Trump preparing to deliver State of the Union

Donald Trump will be the second president to give the address under the cloud of impeachment, but the first to do so while facing reelection.
2:37 | 02/05/20

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Transcript for Trump preparing to deliver State of the Union
President trump is preparing to deliver his State of the Union Address to congress. He'll be the second president to give the address under the cloud of impeachment but the first do so while facing reelection. So what will the president's message be and will he mention impeachment. ABC news chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl has the very latest. From Washington. On the eve of his certain acquittal in the senate. White House officials say president trump won't talk much if at all about impeachment tonight one democratic senator says that's fine with him. Some kind of victory left. Impeachment don't think that. Sunday. Democrats failed to get a single Republican in the house for the senate to support impeachment or removal. Although some condemned the president's actions. It was wrong for president transaction mentioned former Vice President Biden on that final column. And it was wrong for him to ask a foreign country to investigate. A political rightful. Speaker of the house pull Los you'll be standing right behind the president just as she was last year. The two leaders have not spoken since speaker Pelosi stood up and walked out of a meeting at the White House in October. And Jon Karl joins us now from the white house with more John you cities not to talk about the impeachment what what can we expect. From the president as far as message and tone tonight. The White House officials tell me Lindsay that he's gonna have a positive and optimistic tone of these going to be forward. Looking. That this is about setting the tone for his re election. Touting the successes of his administration the economy the trade deal with Mexico and Canada there was signs or being in January. His you're taking out of costs and solemn Lawny the idea Ronnie and not a leader did it it's gonna be about his accomplishments but. I gotta tell you it is hard to imagine that the president won't be tempted to say at least something. About this impeachment process one that is clearly bothered him. Lindsay and one in which he expects full what he won't declare full vindication tomorrow when the senate. Votes on that look a year acquittal or removal and obviously. It will be acquittal right a lot of people certainly listening to hear there's going to be kind of victory lap with him just maybe hours away from the from his certain acquittal thank you John Carl from the White House. And remember to keep it right here on ABC news live for full coverage of the state of the union and the democratic response it all starts. At 8 PM eastern.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Donald Trump will be the second president to give the address under the cloud of impeachment, but the first to do so while facing reelection.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68758862","title":"Trump preparing to deliver State of the Union","url":"/Politics/video/trump-preparing-deliver-state-union-68758862"}