Trump: 'I don't see a recession'

President Trump says he’s not concerned about the state of the U.S. economy.
3:18 | 08/19/19

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Transcript for Trump: 'I don't see a recession'
And we begin in Washington where president trump. Have dismissed concerns of a recession despite the big drops of the stock market last weeks of take a listen. We're doing tremendously well our consumers are rich I gave a tremendous tax cut. And they loaded up with money. Our Ed I want to bring in Karen Travers. At the white house on Karen adds we know a strong economy is what the president is using in his reelection campaign but is the economy. Doing as well as he says it is. The the administration will point out Kimberly the unemployment numbers wage growth they'll talk about patents eighties are all really good signs for the economy the present himself likes to point to the stock market. Being gain since he took office big gains on some single days I just the overall growth but you know critics will say. That you also have to acknowledge than the drops he can't just look at the stock market and say well look how great it is about. Also saying that it's gonna go down and that's most economic analysts and they don't just look at the stock market for a sign of economic strength. But edged used said this is the centerpiece of the president's reelection message his campaign would like him to only talk about the stock market not any other controversy is not create any self inflicted wounds or drama. The president last week in New Hampshire said that is essentially in messages going to be you have to vote for me you have to reelect me roster 401 k.'s. We'll go down the tubes in the whole economy with it so look for the president. To highlight the positive here despite signs from investors and economic analysts that there could be some rough spots on the horizon. Yeah and speaking of the economy just want to hear what's going on with the ongoing trade war with China because obviously that affects the economy pretty strongly. Right I mean it's ongoing in the yesterday the president said that he could make a deal with China that he could start that process right away in and didn't have something on the table. In order to calm investors in order to com on the uncertainty on Wall Street but he's not going to do that he's willing. To stick this out in order to make though right DL. Kimberly the president said that China is very eager to make a deal right now because he says their economy is doing poorly. This is something we've heard from the administration. For the last year when there was pushed back about the president's trade tactics and the terrorists and all of that tit for tat. The president and his team say that the US economy is strong enough right now to handle any rough patches lives. That this trade war can bring about while China is the one that's gonna take a much stronger hit. Now you're starting to see that this global slowdown in growth in the concerns about a potential recession over the next year or two. In large part driven by this trade war. Are writing care and before we go. I must ask you about Greenland if there is this a priority or not. There's no word sale sign on that island official in Greenland and Denmark say if not for sale. The president was asked about this after reports last week the president is. Did in May be making what he is called a billion reals day DL. He said yesterday as something that is strategically interesting to him acknowledging it's been talked about but we should say Kimberly. He doesn't have the option right now it is not for sale. All right Karen chatter that the White House thank you for the update.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"President Trump says he’s not concerned about the state of the U.S. economy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65057705","title":"Trump: 'I don't see a recession'","url":"/Politics/video/trump-recession-65057705"}