Former Trump official says ‘not enough’ being done by government to slow COVID

ABC News Contributor Tom Bossert on COVID-19 response and the collaboration that must happen between the Trump administration and incoming Biden administration.
5:58 | 11/30/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former Trump official says ‘not enough’ being done by government to slow COVID
Doing this now is ABC news contributor and former trump Homeland Security advisor Tom sponsored thanks much for your time Tom we'll get to the transition in a moment but let's get back to the pandemic first you initially expressed your concern back in February with us about how bad things can get nine months later the pandemic it cheers me worse than ever in many parts of the country a pandemic a record one point two million travelers pastor TSA checkpoints just yesterday that was such despite warnings by officials to stay at home how concerned are you now about the surge that we may see in the next few weeks. You know Lindsay we're right back to where we started the whole objective was to buy time until we got the pharmaceutical solution. And in that time to China keeps him out of sickness below the health care system's capacity to handle. Tomorrow we're seeing is that we have failed to do that in at least thirty different states. And of course it looks like more so the health care system breaks and when that happens you don't just have. Covered patients being treated by. Ill equipped facilities in and physicians but you have others going untreated and so we are at that line that we try to flatten their curves beneath from the house. And today White House hosted an indoor holiday party this is precisely the type of gathering a CDC officials are discouraging Americans from having this holiday season in years you desist apart undermine messaging from public health officials to stay at home. Yet you know it not only does. The think about this at a personal level it really makes it harder for those of us trying to convince Shanley and our friends and our friends families. That these types of things temptations. To be sure what going to holiday parties Thanksgiving dinner just behind us and Christmas gatherings in front of us. Are really things to be reconsidered. This is a real problem with this virus. We're we're not change its human beings to think of our friends and families. As people that might be dangerous to us so we have a hard time wrap your mind around it I'd prefer to see our public leaders making a different decision year and setting a better example. The inauguration just 51 days away until Linda trump administration is in charge of pandemic response while the administration has town of vaccine successes. Do you think that enough is being done right now to prevent this pandemic from getting even worse before Biden takes over. No not the federal level at all effective thing to me people around this president perhaps even this president. Have subscribed to this Great Barrington declaration notion that we simply keep the disease away from the vulnerable well that's not working out very well for us. In fact we're seeing in nursing home facilities and long term care facilities all across the country that the amount of virus in the community makes that impossible. So the idea of doing these things to allow half the country back to work in the other have to somehow magically stay away from the other star really just. Not a plan at all so. There are appropriate steps being taken at state local levels. But I don't see a uniform approach or a coordinated once supported by federal authorities yet at this late stage. And the president had said before the election that the military can help distribute the vaccine in your mind is a military have an important part to play in vaccine distribution. Well the president's right on that I think the military is an important part to play I think they have a lot of inherent skills and experience in logistics management of the scale and remember the military also partners with and works closely with private logistics. Support companies like FedEx and UPS and other so I think that they'll bring their expertise to bear here a life saving way in this regard the president on and on pharmaceuticals and on distribution vaccines. Not really does have a good plan. And Tommy of course worked in the trunk administration collaborated on the transition with a Obama officials what types of conversations. And lieutenant planning should be taking place right now with regard to comment. You know I did it with the Obama team in both incoming and outgoing rolls right on transition from bush to Obama and then come back from Obama's trumped. And what I salt we're too well trained well organized. Well led transition efforts recognized beyond just the candidate and that outgoing president. All of their cabinet members and supporters supporting staff. Need to be brought up to speed and that's the hard part so we see PDB briefings and intelligence briefings and at a very senior level. But really for a president to govern. Key has to have. Our eventually one day should be a whole the whole set of 7000 appointees ready to help pick up the responsibilities of running all the apparatus who. And president elect Biden received his first intelligence briefing today 23 days after the election and they're real national security concerns with this cabin and must happen in the Biden transition as a whole make up from his last time. You know I don't want to overreact too much about this gap we've seen this before. But it's an important time we've seen our enemies try to exploit this student can transition in operational responsibility before. And the exploitation doesn't just happen during this transition period. To the left so to speak of on our real day it also let me continues. For the first months and even the first year of a new presidency. And so I think it's hard for me to say whether enough is being done the incoming team is is very experienced they've all worked in these. Rolls and departments and agencies in the past. But I would say that it's important to get moving. Because as we all know intelligence failures come right now. And they turn around to bite us in the next six months or years now eleven in the not a living commission really. Highlighted that but in my experience. There are things that people need to see on and on a daily basis but really never even make it to the president president elect the faster those people can be nominated and confirmed the better. Hamas her thanks as always for your insight we appreciate it. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"ABC News Contributor Tom Bossert on COVID-19 response and the collaboration that must happen between the Trump administration and incoming Biden administration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74472030","title":"Former Trump official says ‘not enough’ being done by government to slow COVID","url":"/Politics/video/trump-official-government-slow-covid-74472030"}