Trump reverses decision on G-7 summit venue

The president backed out of hosting the G-7 summit at his resort after criticism from both parties. White House acting chief of staff walked back his admission of quid pro quo.
3:59 | 10/21/19

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Transcript for Trump reverses decision on G-7 summit venue
President trump well he's done something that we didn't think he do so quickly maybe what do we weren't sure. He had decided not to host the G-7 at trump national Terrelle. As of course his mega complex down in Miami Florida my colleague Karen Travers our White House correspondent. Joining us now so Karen. Pretty rare for the president to ever undo himself. This quickly anyway. What happened that suddenly we saw the president say maybe relevance such a good idea. Yeah but it was the best place to have the G-7 summit last week when making Albanian the acting chief of staff announced at the White House podium. This is a very rare reversal by the president to go back on the decision that he is very deeply involved Maldini told us that it was the president who first suggested to row as the site at the G-7 the president signed off fun it. Johnny and blaming the do nothing Democrats. And the media for outrage over this decision and he says it forced his hand now of course Democrats. Were raising alarm thousand complaints about this so are ethics watchdog groups. But he was also Republican grumbling there was some public and behind the scenes. Republicans saying this is just something they can not defend the administration on. Mick Bellini yesterday it went on Fox News and said the president still considers himself in the hospitality business. And that right there is a problem for Republicans to try and defend that. Chris Christie close ally of the president when somebody is not too shy with his criticisms say. This was an unforced error and the administration had no choice but to change their mind us. Yeah absolutely we'll have to see where they end up hosting of course they announced during that same press conference. There were several runners runner ups to host the G-7 we'll see where that goes meantime Karen you mention that press conference Beimel meaning. Wasn't exactly his finest hour he basically said as much yesterday during that Fox News interview he was asked about. Comments he made on Thursday. Were guarding the growing impeachment inquiry into president trump was there quid pro quo. Four presidents once key to investigate. Hunter Biden and Joseph Biden and then in perceive a meeting with the president mull Laney said there was then walked it back here's that he said on Sunday to fox. News. And again said just a few seconds ago that I said there was a quid pro quo would never use that language because there are there is not a quid pro it would you're by Jonathan Karl is that you describe a quid pro while and you sad that happens all the time and again to reporters will use their language all the time so my language never said quid pro -- skits that at the heart of the matter go back and look at that list of three things I was talking about. Things that it was legitimate for the president to do. Yet and carrying you and I were both watching a press conference we know he said it was quick pro ball but move ally if we younger you're daily project Karen you are the one that talks to radio stations a crisscrossing this country what are you hearing so far. On big question this morning was why did make money go on fox is on Sunday only exit dig himself perhaps more deeply into that whole. You hardly any say there he was misinterpret it and he never said quid pro quo I mean. Yes it was Jon Karl who specifically said to be here viewers saying a quid pro quello. And Maldini says yes we do that all the time this reasons that you heard in sight there. To me the big thing here he pulled mania is essentially saying he didn't say when he said on camera three reasons that the money was how that Ukraine and the third is the most controversial. Albania said last week the president won in Ukraine to cooperate in an ongoing investigation into the Democrats into the DNC's server. He has since said he didn't say that that's not one of the reason and that's something against the Democrats jump on because that we've been tightening up quid pro quo investigating the Biden's. Another can of worms that Romania opened up last week and by going on the talk shows yesterday. That was the thing I kept hearing this morning he made this worse in some ways. We're gonna see where this goes carriage for hours or at the White House thank you we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"The president backed out of hosting the G-7 summit at his resort after criticism from both parties. White House acting chief of staff walked back his admission of quid pro quo.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66421903","title":"Trump reverses decision on G-7 summit venue","url":"/Politics/video/trump-reverses-decision-summit-venue-66421903"}