Trump gives remarks on tax bill as GOP races to reach a deal

ABC News' Eva Pilgrim, Jordyn Phelps, and Rick Klein discuss the latest on the president's tax plan and dysfunction in his administration following Roy Moore's loss to Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race.
11:27 | 12/13/17

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Transcript for Trump gives remarks on tax bill as GOP races to reach a deal
You have been watching president's not speaking making his pitch for what he's calling a massive tax reform overhaul something he says we'll. Simplify the tax system and we'll bring massive tax cuts this as Republicans today say they have reached a deal in principle. On that tax. Built to merge the house and the senate bills Rick Klein RA BC political director is joining us now. Rick when it is in need this tax bill if there's. Bird parts the it has two parts of the tax bill one is a cut to the corporate tax rate which is now 35% that would go all the way down to 21% but that actually. Is a little bit higher than now the negotiators have said. It's in part because they were looking to find some extra money. The other piece of it is the individual income tax and it's a broad flattening of the rates collapsing of several of the rates generally a lower tax rate for most people. But it would also hit a lot of middle in come taxpayers. A bit harder by eliminating some of the deductions for state and local taxes so it's a complicated bill as president trump said. A we haven't seen the text he says he hadn't seen the text editor respondents it was not clear that it actually exists at this point. Republicans are negotiating among themselves to try to find a deal and they're responding to some of the political pressures that try to get this done very quickly. We we heard the president talk multiple times about the families that he was showcasing would be able Ted. Fill out their taxes. On one pay age he at one point said the tax code is burdensome complex. And profoundly and fair. It's not unheard and to hear people talk about how complicated taxes are in general he seemed to go over and over again about how this would simplify. The tax code do you think that's something that the American American public are going to see in this bill. Everyone wants simpler taxes I think they'll win when people go through it's going to be individual as to whether they have lower taxes or not I think most people would probably trade simplicity. Four for lower taxes if that's the if that's what they're talking about and there's all have the calculators out there that show that it's a mixed bag for people depending on how what were your state local taxation. Looks like for most middle income taxpayers the the results will be pretty negligible and it wouldn't be anywhere near the numbers even the president. Is talking about here for some people aboard the middle income range particularly in not in in states that don't have state law whole taxes we are talking about potentially substantial tax cuts and again tax increases would be in order for people with some higher tax states like. New York New Jersey California those people probably gonna be among the highest hit. But I think the question is simplicity is is separate and ended that the question of taxation level and polling so far suggested this bills is is vastly unpopular people are very skeptical of of the outcome of this and they've also ready analyses that show that a disproportionate amount of the benefit goes to corporations. Which of course they're owned by people across and they create jobs but the primary beneficiaries would be the wealthy. And of course because the wealthier pay more tax cuts are going to be disproportionately skewed to help. In the wealthier. He eats our beloved at about how they are trying to push this through pretty quickly the president joked that they have the votes. But he doesn't want to actually see how close they and jinx them. How quickly will this I'll go through. It could happen by the end of next week and the goal is to get this all tucked away before Christmas. In fact yesterday's election in Alabama increases the urgency because. The Republicans now have a fifty to 48 edge in the senate that's a little down to 5149. This it is. Doug Jones the Democrat is sworn in in that race that's expected. It could happen in late December was more likely early January so that's one piece of it the other piece it has to do with the fact that payroll deductions have to begin next year the president saying that up functionally speaking IRS is saying would take until February. Of course everyone wants understand their tax status for taxi or 2018 before actually in a 2018 annexed it a third piece has to do with what public scrutiny looks like. These are very precarious coalitions. I and the use of deadlines in the other complicated that lines around. Government shutdowns and and in debt ceilings and they immigration reform in the light. All of those are negotiating tools and what's been described as a road ex Cuba's negotiations so. The urgency. Really cultural lot of different directions to try to get Republicans. On board for a bill before the end of the year. Jordan tells is joining us from the White House Dryden are you feeling that sense of urgency there at the White House today. Outlook the president you even heard him talking parents if this is almost a done. Actually sang innocent to lock the president has promised tight attend again. That he's gonna deliver this at a Christmas get to the American people and left you have to give him credit it looks like he's actually going to to let our. This White House has struggled on legislative priority tying and timing in all based here. And finally a well needed victory for this White House is going to be. I delivered it looks like it in time for for Christmas so this is a victory lap for the white house on anyone that they desperately need. Acts to have something to shout for the president's first year in office. And this was on many candidates not campaign dine. Has Tina threat right at all. Some of the calls from members of congress to wait on this vote until Doug Jones is sworn in and in office in January. Yeah outlook that the White House is not gonna play volley that if they have this way that's a peace sign meant a lot immediately add there. Would be obviously no interest in it for the White House to wait for that tends to be sworn and that of course hasn't stopped Democrats from calling for that I that would be in their political interests but all signs point to that site getting backed up workers it's time. And they seem pretty optimistic about that. They're very optimist sex and