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{"duration":"7:32","description":"The leaders highlighted the special relationship between Britain and the U.S. during a press conference, while protesters against Trump took to London's streets. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63480365","title":"Trump, May meet amid Brexit turmoil ","url":"/Politics/video/trump-meet-amid-brexit-turmoil-63480365"}