Trump Protestors Rally Ahead of South Carolina Event

Protesters tell ABC news why they don't want Donald Trump on the 2016 ballot .
7:36 | 08/27/15

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Transcript for Trump Protestors Rally Ahead of South Carolina Event
Pig got hey get and that's fremd ABC news here and I am outside the TD convention center in. Greeneville South Carolina where Donald Trump is. Is expected to flock he set up to talk news. We got this morning huge line lined up all around the block reverence files and now. But it was really I'd never see not many people out of him up before and it right now there is a protest going on outside. Hispanic immigrants or sons and daughters and McCain. Our eight. Everything dot org chart that in the past week about them. They say they're really offended. He didn't really funded with comments on the day they're chanting we make America great at taking they're taking issue with. Slogan it's safe. America's place in the did not accompany hard work of immigrants. So I'll let you take a look and back. We. You know we got. Why did it well. Kate DNA DNA saying there all right thank. The economy. Again we make America grades are. We're not so one of the organizers pounds. Larry. Are ready ready ready so once. OK yeah. Can I forget you're being. It's EC TO RBS. And the shortly director for. Dear friend Charlotte and it cannot yes and you can proudly down hard. We came here to let council know. That I'm an immigrants. Make America. We make America great. And let me know dead that you need to anyone not stand for hate speech. We are United Nations and you'll stamping it went in here crash initial reaction to them. Yeah. My first reaction was I'm. He's crazy. He's feel important. I don't know if he's ever read a book goes over my first reactions. Because when he's asked com for details of his plans. Usually starters because he's trying to find the words because it seems like he has next week on his recent. So those are I've actually been army actions or reactions are also that he spreading lies. Dead they're not be seen exactly true. Britney Spears Sherry and I meet Americans eat at McDonald's. In. You know let's make America. And a Noonan yeah. Fine yeah. Indian immigrants aren't and I. It. Will we refuse to let. A positive phrases like this yeah that is really. People going in some. Immigrants can actually make America great and refused to let him use positive messages in order to promote hatred. I've seen Miller but it was founded by immigrants. Our infrastructure is gonna buy this whether it be. The Italians who came earlier this sends you the Irish. In him and them the next business and other immigrants in government. We're carton that we build infrastructure of this nation. Where lawyers and what doctors. Cleaned houses. Particular artist and we working government. Court we thought everything we are destination. Creed and coming a little bit about the people who are gathered here today you know the their backgrounds are me. I'm shirt and green. Some of the buffalo little Charlie some of the law firm Concord. And now some wondered who came down on that from Raleigh zone to drive with a stand here. There makes him a document some of them are undock and head. And some of them are US citizen children born here. He just went to Paris yeah. It's about family and it's me it's about family values. There's definitely guys lesson is get here. Day here because they're angered him. They also noted that causes some of them canceled because of the Lex that is. They estimated at their voices heard your season. And Dow up one last question for you if you do bumped into Donald Trump I don't know if people coming in in here or not but if it he does walk through here. What are you may be hoping to tell him. Seldom. That a US citizen. Most one's country and the son of immigrants. I'm a community organizer. I would benefit the community. I talk to people and it means everything. Hand dumb idea what the average American house. He's honest with the American voters majority Cuba's country favorites the legalization in the subway of you're an emirates support and Lee counties but he needs to do was researching ways to do his homework. He's actually. Actual details for his players other than Xena phobic. Talking points with no basis in facts. So that's. Militant. Perfect speaking. There you have it he says dot some comments and the probate. He then you know. Unfairly been spending his time and sent some of them come all the way from Charlotte and Concord and planning to be here. Waiting. And being done I. Who is Hispanic and have been jamming me inside Donna let's say and who we're fighting. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. You learn how to feed about didn't agent so I am mad at me he says that thing. Read on immigration again or has been monitoring the whole thing and he may detect it B dot com any update. Look I.

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{"duration":"7:36","description":"Protesters tell ABC news why they don't want Donald Trump on the 2016 ballot .","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"33359055","title":"Trump Protestors Rally Ahead of South Carolina Event","url":"/Politics/video/trump-protestors-rally-ahead-south-carolina-event-33359055"}