Trump mocks witness during his testimony

The president raised questions and accusations of dual loyalty about current service member Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman while testifying in the impeachment probe.
4:04 | 11/19/19

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Transcript for Trump mocks witness during his testimony
Alluded Jon Karl now who's been covering this from the White House perspective and John. The stakes are higher and we and we do see a change in strategy if you will from the white house of one appalled that tweet that you report on earlier. That killed from that the official White House. Count there are it's is Tim Morse and Alexander Vietnamese former boss testified in his deposition that yet concerned concerns about Benjamin's judgment. Then of course Tim Morse in the major Q will Alexander been immense boss and then also this moment at the White House today the president talking about. Lieutenant colonel Benjamin. I don't know I am. I don't know as he shows lieutenant Karen I understood so but he had the misfortune of calling him mr. and he corrected them. I never saw the man I understand though he wears his uniform when he goes in no I don't know been demand at all. All right John we we both recovering. President from long enough to know that that the president doesn't really say anything accidentally that he he clearly was trying to make a point about about lieutenant colonel been in and appear in uniform before congress. Day he was mocking him for insisting on being called lieutenant colonel mocking him for. For wearing his military uniform. And you mentioned that the tweet from the official White House Twitter accounts. Of raising questions about intimate than humans judgment. Others another war and Tom just a few minutes ago really. Caught my attention here. This was dance give you know of course as the man behind the president's Twitter account. He tweeted something that was reached weeded by the president. Saying quote lieutenant colonel veneman was offered the position of defense minister of Ukrainian government three times. And he says hash tag impeachment sham so here you have. The president's. Raising questions not just about. To judgment of somebody who works on his National Security Council. But suggesting that he isn't loyal suggesting there are dual dual loyalties that somehow he is tied to the government of Ukraine. Are really an extraordinary moment because again as we have pointed out. This is somebody. Who has worked on the National Security Council at the White House for more than a year and continues to do so if they truly. Did not believe that he had sound judgment or believed he had dual loyalty. You would think god that he would not work on the National Security Council at the White House aides essentially an employer said he got a tweet about one of their current employees and attacking that person in this case a former service member who works. On the national security staff current service members service member John and finally did there was also some tweets and some reaction from the trunk campaign. Throughout these proceedings earlier today. Yes that they were going through our point by point during the hearing very active rapid response. Operation something again that we haven't seen through the early part of this inquiry. Law largely you're some of the taking issue with the credibility of imminent but making. Some other points of substance one of the points that was made was on this question. Of the transcript of the of the second call between the president and present insulin ski of Ukraine Democrats have for some time made an issue of the fact that that. If that transcript was placed on a super secure a server they have been was asked about that he actually. Said he didn't see a problem with that that in the even. Wallet was on that super secure server that he had access to it. So that the Republicans have gone through on substance here and have found even in lieutenant colonel vehemence testimony. Points that they believe buttress their arguments against the impeachment process so it's pitcher sting Tom. They have pointed out aspects of the testimony they believe that helps them. Walt the same time raising credibility about the person giving that testimony and Lloyd C a the president responds the next two witnesses who Republicans have called Jon Karl thanks so much for that.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"The president raised questions and accusations of dual loyalty about current service member Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman while testifying in the impeachment probe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67141265","title":"Trump mocks witness during his testimony","url":"/Politics/video/trump-mocks-witness-testimony-67141265"}