Trump prepares for his 1st trip to Asia as president

National security adviser H.R. McMaster gave a rundown of Trump's itinerary at a White House press briefing.
18:47 | 11/02/17

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Transcript for Trump prepares for his 1st trip to Asia as president
Happy Thursday and welcome to the briefing room from ABC coming from the Washington bureau BBC news I'm John Sam teach you alongside our deputy political director Mary Alice parks. That was not we thought we get today and we only got a little preview the president's trip he's leaving tomorrow for ten days abroad heading to Asia multiple countries he's going eight. A lot happening in Washington today. But we start. I think added a taxi ride daily the president talking about immigration priority. And yet the focus from this White House really on what's coming. In the next few weeks now on a forward looking right now needed for the White House yet they've had a very tough week starting off with Monday. With those indictments of the president's former campaign chairman Paul metaphor he's on time associate Ricky. Another campaign volunteer he's the causing some problems for them a lot for us to dive into today on the briefing rumor pledge wrong what this will have most of our team. Joining us and a couple seconds but where else let's start first we did strip right and we're the president's going to be going over the next couple leads a very ambitious trip. We're this White House pretty similar way to how long they were on less time than he did the Middle East in Italy and Israel. That would he gold eagle creek park. He's out questions from reporters there about whether this would be a trip focused on trade orange human rights issues democracy. General I'm building of relations and goodwill between this White House and foreign leaders that's been a problem in the past but this White House. But you see sort of I'm a second Tate. At trying to reignite some positive relationships between president trump and some of these foreign dignitaries and listen right now this White House needs two don't put political muscle right and get out there and talk more about that trip that's really. Actually with the North Korea. I think that that's that's the most important thing he's sure you know from HR McMaster. National security advisor who is up the podium we thought we hear from Sarah that's OK we'll take him to you. He said the world is running at a time to address and deal with North Korea. Many expected her to go to can't go to eight region right now and not talk about that every single stop and I think a big part of why this is happening now. Might have such a show of force around the strip is to remind the world. That the president isn't taking any of the slightly. Brad and I think right now it it's going to be key to see how they feel this trip who's going to be going with him on there. That is going to be the most important thing we know that his secretary Nugent circuit treasuries actually staying back staying here working so is this. Top economic advisor Gary when he's daughter bonkers coming all the trip to combat all fighting. For tax reform let let's actually died in that though because we know that the name as those in pretty interesting we've learned from now until. I finally there's progress today that it has definitely don't let but let's talk first and I believe Mary Bruce our senior. Congressional correspondent join us in a couple minutes but I'm Paul Ryan speaker of the house he needs to get something done for president for. And he spoke earlier today about the tax reform plan it's not cut cut cut this is that tax. Cut and job. Rank their current crew. I did it with all that talk about the trip that wins people asked Paul Ryan just last week about the fact that they really need all the messaging on 18. What are they worried president rates we didn't grow up any of peaking plant he joked well he's the president's going to be. In Asia next week and I think there's a little bit of truth to that that Republicans know that they need to basically ignore the house ideally if they want and who have to work together. And a lot of ways from there should behind me. You know was supposed to be kind of an easy political role who doesn't want more money partners Americans who doesn't want more money in their pockets. And so I'll only I. Barbara that scares the hell. I recommend that it doesn't carry that we have them and I don't quite oh yeah. Let's join John John Karr in our keeping White House correspondent who's over 16100 John. Final briefing from the White House before they go on that in all ambitious trip. What stood out its labor HR McMaster and we have not. Seen him out there for quite some time really a full case I'm previewing this trip as this White House is trying to. Get control of pretty rocky week for them. I yeah I mean reversed vaults are reminded that he's got this picture I don't know if you've heard this put I think that was I think the third or fourth. It's briefing I've heard that this is going to be the longest trip of a US president to Asia. It's 45 years. I don't know what to make of that but they're very proud of that fact that it is going to be a long trip the president. Visiting five countries you know he's going to be over there for for for nearly two weeks. His longest foreign trip. And know that it is reminder that with all of this been going on the Muller indictments. The of the release of of the of of of the tax bill with all of the swirl. Of love both what the trying to do in terms of domestic policy and controversy. That they've got a huge trip Adam. And what I took away from that briefing with a masters is what we knew who is. North Korea's front and center actually from center and he said something that was very actor's thing in my. Colleague Major Garrett picked up on hidden and asked him about it. Is you know time is running out when it comes to North Korea I still even after majors follow up question don't know. What that means does that mean time is running out we're nearing the point of you either military conflict or full acceptance of the fact that North Korea's got a a nuclear weapon that can be delivered. Via Intercontinental bourse ballistic missile I don't know what let's kind of an ominous phrase time is running out. Yeah and John I don't know about for you but for me it kind of brought me back to the president's fire and fury or Marx right that that was the last time. There that we felt a ratchet up. Dialogue coming at a the president warning one from his administration. That's today to your point. And I mean you know where do we stand at the moment we really haven't heard a lot about North