Trump 'pleased that Democrats have come to their senses' on shutdown

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders released a statement from President Trump and took questions at the daily briefing.
14:48 | 01/22/18

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Transcript for Trump 'pleased that Democrats have come to their senses' on shutdown
I they're welcome to the briefing room shut down wind down edition. Funny to see his little rhetoric flying to invite John to answers here have our correspondents around Washington your tracking a busy day. That's all the crisis. Here's what this is the shutdown that we can repair what exactly. Was the reason for the shutdown in the super quick this happened late Friday nine a long weekend a lot of chaos up on Capitol Hill. And suddenly now they have a DL. And it looks like Rick immersing this earlier we need be back here and a couple weeks. Yeah in distant seventeen days so does that with a walk people through that this buys about three weeks time of government funding. You know it extends Children's Health Insurance Program weekly but six years right that gets that off the table that's one piece here. Andy is all based on that the promise that the senate will take immigration legislation up next. Out what that looks like no idea nobody knows it's going to be seventeen days of kind of crazy negotiations with a lot. On the line up including that the status of the dreamers the status of president trumps wall from the White House perspective today. They're clearly primed for victory lap they feel good about how this played with senator Schumer with Democrats having to come along. Yet totally I mean look this has been a long weekend for the White House be sore mark short legislative affairs director me Maldini the budget director cheapest at John Kelly. All ball on Capitol Hill did not seen much of president trump this weekend don't even today the victory lap as we were just talking about. A statement from the press pass got a tweet not seen him in person a little of that adding that you'll need is so quiet over the weekend to cut a couple of tweets the campaign at which we should talk about him but. But heat for the most part was letting others take the stage on yet so we spoke to a couple people over the weekend what they said to us is that cheapest that John Kelly. And other senior advisors to the president. Really convinced him let us take this fall we will tap you and when we need you and they did Adam get on the phone they had an engaging with different members of congress. But this was not a fight he felt he needed to lead it was mostly up on Capitol Hill. They need to be in there to help get it over the line. But not one that he need to fully remember also this has been going on for several weeks. We had that big open meeting in the cabinet room we don't look like they're getting along what you want we'll make a deal. Two S hole as we've often referred to it going completely south for the winter. It's been a long several weeks I think at that point he just what ever is to get a deal let's get it done in clearly for them they feel pretty good about it today. Yeah ice indeed the Republicans are a lot happier right now the Democrats will be some liberal groups are saying you sold out you got us nothing here and they're going to be back at the negotiating table in and a couple weeks and a lot of no votes from. Chuck Schumer Democrat yes including some by people rising Clouseau point one exactly of these a look at satellite guided and you look at that roll hall comment. I also pointed at the new ABC news Washington Post polling on this because I think it's instructive and understand it has been talking about. The democratic advantage and they are starting to open up quite a gap with Republicans. In terms of the what we call generic ballot would obviously use preferred Democrat or Republican we're seeing now a twelve point edge just in the basic. A generic ballot now actually expands a little bit when you get people who are more likely to vote we should say that some other polling that's outlast the police has a little bit narrower but clearly. As you start to is we turn out to the mid terms this is of the edge that that has to be on the White House as my W looking to shut down. I mean I think you have to look at what the White House has been doing that from the political operation right they've had a political shop it's been led by a guy named bill step in many people in the west wing not sure what exactly his role has been the completely realign that they have Johnny to Stefano who's been leading several the other divisions over there. Actually stepping in taking over and that shots probably going to be re tweet a lot we know that the RNC is already. Heavily involved watching races and the president has said that he wants to be out the air as many times as possible put me in coach already the play adding a C a lot of trump rallies. I'm getting really prepared to hear a lot of poverty gap coverage and Edison Lionel I don't argued that for two years picking Fred tenants but. I mean I think that you really going to have to see what the White House's role is the problem is that team that would be doing that not exactly in place. Yeah they're gonna have to work out some of that was to the Jordan Phelps over at the White House and I wanna. Tackle the the next issue wireless today which is the status of these doctor recipients. Sits in she referenced the negotiations that Doug stopped and started over the last couple of weeks. But they're really back at zero and is seen to be the White House a little uncomfortable. Answering our reporters' questions