Trump recaps Asia trip, stays mum on Roy Moore

ABC News' political team breaks down Trump's "major statement" on his trip to Asia.
14:44 | 11/15/17

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Transcript for Trump recaps Asia trip, stays mum on Roy Moore
I pack my mom and a nod here continuing coverage. President Trump's remarks delivered in the diplomatic room there at the White House he just saw. Fresh off his trip thirteen days abroad. Across Asia we're gonna break panel about what he talked about color bring in my colleague Rick Klein ABC's political director was watching from down in DC break. This was a huge trip for the president a lot of key meetings key conversations. Also big delivery to come back and present that report card to the American people Heidi think he did. I think the report card was the biggest deliverable of the trip this seemed like an attempt to that by the president to recap. Not just the last two weeks but also. The first nine or ten months of his administration and of the greatest hits tore of the world about. His accomplishments there wasn't much that was accomplished on this trip so I think the words actually are important here and the president's casting of it it's almost like an internal have talked. About how this foreign trip but for restaurant. And just in terms of the delivery there as well we can talk a lot about the president. Some people have been saying he seems more presidential he was holding himself back on Twitter a little bit on the triple that that change towards the end. But what do you think about how how he came across in that press conference. Well he came across as thirsty. I think that probably most several part of this will be his his reaching for the water bottle a couple of times reminiscent of the marker rubio moment after a state of the union. A couple of years ago but but short of that not a lot of headlines that were delivered at this again I think it was to sort of more of a recap than anything else. And partially in today's world it's a tweet for everything even tweeted about Marco Rubio is. Statement back in February 2013 saying it was not a good move I want to go already Capitol Hill and our colleague Mary priest senior congressional correspondent. Was watching as well listening to what the president had to say. Very that we were waiting to see the president would answering these questions about Roy Moore you talk a little bit about this on the network's special he ignored questions overseas he ignored questions today. How do we not yet know how the president that the United States feels about this incredibly controversial candidate. I wish we had an answer for that out but like it so often they keys with some of these White House events what's most interesting sometimes as what is not said. Look we know that that from some of the statements that we've seen from the White House from some of his. Top aides that they have said if true if these allegations are true that they would be deeply disturbing that that that Roy Moore would then have to consider perhaps dropping out of the race but it's that if true. Those two words that remain the big question here while many Republicans on Capitol Hill started along that same line in the last. Point 448 hours you've seen a complete turn they are saying now both Mitch McConnell house speaker Paul Ryan that Roy Moore should drop out immediately that the allegations in and of themselves. Are disqualifying but the big question remains does the president agree does he back Republican leaders and if he does well we'll Roy Moore do will he drop out because. That while the sentiment up here on Capitol Hill really is taken a turn against Roy Moore in Alabama it's a very different story. We are teens on the ground there I've heard from many who continue today ardently support him. This presents they'd be a problem for Republicans there in a pickle on this one there's no question this is they heat. Senate seat they don't want to lose it but they also clearly do not. Stand by Roy Moore all or what he's been accused out now the options there are many none of them are particularly great for Republicans you've seen. Mitch McConnell and others suggests the need to get back a write in candidate perhaps even the current attorney general Jeff Sessions might be the right person for that of course this is to fill the seat that he vacated to become. The attorney general but looking got the wreck name recognition he's popular in Alabama he's certainly someone who could. Perhaps come in and work as a write in but again. It doesn't let remarks going anywhere so what do you do then and if Roy Moore does win if he is elected there's the possibility that Republicans up here could move to essentially kicked him out after he's been elected. Even Mitch McConnell it. It's that would be pretty historic and unprecedented potential steps ahead there merry brief plant on Capitol Hill thanks Mary. Also down in DC at Martha Raddatz ABC's chief global affairs anchor rather joins us with watching the president's remarks from the White House and Martha. For all the top hawk the president has run on before he became president. Has talked about since taking office at the White House he did look like he got very confrontational once he actually got down in front of these leaders in Asia. Boy he sure didn't I mean we all think of those those comments. With with China's president saying. You know it's not your fault China sorry about the trade imbalance but it's not your fault we understand. Kind words about Vladimir Putin's