Trump: Putin's denials of interference in election are sincere

"The View" co-hosts discuss Trump's comment.
5:16 | 11/13/17

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Transcript for Trump: Putin's denials of interference in election are sincere
So you know who -- you know who -- you know who -- has really out done himself on his trip to Asia saying he believes president Putin when Putin says that he says he didn't meddle in the election. Then he calls out U.S. Intelligence officials who say otherwise. He calls them political hacks. Then he tried to walk that back I believe. I believe. Take a look. I believe he believes that and that's very important for somebody to believe. I believe he feels he and Russia did not meddle in the election. As to whether I believe it or not I'm with our agencies especially as currently constituted. I believe in our intelligence agencies. I've worked with them very strongly. I believe that he believes that I believe that he believes that Meghan believes in aunny believes that I believe that y'all believe. I don't know what we were talking about by the eighth he believes. I thought he was going to start singing a song. That walking back was really necessary. One thing I wanted to point out is that the -- the -- the. Spit it out girl. I have sweet potato pie in my mouth. The intelligence report is on-line. You can read it. It is just so clear they said we assess Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered and influenced campaign aimed at the U.S. Presidential election. It's what he did -- he does to the press. He lets you believe maybe they're lying, maybe it's fake, the Intel maybe it's not. So when the indictments come down he can rest on your belief that he's innocent. Which is exactly what Putin wants. He wants us to have a lake of faith in our intelligence communities. I don't want to get too much of a Debby downer because it's your birthday. I think we need to take this moment. It's very very important we don't get desensitized to how intense this is. Our president of the united States is saying we can't trust our intelligence community but we can trust a kgb agent the gassing of innocent children in Syria while trying to annex the baltic states, everything going on in the Ukraine. He's dedicated to the destruction of the west we're watching this play out in real time. I never thought as a Republican a party of Mr. Gosh chef tear down that wall. Why do you think he's doing it? I think Putin is doing it because -- Not Putin, trump. Putin has blood lust for the glory days of the ussr. Trump $64,000 question. Everything going on with the Mueller investigation I don't understand just on a political level who is advising him and who he's listening to. Sunny you're the attorney sitting here. If my former campaign manager was under indictment right now for possible ties of getting ney from foreign agencies -- blah blah blah. Sorry. I implore the American public it's a moment in history. It is. I was deeply upset over the weekend of these statements. I think everyone should know this is intense. This is serious. If we're going to normalize the gassing of children. This is a water shed moment for us as Americans. We can't let anyone get away with this. I'm going to take that McCain statement and up you a McCain statement. Your dad said something. Nothing America first about taking the word of a K kgbcolonel -- Read it yourself. If we were in Russia today we would all be in jail or murdered. We would be Where is Mitch Mcconnell aligning himself in this? It's embarrassing. Make no mistake -- Happy birthday. It is a happy birthday. We have don't always agree politically. There's not a person -- I don't care what your political standing is. There is no one in this country that can say I agree with anything that has happened here. I don't care if you voted for him. You can't be an American citizen who believes in our democracy and side with that. Yeah. Nobody.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Trump's comment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"51118534","title":"Trump: Putin's denials of interference in election are sincere","url":"/Politics/video/trump-putins-denials-interference-election-sincere-51118534"}