Korea in the last couple weeks it's sort of in that. Simmering situation we know with bear. But there's not a lot happening at the moment and maybe it's something we don't know. Well. There is. Some serious stepped up diplomatic activity. But by which I mean not. Anything approaching negotiations with the north Koreans. But there is this effort to get our allies. To take a tougher line and North Korea and not an animal talking about China here and I wouldn't call China a US ally I'm talking about. Things that we have seen in in the past several weeks countries like the UA he won in a props are you know one of our most important allies in the Middle East. Roll out its or or or recall. Its ambassador. Two two to North Korea by the way and ambassador in the case of the UA that wasn't actually based in Pyongyang. But was basting in Beijing. The the battalions. Have app recalled. We called thereabouts received an effort to try to get. Our allies to clamp down both diplomatically and economically. On the north Koreans. But look. What what I have seen and I've had several Bob briefings on this subject over the last couple of months. Is is this that what we're seeing what North Korea is not only. A serious advancement of their ballistic program and in their nuclear program. But this is not the same North Korea. That George W. Bush even what was up against the wearer you know a country it was incredibly. Backward economically. The B this is this is a current it has advanced significantly in terms of its technology. Not only it not just its weapons technology so something is getting through all these vaulted sanctions. That have been in place for so long and you know always get tightened every time there's there's an incident. Have not really had an effect on that country. Jon Karl the White House thank you we know you're getting ready for that big trip thing will be watched you every step of the way and in and enjoy. But times change John the other Scalia on pre opening and of the work were very much forward to that. But I'm flying out I'm flying out tomorrow at noon it's it's just a little fifteen hour flight. No definitely I'll just has pledged. Does push the bad backing you'll be good to go Jon Carl saying by the way John. Yeah I'm told I'm told that there is no Wi-Fi there's no Internet servers at all flattened tire fifteen hours of don't even RI anything attack. I'll still attends that ever the last Jon Karl look at our thank you very much in Europe during this is the briefing her money BC I'm Johnson Tucci. Somehow we went from two to four we just multiplied over here I'm joined by our deputy political director Mary Alice parks White House correspondents are pulmonary. Just an official like crash that are very exotic what we're gonna get you to second but we also have our senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce on capitol and Mary. The attentions coming up there again because the tax the hell we got a name we got a bill Paul Ryan's out there this morning. These are gonna pass by Thanksgiving Terry. Yeah happy tax day guys it passed by Thanksgiving while that's the big question that your house Republicans certainly are optimistic look really big day for them that this something they have been planning or album Barry longtime agency the smile plastered across. Paul Ryan's faith today. Just ten working days left it they want to get this done by Thanksgiving it's part of the reason we've seen so much last. Minute scrambling in negotiating to trying to work out a lot of these. The bill became public because they're hoping that kind of push this through what the calendar on their side in the faster they tried it at the last time for objections. Both from outside groups as well as from members of their own party and the other side of the I'll. Oh Republicans are optimistic that this is doable now that said some other Republicans that I've talked with are not as optimistic shall we say there is still a lot. To dig through in this bill it's 429. Pages. I don't know about you guys I don't know if I can handle but that just a little light weekend reading for all of us but our members want enough time to digest this but they also more importantly. Really really really want a political wing here so and they're open they can get back on and the next week maybe even before and I'll get back at the. May be anything's possible all right Mary in a bit but on that point oh let's bring our White House correspondent Tara pulmonary because. They need a win here for something the White House has been pushing for this you had some excellent reporting yesterday about the fact that they are struggling to even get it mean for this bill little details. We got a name. Ain't the cut cut cut bill as your reported but didn't even expect that to happen. You have to act as a loss for trying to pressure. Can't there there's obviously an ideological difference between what though White House wants witches. A political win for trump space and what the hell wants which is 88 revenue neutral tax. Plant which is going be really difficult time it's gonna sell cuts cuts cuts he does not care about reform in the same way. That Paul Ryan who has been waiting you know twenty years for this moment. He tried to think you know how to spell and the branding and that is there a difference between the two sides of that Pennsylvania Avenue and I think he'll CE. Hopefully. You know something in between Anthony and they consult the American people. And passed through congress and Mary Alice coming in this week though many did seem like Republicans are playing from behind I mean he should have been. There's always turn to C issued through an easy political sell who doesn't want to give the average American more money in their pocket. But their headlines got convoluted but all this. Talk of and the longer fighting the year conversations and fine print they hadn't agreed on yet. And we know that some of these big giant sweeping slash cuts slashed cuts and every dot com. Two corporate tax rate are really unpopular in polling shows the most Americans think that corporations pay. Too little in taxes not too much and so eat is gonna continue to be just a hard political sell for Republicans. Even on something gritty feel like this is a must win for them. Yeah and then and clearly the president is gonna do all he Kenny kicked several people off Air Force One to the next couple days. Keeping them here is going on that bill trying to get something the past. Is going to be a wait and see for that why would you want to switch gears though because we do just official here with us. As we mentioned as we talked about earlier Mary Alice the week coming got railroaded by