saying I believe he means it when he said he didn't interfere with our election heat later said. He supports present from waiters said he. I supports our intelligence agencies but it was hard to forget those prior comments about. Blatter a prudent. This was largely a ceremonial trip you you can't really point to anything substantial. That he did. He did build up relationships he said they've rolled out red carpets everywhere thank you sit with the biggest best red carpet. Anywhere and if those relation relationships do matter they definitely matter but you also wonder whether those foreign leaders looked at Donald Trump and said. This is a president who loves all this pomp he loves all these red carpets we're gonna play to that. So they may have think they and think they had an upper hand there. And again you just go back to what our problems are right now the biggest looming problem. Being North Korea yes that got tougher sanctions we don't know whether those sanctions will do any good. We do know that China could do a lot more to push North Korea they are sending a diplomat over and a couple of days a high ranking. F official. From China to go in to North Korea will CF anything comes of that the president did not name. North Korea a state sponsored terrorism there was some thought that he might do that. That Q is largely symbolic. But it would squeeze North Korea once again and continue to isolate North Korea. Martha Raddatz live there in our Washington DC here out thank you mark. Back now to the White House and that diplomatic room where president trump just deliver it those remarks ABC's. Senior White House correspondent Cynthia Vega was in the room she's now out on the north lawn Cecilia for all the tough talk is be mentioned president. Not coming through with a lot of substantive immaterial. From this trip but they seem to be holding it up as tremendously successful waiting bed that the flag to say that this really really well for them. Yeah I think he called it tremendous strip before he got to the podium today I'm really this is just a chance for the president check. Chat recap his trip I suppose about the filter of reporters who've been covering it because the take away. Of the coverage so far is that as mark was saying is you dissent on that there have been very few tangible deliverables. Out of this trip the expectation I think for many White House observers was that the president would use this speech today. Two as Martha sat at North Korea to the list of state sponsors terror. Countries he did not do that and in a weird way I guess sort of went down a list of countries he visited tick them off the list one by one and and then a lot of reporters at enforcer scratching their heads went down the list of another for a trip he took from Saudi it's Europe so he he really I don't know lab sort of give a little recap they are. I don't you could hear at the end of the of his statement I asked him about Roy Moore that really is the elephant in this room right now in the White House or whether the president. Thinks Roy Moore should drop out of this race and whether the president believes his accusers. The president looked already heard the questions came over. To us as I was asking them. And then waved and walked out so this is not something he wants to talk about right now in any way shape. Perform on the Sicilian being alive for us acts the White House thinks this area. Back over now to Rick Klein and Rick one last question on this trip. I want it to get to you you know for all the things the president talked about before he went over there for all the things he's saying he talked about with foreign leaders has a lot. In there about what he didn't say in front of many of these leaders to calling China to the carpet for. Press freedom to the lack there they are talking about human rights abuses and many of these countries none of that was discussed either in the read out from conversations or in public comments. Yeah this is not confrontational up front on his best behavior and that's one reason he was received as warmly as he was is that there's a lot of fear in the foreign capitals meeting with these leaders. That he would call them out and demand beings in and had a kind of bellicose campaign rhetoric. That was largely thought he was on a lot fest with foreign leaders talking about what a great before he had. With leader after leader. Often it and several times actually the official read out that we heard from the White House was different than we heard from another government. We were told. That but by the American side they did bring up. Human rights with the leader of the Philippines republic at a side it didn't come up just to cite one example so. I think this the president tried to restrain himself the route he also I think that some observers might showed night along the way in thinking that you just talk about things in. And bring a lot of action but clearly the president felt good about this strip and I think that's one reason that he is on on on a torn our an effort now audit to try to hype. What what he was accomplished even it was pretty minimal. To hype and to stay hydrated while he's doing that to we talk about good behavior though and it seem like even his habits were on pretty good behavior while he was overseas. It felt like towards the end of the trip something flipped and all of a sudden we saw trump and full glory on his Twitter account tweeting about everything from Hillary Clinton. You can John Lou two politics back here in the states and sort of a series of tweets. I