Trump praises tax cuts, says Kelly doing 'a terrific job'

Trump campaigned for Rick Saccone and toured the H&K Equipment factory outside of Pittsburgh.
11:59 | 01/18/18

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Transcript for Trump praises tax cuts, says Kelly doing 'a terrific job'
They see president's hand shaking hands up onstage after delivering remarks at its manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania. Patting of course the great successes he says the company be sorry the economy has seen so far as a result. A tax reform plan of course pushed through at the end of 2017 giving the president one. Big legislative win a major legislative victory. Just before the end of the calendar he air. And president come preparing their course next to his daughter Yvonne who also got up on stage and talked about some of the effort she fought for in that tax reform plan that is a lot going on back in Washington president time is gonna return to. In jest a little bit hey everyone I'm on in the five's joining me in Washington DC at the White House north line Katherine falters is there an over on Capitol Hill. Alley Rogan joins us as well Alley I wanna start with you because as you mentioned there's some turmoil in Washington currently unfolding. The president didn't talk about it there but yet again we are. Hours away from a potential government shut down what is the latest. Yeah I'm that we are staring a government shutdown in the face it's less than 24 hours. From now so everyone is sort of waiting and tender hooks to see how house and senate respond. Insert this morning when president trumped tweak it. Sort of mixed message in terms. A bill that had been considered in both houses a short term measure to fund the government for. Only one month so they can get over the hump and in that time work on some of the larger issues he tweeted today. That he didn't want to long term. Funding. Children's health insurance plan attached to the short term spending bill which is exactly what house Republicans had been off right. That's spent everybody appear on Capitol Hill into a bit but still spent. Trying to figure out what exactly he wants now the question is even if this count passes the house which it looks like it might. What happens when it gets to the senate the votes aren't there Republicans need bunch of Democrats. To vote through any short term spending bill and it's not looking like they have those votes now so we're calling wait and see mode. But it's not looking good in terms of keeping as government open past midnight tomorrow. To Catherine. I'd jumping here because we saw. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell yesterday basically saying we're waiting to see what the president wants to see happen and then we can move forward. With this bell we saw the president at valley mentioned. Say that he doesn't recline the Children's Health Insurance Program to be part of a short term funding solution than a spokesman came out later and said no forget fat. We're cool with the planned their Republicans have so that the president the whole looking. We've had a a lot of conflicting positions obviously throughout the bandits and I think. Al we waited out really well but when you talk about what the president wants here you know he's answering directly whether. They think that there's going to be a shutdown are not in some White House officials here are saying you know there's there could be a 50% chance that there isn't shut down that's a huge percentage and I think. With the White House is doing now with the president is doing is framing this now if there's a government shutdown. As the fault of the Democrats that it's because they did and get on board. That this is why the government shuts out because they couldn't come to an agreement because they are not putting on priorities of funding the government. First they say this is plain and simple easy but the reality is that it's the Republicans to that the White House seats ahead on board and as Alli was saying sent. Republicans on capitol and onto a total flooring to figure out exactly. What this White House and then and what the president trumps message was here so. You know right now they don't seem particularly confident but really Ari gearing up for. When there's a shut down that it will be all the fault of the Democrats at least that's what the White House that's a mesa Alley help us understand here now this chip program that tolerance. Health insurance program is what we've heard about a lot the other issue it on which it looks like Democrats have really dug in. He's the future of daka recipients the deferred action for childhood arrivals program recipients is there any chance that -- becomes part of what ever bill they end up moving. Boy. I'm as long as Republicans control the house and senate which they duke. There's not going to be any attachment to this. Short term spending bill on anything related to immigration. The sides and there are many and they can't seem to get to a deal you've got immigration hardliners. Who want weighing more than what a bipartisan plan has already offered. You have those centrists in the middle and then you have liberals who still say they want. Nothing short. Of a pathway to citizenship so in terms of getting something on doc in the next couple days that's looking. Less and less likely what is more likely is a there's going to be some period. In which that is central functions of the government only continue in the rest of the government shuts down. And then. We don't really know where it goes from mayor we don't know what is going to be then the impetus for. Them to get back to the table and start. Talking what some folks have been talking about appeared just in the past couple hours has been a very very short funding build just one or two days. To bridge the gap for Democrats Republicans to come together and work out some of these bigger issues but. There are just still so many questions up in the air as Catherine mentioned. It's not clear though all Republicans in the senate will be in favor of such a short term bill they want number one a longer term budget. Because they argued that that helps of the military more. And then on the democratic side you have folks who are still saying. We are not going to vote for anything you bring to last unless you include something on doc and as I mentioned on the that's just not going to happen. To Catherine. I think a lot of people watch this unfolding and are just sort of amazed that this is now the routine way that legislators seemed to do this every time. He comes up but I want