about what how. Happens to these dreamers if we get to the deadline of march 6 and they are due in the congress doesn't act will they ask to be deported SARS Sanders didn't really wanna say what's gonna happen to him. Yeah I and you can see there's a lot of discomfort in aaron's you mentioned record at talking about this topic she. Was pressed on whether the president would like to see app path to citizenship parties. Young people of many at him obviously identify as Americans were brought to this country illegally by their parents as children. Sanders what do you say when it got so pars to say that they indeed want at pathway to citizenship. But the president does want a permanent solution but again. You know we're kind of back at square one here now and that we. There's not really a clear path forward on I'm on what this White House wanting and how they see this deal going down. But here is clear though one thing that we knew we were actually. Watching. This play out over the last several weeks this was not the issue the president wanted to deal would mean very quickly he wanted to kick this up to Capitol Hill. And it's hard for him because daka is an issue where the president you know has his personal opinions but. Also a little bit of what he ran on has the party base so. Does he get into that to keep the base happy or does he's the true to himself other people around him we know that bonkers from was lobbying Ahmard on this. This was not a ball they wanted to touch but like everything else and back up at the White House and a lot talk about the staff role in all of this Miller among others John Kelly his full steam ahead and you know as though the lightning rod no longer there but still. It's the orbit around the president that is so much influence on these key issue. Is speaking of this in Jordan we want we want to play this is a came up in the briefing a little bit Jon Karl asked about the messaging for the White House have to work with Democrats. This ad that came out over the weekend I mean we are. We're immune so a lot of the things in the rough and tumble politics but this is a brutal lab and it says at the end something pretty important to take a look. It's. The news that's illegal immigrant Luis brought commodities charged with murdering two police officers please. President trump his right doable wall deport criminals stop illegal immigration now. Democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants president try we'll fix our border and keep our families safe. I'm Donald Trump and this message. You know I have to tell you item as you stated certain things that you just not surprised anymore into that one got me I don't is that that's listen. The wall has been his key focus since day one I mean literally out of the gate golden escalator right here we go but. Tit think that they would go that far with a campaign ad. I mean she would have to wonder again we talk often about you know who's steering this ship who's the folks running the campaign. I'd be curious to know who made that decision number one and number two if the president as Jon Karl and others were alluding to if he knew it complicit. In murder and that is that's exactly it Jordan I thought that was pretty extraordinary Sarasota didn't wanna answer to the president involved and that's is voice at the end to him it is his. Official campaign reelection committee. I don't know how they can put any daylight between the president. And that message that was a liver that sparkling. I mean you got it right there rate the president signs off on the campaign ad at the end sell the White House can try all they want to distance themselves from this act you know Sarah standards. Saying this isn't something she wouldn't be involved in or now about. Clearly the president. I played some role in this is his reelection campaign so there is no way to really distance ten. Front hat and can you even heard Sarah seniors go so far. In that briefing as to say that you know people who do stand in the way at making major changes to immigration reform. I see border security city's major priorities of this White House. Are contributing to future incidents she obviously didn't go so as far as to say murder. But there ways you know I at the implication there that theater is not coming right out and supporting it but not really refuting it I garden. What do you guys think this seventeen days looks like I mean we get to see John since it you re gonna see the president. Take a backseat we're gonna have more of those open negotiating sessions where he's out there free Wheeling and dealing with everything that got this deadline now for the senate appears to have set whatever happens in the house. How active do you think president felt like presidency are saying club my crystal AL and predict what our travel and play Taylor when your wrong about our great great. So I'm and of our record on the you know who knows I mean I think that you have to look at this president so he had a long weekend here he stuck here. He wanted to go to Florida he had the fund raiser down there really does not like being in Washington cooped up at the White House but he's here but it worked. That's right time right now it it goes longer and they can't get traction they can't move towards a deal. He's going to get so frustrated. You think your phone hasn't let up the last few days. Told them he had made up for I think he really just have to we can see. How it all plays out here but he'd its long frustrating he doesn't see progress and he's up that late night watching cable news game over twin around. In my mind the senate can operate without him as they did in negotiating the