think he's since we are on that he's been trading with Kim Jong-un saying why would he call insult me by calling the old when I would never call him. Short and fat. But if someone else tweeting kill and that is Roy Moore at Sicilian mentioned the elephant in the room this morning tweeted very strongly saying he is not quitting. At the values he stands for the values that Albanians will vote for. We haven't heard from the president on that yet Rick where are we how is this going to play itself out. Will the president's position is still where it was last week which was that if these allegations are true the expectation on behalf of the White House would be that he kept its out of the race. That's where most Republicans were last Thursday last Friday. This story has shifted significantly since then has more accusers have come out against Roy Moore. And as the the political realities of this of coming to even sharper focus on just in the last. Couple hours we've seen reporting suggesting that internal polling conducted by Republicans suggesting that that Roy Moore would lose badly to the democratic. Candidate and now you've got. Several senators musing openly not just that he to drop out. But that if he were elected president he should be immediately kicked out of the senate. That there should be a very rare mechanism to to disqualify him from office entirely taken out of the senate so if they have picked things up. Quite a bit one person that still defending him of course is the bad and the president's a onetime former for a top eight news now the right part. News agency his reporters have been trying to discredit the allegations he is still publicly on the side of Roy Moore which does lead to be question where's president trot and C going to step in it's not clear that his statement would carry any weight Roy Moore could continue to run. Even if Donald Trump tells me Watson on in and kind of orders and off. But it would matter quite a bit Republican Party this kind of racing with a a fall out of you losing a senate seat. Or or retaining it but having a guy that's so violent they think should be immediately kicked out of the senate. And Rick we had Mitch McConnell weigh in now very publicly talking about the possibility of a write in candidate floating this idea before the election. As even happens now this is on the somebody want to play for you get your take on the back and Mitch McConnell speaking earlier today at the Wall Street Journal conference being asked about Roy Moore here's what he had to say. Roy Moore should withdraw. The women who come forward or completely credible. His campaign news call option. And from Republican point of view it produces. The law. And so I think it's safe to us that if he were to be sworn and he would immediately. Be in a process. Before the senate committee under which. The women would be under will be sworn in he would be ash to. Just girls as well. Would be a rather. Unusual began. And rape as an understatement there are rather than usual beginning that this think Barry real potential problem for the republic into RD have a full plate. Or RD trying to push through some major agenda item to a party very busy trying to do the work. Of doing their work whereas it's gonna end up. Margin could duck it make it. Just that much tighter the Democrat in Alabama line holding that seat at least or 20/20 would be huge blow. Two Republican efforts to retain the senate and retain some kind of control over that body in the coming weeks it should be noted that people like Mitch McConnell. Worked against Roy Moore during the primary sort of president trop actually poll Republican establishment was lined up against them. So that collective weight isn't going to necessarily change Roy Moore is mind. But this is races and other interest impossibility because the name that Mitch McConnell and other top Republicans are talking about as that potential write in candidate. Jeff Sessions the embattled trump attorney general. A we are told that he's happy in his job but the one person and maybe you can make him reconsider that that would be president trump. You would it would need someone with with near universal name ID. Respect inside the Republican Party to pull off a feat like this presumably have to resign as attorney general before involved in politics that you're giving something pretty big up. With the prospect of potentially winning that seat holding for Republicans so that remains one of the wild cards out there but also in none of the scenarios that that the Republicans are outlining now. Often including justice while buying more from out all the Republican batter none of the corporate particularly pretty right now Roy Moore name is on the ballot that party in print that they've been mailed out. To many thousands of residents of Alabama elections really already begun. December 12 is the final Election Day and right now the Democrat stands a pretty good shot of winning the red states in the nation. We're all going to be watching that election of course but a lot of interest and other stories around that it's too Rick Klein. IBC's political director at the cock your thanks and municipal water right now on the believed there. It. Everybody out there if they hydrated to thanks for joining us paper continuing coverage. Of all of these stories head of Anytime get the latest right there or download ABC news app get all of those headlines. Write to your phone or mobile device for now I'm on an Abbas and see that can stand.

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