Trump praises Rep. Jeff Van Drew for leaving Democrats

President Donald Trump campaigned for recent party-switcher Rep. Jeff Van Drew at a rally in New Jersey.
3:36 | 01/29/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump praises Rep. Jeff Van Drew for leaving Democrats
And the Republican Party is doing great. We are privileged to be joined tonight by a courageous leader who left the Democrat party because he is having. Out of their extreme. I doubt of this goes. Adding out of there vial hoaxes and scams. He's had enough. I'll take him millions of rain it is about doing it I'm not doing it it's a hoax it's is Stan I'm not doing it. And we called them you know you're not kinda guy that's go up and it didn't take much because he believes like we do we are truly honored. To be here with the newest Republican member of the House of Representatives. You're a great congressman. Jeb band room. Okay. A and I have to tell you. A few weeks ago Jeff was one of the few brave and principled Democrat lawmakers. Affairs and after him wrong. Who stood up to the house Democrats in the outrageous abuse of power that you see going on right now they can't win an election. So they're trying to steal that election it's not happening states that. Big. You have. Had the guts to divide the left wing fanatics and his own party and his stand alone. In defense of our constitution. Our freedom and democracy itself and I just want to. The I've got Danone really well the last couple of weeks he's a great guy he's a great guy here's our bad news. He supports lower taxes now. They want to raise your taxes. Network yet get elected with that. Less regulation. A strong national defense he loves our military loves our vets and police and he estate tireless champion for the state of New Jersey. He loves your second amended which is under. Yep it's an honor to be would you please. How about how. Even the president right here in south. Aaron that the folks in the can make more noise and more applause than anywhere in the world solo didn't want more time. I. The White House. With the president. He asked how he could help. I did you come down south third and have a rally. Without even hesitating. Our president said yes and he and hear a man who kept his word. A to ensure that the eyes of the world Boehner on south Jersey and old lives.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"President Donald Trump campaigned for recent party-switcher Rep. Jeff Van Drew at a rally in New Jersey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68600452","title":"Trump praises Rep. Jeff Van Drew for leaving Democrats","url":"/Politics/video/trump-praises-rep-jeff-van-drew-leaving-democrats-68600452"}