to ask you about the president here because he's expressed some very specific views on government shutdowns. In the past in years past before he was an elected office or even a candidate he's talked about a government shutdown as. As something that the Republicans in congress and should go for he praised speaker Boehner at the time. For standing firm and an approaching a government shut down haven't heard anything from the White House about how they're viewing that now. The out some interesting past comments from him where he said you know a government shutdown and he'd be a good thing but Cecilia they actually asked Sarah Sanders. About this yesterday in the briefing she mentioned the president's past tweets and said you know does he really think that this is a good thing here now a heater that. The president hasn't said that evenings a shutdown would be a good thing in this case that we how many you know. Said it would be not except for pulling the Democrats but they're sinners response that was that's never been a policy of this administration that's never been a position. On that we had to spy on those previous. Tweets that year and sent showing on the screen there that I meant just. From toy thirteen that I am that I'm seeing now you know he recently expressed the sentiment. You know as recently as a year ago so yet we purpose questions of the White House aides said you know that's ever been. A position on the of this of this current administration and that's really and not their belief now so we haven't heard those exact words that from them as it relates so this shut down. It's a capitalist dignity here on one thing there's some questions obviously about whether the president is on the same page and with his Republican leadership there's now questions as. I asked whether or not he's on the same page with his own. Chief of staff it is risen to that level where he felt the need to address it. This is a president just a little while ago in Pennsylvania we were touring that factory here's what he had to say. About general John Calley. Well you know it won't we have now. Together voice and everybody knows. I've been saying dad who are three years. And everybody does but wall has not necessarily what we have. Everybody understands. He's great I think he's doing great. You know he's done a really great. He has a very special. The lack. No he didn't say well I don't think. He didn't stay that way you would like send them. A piece of some context for those comments there. President tells was obviously asked about reports that general Don Kelly sat down with legislators and basically said. Previous stances by the president when it comes to immigration in the wall were uninformed that they had evolves over time and that there won't actually be. A physical wall in the way. It was promised Kathryn help me sort this out here where to things stand when it. Access. And these are some interesting tweets that clarifying tweaks the wake up to on the other where there's reports that. A general Kelley said and then an interview on yesterday he reiterated the same thing he said. A lot of these policy is specifically related to immigration and the wall you aren't fully formed during the campaign of president has gotten more information over the porous. Of his presidency and that's the point. I that he was trying to make that. I'm he doesn't believe there needs to be a law from sea to shining sea it. That these that these policies were a little uninformed and and on the funding of it which is that was a particularly interesting part of what Kelly said. He said you know that actually we're not gonna get funding directly am from. I Mexico's government now it could be through land visa fees are could be through the renegotiation of NAFTA so fast Kelly said yesterday and you saw the president take the Twitter. I am this morning and actually say you know my position ominous hasn't changed and and then you saw that clip from him there in the White House has said that actually TUN. Who are interpreting. Kelly's comments in this way actually that's not really what he's said. He and you know wasn't contradicting me at all. You know in fact that he is right and end there's been on some questions as to whether the president is upset about this the White House staff is upset about this and I was. The talk in a White House official earlier who it when I ask somebody suites this morning they set a peak. You know it the president was just eager to clarify more than anything house and I internally they want really surprised by Kelly's comments. I'm that they said that this that Kelly's comments were more about what president from more information that president from was getting over the course. Of this administration but common on paper their contradictory statements Kelly says that. His positions on immigration law have evolved president fronts of space comment. So cavities and the big question right general Don Kelly is meant to be the one in the White House who really helps to keep the trains running on time to keep the whole operation. On rails he controlled access. Two with the president is this a sign that there is a rift there with the man who is perhaps closest to the president in the White House and look I have to shore if it's eight clearest sign yet I think that a president from as we as we've seen before even with some speed ban and that he was. Really I'm sad and frustrated by these comments perhaps the tweets this morning would have been more harsh would've caught amount. I'm specifically by name but as folks like the tubby to in the White House are saying that you know the president took to Twitter to clarifying his position a little bit to double. Down on and that really that rift isn't there yet and then internally they all really understand what Kelly was trying to say and a it disappears the BM misinterpret patient now whether that develops. Down the road obviously. We will see it but right now at least the signs from inside the White House from the president from his Twitter account are there's not. Some internal war between the two of them. We go from outside the White House there Catherine father is the White House north line keeping an eye on the potential government shutdown Alley Rogen. Over on capitol Hal thanks guys get to talk to you. Thanks thanks to all of you for watching as well head over to Any time get the latest on all of these stories. And more and found that the ABC news that feel the breaking news headlines right to your phone for now I'm on an Abbas and I see back here soon.

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