Trump prioritizes peace in remarks with Palestinian Authority president

ABC News' Devin Dwyer and Karen Travers recap the President's remarks from Israel.
11:00 | 05/23/17

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Transcript for Trump prioritizes peace in remarks with Palestinian Authority president
A good morning everybody welcome to ABC news digital I'm Devin Dwyer. And I'm Karen Travers we're here in Jerusalem the president's second stop on this nine day. Five country tour no shortage of headlines seven. That's right the president just finished speaking he took the trip over to Bethlehem this morning. To meet with Mahmoud Abbas but the big. Item on his agenda the first thing he addressed was this terror attack apparent terror attack overnight. I'll pop in Manchester he had some pretty strong words for the perpetrators of the attack. He problem. Evil losers he used scored four times in just two sentences he said he would problem monsters but he now that the perpetrators of this attack would like. So he wasn't going to give them that honor and giving the network could not sure how they're distinguishes. It from. Monsters but that's the president's written words we actually got prepared remarks from the White House this doesn't the president writhing as we. This is what the president's statement implies that debt he then hit it to say that this is his message. For the last couple days of his trip the president giving a very big address in Riyadh on Sunday where the focus was on getting Muslim nations to cooperate and combat extremists. Stepped up their efforts in the fight against terrorism. We should note that right now the police have not said an identity of the attacker the president also did not indicate either way who could be but did say. The broader fight against bloodshed and violence is something that all nations need to start working. Yeah the president really acknowledged that this incident happened right in the middle of a trip it's all about fighting terrorism and extremism as a security. And what struck me here was not only the president's words were some words he who these people losers. But also what he sort of implied to prime minister Abbas he said it so fitting. Interest in he said that we are meeting on this morning which he called. A very horrible morning of death for innocent young people. Here in Israel. The threat of terror really looms large just yesterday when the checkpoints between. The west bank and and Israel there was a shooting potential attacker was shocked at this is a daily occurrence here in the presidents are giving not to that might have. The overnight attack in the UK. To really drive home the focus of this trip. It more needs to be done into the unity with Israel and Arab war. And the president after. His next stop in room to meet press conference at the Vatican will go on to a NATO summit in Brussels and in the G-7 summit in Italy where he's going to be meeting with world leaders no doubt keeping this message going liking notable. This is now being called. The worst loss of life in an attack in England since 2005 subway bombings that attack also happen. During a world leader summit the G-8 summit was taking place in Scotland at that time. Just I think notable that you're gonna have all these leaders together a chance for people to talk about these very pressing issues and certainly taking on more urgency in light of this attack. Meanwhile the bigger issue of Middle East peace would the president is called the ultimate deal. Has taken center stage here for the president's first official visit to Israel yesterday was all about visiting the sites the most sacred sites in Judaism and christianity meeting. Bibi Netanyahu today as we mentioned meeting with a box over Bethlehem to care talk livid about some of the images we've seen here in the significance of them. You see their front page news here president trump yesterday. I'm meeting visiting the western wall one of the holiest sites and Judaism. It's all over the front page scene is very symbolic. It was a mix of diplomacy. Culture and religion yesterday for president truck he had three separate photo opportunity with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They repeated much of the same thing we know where they stand on the issues right now they have a very warm relationship which they were very eager to put on display see you had that part of the this substance and issues. President taking time out of this jam packed schedule to pods that moment that was an front page of the newspapers here visiting the western wall. By himself walking up and slipping a piece of paper inside this tradition. With presumably a prayer hours. Sentiment that he put there and then also report that visiting injured police have a heart which is it one of the holiest sites for Christians where. Jesus is believed you have been buried and resurrected. We all need worry of activity the president has not stopped since he hit the ground running in Riyadh on Saturday Susan interesting. Quiet moment for him. We don't get to key moment like that with this president so I think the symbolism certainly. He's going to be the image if you take away from yesterday and today Israel because they say. There's no big breakthrough Renault groundbreaking. Achievement right now in getting the Middle East peace talks moving blowers. As you see images more than awards this. What all sides units that is really not anything new in fact it's notable example. The Israeli side the Palestinian side they're not meeting here this is not a summit. All parties but the White House came into this with the expectations Chad. We're very clear this wasn't going to be about a breakthrough this isn't about brokering a deal today but it's about in the ground work I think what's interesting. To see here is we on the ground both in Saudi we were in Saudi. The since there was it was that this is