end stages of this to get the the lights back on. The house cannot because if the house takes this on its own. Then they are gonna take it in a much more conservative direction a direction of the senate isn't isn't likely to do it. Unless he steps in some way you're not a get a majority of Republicans on board for at a solution on immigration without the president as he said taking the right a couple of weeks ago. I never sang and then in the dates that look. He knows had to be put in her room and negotiate people if he's put in that capacity by 82 of the situation where he'll. Things are getting leaked out it's not working out those little things that throw the whole train off the tracks it's possible toward what do you think what we see in the next couple weeks. I mean look the presidents of prices this weekend by sticking to and that pretty quiet. I have role by really sitting on the sidelines and you hurt Chuck Schumer criticized some obviously for that but there's no disputing that the president. Public evil money here in the white house of course is playing this up. As a way and I sail it it'll be interesting to see whether we'll see that normal combative Tron networks so accustomed to you. Or it now he's warms to this new strategy. Of sitting back you know letting the other side sec kind of sweat it out and sat and bring us concessions that it worked for him this time. Acts out he may have gotten that the best of Chuck Schumer in this case because the president's talk he can make and cape once he can make him cave again look I think the president. Obviously wants a deal for that dreamers but I think it might actually. The easy Hearst backed by this White House that its safest for him to kind of sit back and let things kind of hash out because it it could be. Typical for the president to go out there for his base and say look I'm gonna make it DL two exchanged dreamers for the wall and yes summit for the visa lottery program so much for chain migration because that will very much to upset his base so if you say on the sidelines for around comes and at the end you know he might actually be able TO. To get the deal he wants. I without making it look like he's abandoning his face. And we know he's likely have a long plane trip we hear from the White House the double strip appears he got on with with that the shut down being winding down in it as the hours he'll buy that vice president pants also had a really interest things a couple of days right now he's in the Middle East he's been getting your fault. From some other world leaders about the decision by. President trump to announce that the embassy. That the US embassy was moving to Jerusalem at some point in the near future and take a look what happened on the floor of The Knesset the Israeli parliament. What a wild scene those are actual members of the Israeli part of parliament were dragged off by security because of these raucous. Interruptions they were Palestinian members of the can asset. You see some of the Israelis were applauding vice president has but that is something else to see that kind of low back in president made an announcement about 63 weeks ago. And we haven't see it implemented yet but I finally they expected this to take over this agenda as much as. Had no I mean I think that everyone. Didn't really know a at this announcement is coming here remember when the president announced it it was very much. On expected but not expected at the speed at which became number one number two this is a trip to the vice president's heard he had delay for other issues happening here in Washington. So we need tensions were high there we knew that there were some securities concerns for him going to the area but the fact that he said again before the end of next year that embassy is moving. I mean sticking to his gun sticking to the residents guns mean really not backing down here. One bit. Get yours at the right about that all right let's bring things. In for a landing here Jordan would you learn today final thoughts. I legal and that the president got his way once again this is it this is a win for this White House it is they end up. Or not I this it's Chuck Schumer hill he backs down in this case I and and it was he added. For me I asked its wasn't what I learned didn't more of what I'm looking to see have a white from the vice president going forward. And what strategy he's gonna take going into these negotiations at that it's a fascinating new strategy from this White House and and and it worked for them once we'll see the works again. Doesn't it I learned the graphics department guys are we making the seventeen days and counting clock so at what rate go up special edition of the briefing era thinking like lights and sirens let's. Not I think really the next seventeen news in the real interest thing because honesty I think we're bacteria yeah its interest seems like I say that a a shut down that's really not about anything major. Accomplishes just about nothing when you when you ended. And were to write it is going to be a Groundhog Day feels that's actually witness the span covers Groundhog Day itself they have better which give Bill Murray cookies. Keep that in mind always uplink the baton on out of all right big night tonight at world news tonight are our anchor David David Muir is going to be. A right here in Washington DC to cover every angle of the shut down that is no longer. But if you shut down and in in the hours to come don't forget to download the ABC news out for Jordan felt Johnson Tucci on recline thanks for Watson will be here next time right here on the briefing room.

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