and look the Republicans now that this has to get pushed thrill as Rick mentioned that razor thin majority that they happens and it. It's now back to get even more and almost nonexistent with just a one vote majority. I so they have. The advantage of being in control of both house's right now they're gonna do what it takes I think acted to make sure that. Nothing stops us this from getting thrilled because come 2018 they're gonna have Doug Jones in this and it's going to be a lot harder for them to accomplish anything else. And of course we RT just had this referendum on the president in the form of the Alabama election. And an even bigger referendum is coming in the form of the when he eighteen mid term so no time to Lear's. Speaking of that Alabama election what has been the reaction from the White House today president trap at one point had supported way more. Who of course we now know lost that race. That the president now is in the awkward position haven't actually lost twice in the Alabama senate now lacks and in the primary. He threw his support behind Luther strange. I'm in spatter of throwing more and he was wrong an act calculation. And now the president has the great disadvantage of having been wrong twice with with Roy Moore is defeat at the president I ways. And I didn't like can south last night in offering quick congratulations. For Doug Jones on his victory. Look the White House is gonna have to swallow this and meals on. At that aren't here in the White House he sees some posturing between. That old ban and facts and Hughes maybe now is gone from the White House but still a very active force in the trump world. I and senate leader Mitch McConnell hill is to blame for this is that they questioning. Is it the GOP establishment informant Mitch McConnell and senate Republicans. Who didn't want to get behind the toxic. Ruling more he had these multiple allegations of sexual assault. Or wasn't steam band and he was right and it was the faulted those Republicans for not uniting behind Roy. More that he was ultimately defeat at bats that battled the Tug of war that you see going on behind the scenes here. I you know make no mistake. There is also a giant sigh of relief for much of the Republican Party today in the wake of Morse defeat this is. As something that they don't have to deal it now they don't have to deal with those questions of expulsion. And what to do with Roy Moore and may also have now put back to bed. All of those allegations of sexual misconduct against the president of the United States certainly a story that they were. To go away. Rick looking at this Alabama election and a lot people are calling it a referendum. Of sorts. Who is this referendum on is it on trump isn't on CNN what does this election tell us about the pulse of the American public at this moment. Well give me about all those things that I think there's only one man is the president United States right now and I think that the person has the most impact on truly is president strong. In if a couple of reasons that in my mind one is. This was a battle that took place in the heart of trump country you can't get. Into which will more trump be placed on the map that Alabama he won by some 128 points. Just a year ago. And second you had a candidate who ran fourth from the trump playbook you saw in Roy Moore someone that was saying he was going to be more trump the trump was even the way that he faced down. The allegations of sexual misconduct it was the same kind of but that did they're all lying denials that he saw from president trump. And it president trump himself and the Republican National Committee ended up supporting Roy Moore in the end so you have trump you at trump ism. You hats critically Steve Batman standing by his side. It was a true test case as to whether trump and trump isn't can carry candidate forward when Donald Trump is an himself on the ballot. And in that respect they fell short and the president's involvement here. Is a reflection on him I think is a bigger impact on Steve Bannon as an individual because of the nature of the of the the races he's trying to run the people is trying to recruit he has a lot of political light on his face. Fervor sticking by guided end up losing in a lose oval race and Alabama but the bottom line is president trump is that guided needs to govern right now it slices his majority makes his. Political invincibility. Seem just what less less likely to exist going to join a team. And they have this funny tale action mean to lose in a state like Alabama which has sent predominantly Republican. You have all of these elections coming up and when he teen that are going to be hotly contested. In states that were hotly contested in the trunk Clinton election. What does that mean for trump going forward is yet to be a little bit more cautious about who he supports. You how do you think that's all gonna play out. I don't expect that he can internalize any lessons about caution but I think for the Republicans that are running in these places they're going to be more cautious about their relationship with president trump. I think it's a broad signal that no matter where you Brett what kind of this for you represent a matter where you're from you've got to be worried about the political winds that are going to be blowing. I think gale force the route 2018. And president trump can't protect you Fred trump ism and that's the bad and can't protect you. There are going to be a lot of unpredictable things out there and they're going to dominate the headlines throughout next year. I think it is is a message to Republicans that Democrats have the ability to piece things together even in the red as parts of the country. The potentially win. And I think it says. 22 to those people that are that are opposing him that that resistance movement is on to something and you you pair that with some of the other things going on a society like the meat to movement. And now you've got some very powerful forces that is trying to mess. Aaron thank you so much and we of course we'll have much more on this tax bill and where it's Stanton president and statements today. Both online and on air on world news tonight say let us.

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{"id":51774174,"title":"Trump gives remarks on tax bill as GOP races to reach a deal ","duration":"11:27","description":"ABC News' Eva Pilgrim, Jordyn Phelps, and Rick Klein discuss the latest on the president's tax plan and dysfunction in his administration following Roy Moore's loss to Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-remarks-tax-bill-gop-races-reach-deal-51774174","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}