perhaps the moment that progress can be made president trump. Turning things around from eight years in their eyes chilly relations under the Obama administration the same sort of dynamic here in Israel. And so we'll see what happens presence at today's you'll be back he's ready to start the talks and Abbas pretty much accepted that invitation. And he said at the White House earlier this year he would be a facilitator and mediator anything that is necessary to sit the two sides down and negotiating table. Art of the deal that's something you want. To do an ultimate deal you know let's talk Olympic Karen about the royal family in the strip the trump family has been everywhere. At least in the first few stops the strip were only three days into this that's a ways to go around some signs that the president may be. I didn't we'll be tired but we've seen so much of his wife Maloney on stepping out in a way that we haven't seen her in the first 102 point five some days. Out of pocket from her husband. Injured Kushner has figured prominently here. What what do you make of their involvement in the diplomacy of the president's first one. We know that Jared Kushner has of the key architects of this trip especially the stops in Saudi Arabia and Israel. Kushner was approached by the saudis. Immediately after president from one his election they say we wanted to get him over here let's make this happen so that was a big deal for Jared Kushner his son in law and senior advisor and it was notable that he had to put out an on the record statement. On Sunday night after wrapping up the stock to re ot. The First Lady making her debut in the international stage as the First Lady. She's more traveled worldly than the president actually is from her days as a model she's lived abroad she is her self from Europe. And I think. It's notable that. On display with this warm relationship that's scenes with Sarah Netanyahu. We know the president and the prime minister get along very well but. Sarah Netanyahu welcoming alliance from as if they've been old friends and maybe that helps put her at ease the kids. This not what she dies we haven't seen her during much of that traditional First Lady duties. Either in Washington. Or on a. Weren't probably heat the president has taken for not putting human rights women's rights at the forefront of his agenda I've been struck by how much. The software agent first ladies and gender the first daughters agenda. Are quietly pushing on both of those fronts where there that's just hospitals schools. We saw in Saudi Arabia those women and women's entrepreneurship summits a focusing on women certainly. Different from a president doing it no doubt there but fascinating nonetheless and you'll see that wonder if. When he reviewed this trip next week to week after it maybe they could have spotlighted at a bit more boosted that up it is her first trip. If you do either into it but there's certainly some good headlines with get out of that by putting a vodka according aligning it turned out there. Much more prominently that's right and we still have several weeks ago or five days ago on this first presidential trip. Just a few hours from now the president in the press corps will be wheels to Rome Italy big meeting tomorrow with the Pope. Francis and President Obama had a very. Public battle last year as the abuse eating and yes I DC absolutely and between that when president trump. On the campaign job talking about immigration in the wall poke prince has hired back and expect both Frances B jumping in the Pope in general to be jumping in on American political matters but he clearly felt the need to Studds. And net president trump fired right back on to better. The White House says that this visit is not going to be about the device that wards of the campaign Trout that the president is looking forward to you. Finding coming ground and addressing issues of mutual concern. With president and with Pope Francis this is not expected to be a very long meeting in twenty to thirty minutes is it. Formality at the Vatican. Protocol involved with it and you remember yesterday it when the president arrived and was greeted by the Israeli prime minister. Seemed to know what and you the protocols where and there are a microphone that picked up saying where do we stand Netanyahu says what are we overhear something tells where to go. That cannot happen tomorrow that there are very strict rules about. Where you go how you dress type of jacket yo open toed shoes for women whether or not the First Lady will Wear some sort of veil covering. Hopefully they're getting a very good briefing tonight on the plains around. So far we have to give them credit no major gaps in any of them. Mobile press here it turns out here here in Israel I think for the most part the gap as the hot Mike moment talking about the particle I think the White House would. We're taking a TV producer hired he wanted to produce a lot of lives. But are not what's after the quick meeting with the Pope they had. To Brussels for that NATO mean of course the president having very contentious relationship with NATO's interest secrecy act might. Terror issues in Europe as well he's called my news do more to combat terrorism. And then it's on to Sicily for a summit with the G-7 countries will be the first chance the president has to meet. It also likely speak with two reasoning if she makes it from the UK able to those gatherings might deter attack. It's a whole lot left to go president president truck models it. She's that's almost down. Import ago is right the president got to keep things I'm going to keep that high energy and we hope you'll continue to follow what's you're an ABC news digital Of course world news tonight Good Morning America ABC news radio. My thanks so much for watching here from Jerusalem Israel on the McGuire I'm Karen Travers.

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