Trump meets with banking CEOs in White House

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump met with banking leaders at the White House to discuss a coronavirus stimulus plan.
4:08 | 03/11/20

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Transcript for Trump meets with banking CEOs in White House
We're discussing. The academy were discussing how it relates to jobs in all of the things that are happening right now with the with the virus that we've become so familiar with be making some decisions ever made some decisions actually today but up making some. Some other ones in a very important. And I thought I'd let the press and you hear some of the wisdom from the folks in the room and maybe Brian else you. Brian's Z chairman. He's and edit the yet Bank of America. I respected everybody in this room as it. A brilliant news thank you Mr. President thank you for bringing us together. It just CEOs of the large banks here once. There because of all the work done on. The capital liquidity and all the things as we look forward to the uncertainty due to the virus and oil. Price changes we're very strong cat fights we are in great position and liquidity capital strength the most importantly what do we do best which is helping our. Our teammates importantly it also are our clients are small business customers and insights business customers continue to have access to credit. All of us are providing relief any customer and as an issue of being out of work for the virus were. Things we've done in every natural disasters occurred in many years. And we tell you that. Up until. You know last couple weeks and actively been very strong unity is still strong we're still seeing people spend money would still be seen people go small business loans and continues to grow. Auto loans are growing mortgage mortgage loans are obviously very strong. But the real key is well capitalized greeted small businesses medium sized businesses more American economy run. And help our consumer clients really weathered the storm in cases that affect. Thank you much. To Qatar and stretches. I think it's important to read. Not a few things he wanted building off price that this is not a financial crisis. Banks and financial system are in sound shape and we are here. Part I think checking news when we located. What's going on. Many ways were. Calling it shuffle challenged the same time. We woke up or we went through Sunday it should control oil prices. We needed to deal with the up in the market opened on Monday including corona. Is front of mind for everybody not just here in the US and I think the market's going through a period of trying to get price discovery. And I think also. Trying to figure out what is your immediate and longer term health of the economy. I think what we saw some thoughts and fears on the back of those. And let's talk about potential recession. Those and I think the market's going through discovery finish really trying to figure out what earnings report to look like we're evaluation should be. I think the good news the more should performed in me for the lead with eight. The infrastructure that supports the markets I think it's held up. For some pretty please tell us that some strange along the way that I think it's it's held up well it's been. It's been orderly and has brought attention from the banking perspective we're gonna help want to provide liquidity what would force small businesses. We want to be supporting our pension funds. Thank you very much but let Karunaratne care prior to. Corona virus. Influence. It was just don't go with the numbers were fantastic and we don't even know what the deceived. The numbers from a week ago and from two years ago driven now we're hitting a patch and we're gonna have to do something with respect to. Getting this getting rid of this virus as quickly as us and as safely as possible number one and a born prayer is that helpful. The people of our country and us a little. Making most likely a statement I'll be making a statement later on tonight. As to what I've decided to. What our country will be do.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"On Wednesday, President Donald Trump met with banking leaders at the White House to discuss a coronavirus stimulus plan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"69542819","title":"Trump meets with banking CEOs in White House","url":"/Politics/video/trump-meets-banking-ceos-white-house-69542819"}