Monday. Lately with it these two members four members of the president's campaign getting indicted and other member pleading guilty to lying to federal authorities. And now this issue here about this senior White House advisor Sam Clovis who's on the campaign. At and the fact that heat. Met with the grand jury of another reporting Evelyn so. This information out on Monday it these documents from all these unidentified officials in them that public campaign supervisor who George pop office was talking to George pop adopt less. Has pled guilty to lying to investigators so we were all sitting they're searching through the think who are these unnamed people Wright who is the campaign supervisor. Who was encouraging him encouraging pop a topless to take this trip to Russia. Well it turns out that's Sam Clovis. Sam Clovis. Is unique because he's the only one in those documents who is still connected to the trump administration manner toward those other guys at all bail long time ago so. And going to ask he's answer any can't others he's the only person right Rick gave. And so and a little porky because. Clovis had this nomination to be top job Agriculture Department today we learned. He's failing on act. Clearly the White House is this guy has toxic. All the different undercut that message to I mean there's Aniston pregnant at the podium there on Monday and it's he's inching to every question every single question turns. It's just re not friends not by saying this is not right is that the campaign these are people that are associated with ethnicity to do it ethicists and that's Iran not seen this so that makes this economic. Today so different yeah I know it it's going to be some in watch and we know also. That we have some video we political earlier that Paul Mann a port president's former campaign chairman arrived to court Rick gates insurers as a rights has been on the air it's their first appearance they are going right now arguing over bail. They had been on house arrest metaphor is out on a ten million dollar bond each on five. A lot of C charges against them and the and the fact he really remains here terror that the White House took a victory lap. On their charges because nothing mention a rush inclusion in there and nothing mentioned with the words Donald. Right exactly but and they are wary you know given the once you've times it happened not bliss who clearly was eight campaign advisor who trumpet pictures with. Time and some that he called act excellence exactly so this is very close to home and also he was being managed by the attorney general Jeff Sessions and it's his calling to question some of his testimony from earlier when he said that. I never had any talks of ration with anyone on the campaign. Clearly didn't even if it was to shut down the idea that pop adopt believes would go to Russia has been reported this week. Amnesty this investigation marina just him because sessions is accused himself it's all being run by Hideki hero grows and Stein and Bob Mueller. It completely separated here from sessions in his or right. And I think Bob Mueller will he laugh and he's obviously what we learned this week is he doing furious investigation is no more questions about that. People are being indicted people are plead guilty we will try and keep them around and one of the big things you're seeing is this talking point coming from trump and his allies. Uranium one uranium and what is that. That is their way of saying Clinton had that Nielsen. And and we should look at that and because guess what Mueller was the FBI director at the time. And so therefore. He's got some conflict of interest and then look forefront of content and say well there is. Why on firing Mueller went adding that the strategy is that tragedy what they're they're setting up here if I agree that analysis that is that the that the president has been told by his lawyers do not need anything related to I'll just say tweet about it Steve very far away of that thing you've ever look at that will be watched and we know you'll be there this. That's a nice little visit he just looks at is that some work to do all we do want to mention also that you know Tuesday night. It is an election night it's. May need election night you know not not not a big national race. But outlined key races that were all going to be watching I know that you you in the political team here to sort of been. Digging in the hot ones who are going to be watch it. Me here Virginia voter here at like the new governor and we're watching races across the country but you're right there are few that are gonna have an out we'd important six specially that Virginia's governor's race. This is really getting a lot of national attention people want to know if the Democrats there can sort of capitalize on. It's an anti trump sentiment. Outside groups pouring hot money and so if he doesn't win I think that'll be a story to he's up slightly in the poles and only watching really closely also obviously. Voters going to the polls in New Jersey Nevada all across the country so we're going to be covering here in this newsroom all across the board it's going to be fun night. It's funny Tarrant of the big points the White House though is that you know we've had these many special election nights if you will this is the first election night that will be a referendum on the president. Absolutely and they felt that way for all of the special election that's why he's out with Blu-ray mores walk where we're at noon start Mac. After his big win and you know big Luther went down so this is Vinnie really you know stressful hybrid trump because he's going so aggressively a lot of controversial directions. And he has to seat do the American people. Agree with mean or do they want a more status quo approach and we'll see a lot of candidates and see who trump and putting his weight behind it gets really made that clear yet either now he's in pretty quiet he got a little. I think me intentionally a little bit cover when it comes averaging and not she's choosing not to go camp and means that their candidate is apparently he gets looked a little bit. Sheila yeah. Friendly. Backing off it Tuesday night we're going to be with you here on ABC should download. You should hurry happen at this point guys come on the ABC news apple always on your iPhone Smartphone android all those good things and of course will be here on Bring you all the latest on election night Tuesday night will be on the air. You don't want to miss it that's it for the briefing room thanks to Mary Alice parks and DR Paul Mary and. All the little visitors we had today. I'm John San Suu Kyi have a great weekend.

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