Trump Protestors Gather in Cleveland

ABC News' Josh Haskell goes inside the 'Dump Trump' protests and talks convention security with ABC News' Jack Date.
6:01 | 07/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump Protestors Gather in Cleveland
We are in downtown Cleveland right now in a busy thoroughfare what usually is easy server Ontario street. Right now you can see it's completely shut down. It shut down because the convention but of protests that started on wall eight near the convention center walked down this treated actually split up. You can see a number of police officers right there. It seems that one of the protesters was detained and then injured ABC's John doc Taylor are just. Students over the ever gonna catch up with a minute second. To find out exactly what's happening and then behind me closer to that you. Where the protests that we'll. They are public instant dance over there. So you could see two different scenes -- bit take you there in a minute a little bit of action here so let me bring you guys think right now. We've honored. You can see an activist they're taken inside of an ambulance. Let me try and find Jack. He's been kind of quite well in the center. A police holding us back hurt me. In this area. Pipe and he yeah. It means he told him yeah. Okay we'll let you know Hillary I don't know. Well money anyway. I can't do it anyway. Air. Her name is Kathy had to leave cause less than just an apparent heart recruitment. This is their air in the rental property. Some pretty upset protesters here if you saw that woman to kick it into an ambulance. The rest of protest. Continued down. On this street towards the convention. We're gonna go are we. Right now. Oh what a great ABC's Jack Donte' Jack you're right in the middle that explain to us exactly what was. Happening and why this protest and split off. Well it's important but this apparently when individuals around the you know. I advise it we're wizards housing activists. Anybody lives. Experiences the medical issues. By detectives. Barely fit brought into better services creator. Do right now. Again around hey Ali police surrounded. Me and I yourself icing. And bicycles are basically removing barricades. And pick up the fight and move forward because you did not back streets base and allow everything. This subject. She's just. Seeing in this vehicle in those of the bicycles as soon right now as Jack said. Police were using these bicycles in order to push them around map well if they split will be very good at Kennedy space. That they cannot break through medical people getting an out safely. But it you know it's definitely time to move. Very. And you. Continues today. And it's my lawyers. Oh down. We're moving on. This aggressive of them picked. So. Right now just ghastly act up take a walk down Ontario street here as this protest originate near the convention center and I walked towards the Q Reno where the conventions happening Jack you've covered a lot of civil unrest especially in the last year. Tell our viewers. Have seen so far on day one of the hour and see how police are responding. Some members of the community float but largely fifties I mean. These demonstrations and largely peaceful and you know obviously people have strong opinions. As has. That their pleas from jurisdictions all over the country that are here today. Created the California Highway Patrol ran into him. South Carolina and Indiana from all over the country. Recently created the California Highway Patrol. More than a hundred troopers. From Indiana forty Georgia. And they're all basically trained in the city patented techniques and through the crowd control is being employed here. In this environment there and its police and fire in certain communities. You know it's it's obvious that affected everybody I. But it's. I operate professionally. In the protesters. Live on ABC to show we're gonna just stop for second is our future as their picture a little bit troubles were moving through the streets of downtown Cleveland. There's a number of police officers on bikes. Anything right now. As Jack Dante was just telling you they have been using their bikes as essentially barricades. Are those fights were used to. Pushed protesters back. We're not sure if that's how that one. Protestor was injured you saw. That person be lifted into an ambulance and driven away she was very very upset. I'm get a move a little bit just away from these buildings I believe that there blocking or shot but. Stay with us live on ABC digital is we are in downtown Cleveland covering the protests on day one the core and seed.

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{"duration":"6:01","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell goes inside the 'Dump Trump' protests and talks convention security with ABC News' Jack Date.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40672448","title":"Trump Protestors Gather in Cleveland","url":"/Politics/video/trump-protestors-gather-cleveland-40672448"}