Trump questioning freedom of the press?

"The View" co-hosts discuss the president's comments.
7:49 | 10/12/17

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Transcript for Trump questioning freedom of the press?
The current -- the current white house resident is back on his war with the media. Tweeting that news is so fake, so fake -- So fake. So fake. It sounds like something you would take for, like, gas. What do you have? Oh, I have so fake. So fake that licenses must be challenged and even revoked. He continued his rant to Sean hannity last night. Take a look. Media is bad. They're really dishonest people. They're very very dishonest people in many cases. Not all. I know some reporters that are honorable people. When you're the one being written about, you know whether it's good or bad. They try to make it negative. The media is fake media. So much fake news. From the king of fake news comes the fact there's fakery out there. Is he saying basically he wants to silence critics? He would like to invoke some kind of law to stop the media. He loves the second amendment. He hates the first amendment. We would have to shut down Breitbart and Fox News. We'll only listen to you, Donald. I think he also -- he's missing one glaring point that jumps out at me. Media isn't a political bias. They have a ratings bias. If you speak in headlines which he has done. That's what he prides his base on understanding. If you're going to use that when it serves you to say sensational things, then the media runs with that you're going to continue to dominate coverage with the tweets and some of the things you say rather than the other substantial stuff you claim you're talking about that isn't quite as salacious. What's interesting he's calling for licenses to be pulled. The FCC doesn't license cable channels. I think he thinks the Republican he has put in place there -- I have a lot of friends that work at the FCC will somehow be in his corner. What he doesn't understand is pie at the FCC is a FCC liefr. He knows the first amendment and freedom of speech. He just said he sees worrying signs at the FCC pointing to Twitter messages in which people regularly demand the FCC yank the license of cable news channel. Then he goes on to say listen these demands are at odds with our legal and cultural division. What happened to shutting down allegations instead of shutting down people that disagree with you. Those days are long gone. When I see this -- obviously the fake news siren song it is right to his base. His supporters love it. 50% of the Republicans think the press has too much freedom. We see on opposite side -- I did a lot of work and spoken out a lot about the conservatives coming to college campuses and being shut down. I think on both sides you 'an aversion and breaking down of the first amendment. This I don't see actually happening. Let me finish. This is about the kul chur war in America. To a lot of Republicans they'll only watch Fox News -- What do you mean by the culture war? What do you mean by that? I'm talking about how the conservatives feel the fake news fake media doesn't understand them. You can take culture war tests on-line where some of the questions are do you have family in the military, have you ever been to a NASCAR -- I think they're -- I think on both sides equally. I don't think president trump would have been elected without it. Basically what I couldn't oer talking about is they're saying the freedom has toosh -- the media has too much freedom. Those same people believe that people with guns don't have enough freedom. I remember when I was a kid sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never harm you. Sticks and stones. However it went. There's an irrational thing going on in this country it's okay to have as many guns as you want but the press cannot have that many words. That's an excellent point. Doesn't the constitution -- I would like to give a shut out to senator Ben sasse has defended this. He said Mr. President words spoken by the president of the United States matter. Are you recanting the oath you took on January 20th to preserve and protect the first amendment. Traditionally conservatives protect the constitution. This is a highly unusual attack. I don't think there's any legitimacy to it. It would affect conservative media circles as well. It's what his base loves. It's what rales him. Nixon tried this in 1973. The Republican party is fractured. When "The Washington post" was going after him he tried this against "The Washington post" and you see what happened there. He had to resign. He was forced to resign. Watch it. What scares me about the base the story he was talking about had three sources. They happened to be anonymous. In journalism you have to multi-source your stories. Even if it's anonymous you have to get it checked multiple times. When he tweets he doesn't have to check with anyone. He goes to his base when he said don't trust the media they're lying to you, but right here I'm telling you the truth and then he speaks with misinformation. The annoying thing for me -- They had to fire three journalists -- They didn't fire him. He's still president. There's no way to regulate him. My job here is to try to explain what's going on. I find it's due police tous for him to call out the ir responsibility of a massive group, the media when he doesn't have to source anything. He says things that aren't true. He's the king of fake media. He got elected and introduced himself by a candidate by saying Barack Obama wasn't born in America. Let's start with that. I will say I've been the direct person who he attacked when I worked at fox. Meghan McCain is terrible. They should fire her. I remember being so confused at the time. It was early on before he became the nominee. I was just being critical of his campaign. It's anything that just isn't -- You should feel honored. No there's thousands of people. The point you just made he started it. He also started with the fake news way back. This is my theory. He knows he's guilty with the Russia investigation. This is a way to in knock late his base to say don't believe it when it comes out that I was in bed with the Russians that I colluded, that I instructed. Don't believe it. He'll have some people on his side. Believe that we're going to break right now.

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{"id":50442661,"title":"Trump questioning freedom of the press?","duration":"7:49","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the president's comments.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-questioning-freedom-press-50442661","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}