Trump reverses parts of Obama-era Cuba policy

"The View" co-hosts weigh the pros and cons of the new policy.
5:18 | 06/19/17

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Transcript for Trump reverses parts of Obama-era Cuba policy
White House also announced that they are reversing. The Obama administration's. Steps to normalize. Relations with Cuba. Because of their human rights violations. Forget about the fact that he has shaken hands of some of the big is dead spots out after we. I want to point that out at that would be wrong of me. Town and because of their ties to hostile nations like North Korea but Cuban officials say it really. The US is an open this it's a lecture us about human rights given that racial discrimination. Happening in America now itself. Why. It wasn't just him doing banks do not need to do want back. This you know. At husky and any feeling about Cuba. He doesn't do what he's now one of the Florida I'm I would say I am I and the other thing about it is that he didn't really do that much. Maybe I need it I'm doing what Obama did nothing else but he did Justin not to send it to his base this day I undid what Obama and a happy guy went his now we need a lot he's from the base ways I I some credit on the list and I was there last year was in Cuba last year yeah nothing on this list has changed is still on a United States embassy you still have to go with a group which I did everything. Honestly believe skirt that a lot of people would scar that there was a person to curb person travel ability where people were skirting the fact that you weren't supposed to look for tourism and we're going what was happening is. American citizens were going over there and finding these establishments thinking that they are promoting. Democracy and promoting ideas that are good for the Cuban people that would all of that money the hold it was it was going to the Cuban military. And that's what trump is saying he's saying this policy is what the Obama administration did. I don't know why they weren't well intentioned it did not help the Cuban people want detentions is critical to review coming back up the Cuban people. Have decisions to say. It's like Irish and English. At some point you wanna have to say what even want to stay here in this spot all we're gonna have to move on now. I think it's always better to try to make the situation work for every dot. So the idea that you coming in as saying that you that. You know one is common it is and what you know this isn't writing this is a right you know. You are not saying and here is what we can do to make. It right I think this is my biggest problem he ends up I think selected and we just watched him that Saudi Arabia yes traditional sword next. Dance and everybody else and they haven't pulled I don't union I don't know why I know. Didn't happen. The United States to Cuba we know that bay Cuba has had a lot of problems but the point that they me. About the problems that we are having here with racial discrimination they awful talked about police brutality. Remember just on Friday the officer that murdered the Lander could still was found not guilty he shot that man its front of his. Fiance ever four year old daughter and he had a license to carry and told the officer he was going to reach for his license to carry on an apartment and shot him anyway SOQ. Has some have a point. When they talk about a little bit about a lot of got a lot of children caught carrying out convicted can't tell you did not have waited not only does not technically isn't Guantanamo in Cuba. We have police brutality here you do at least he's for tell me we don't sell hard to let. It's shown that he's block we just about Donald Trump let's try to take this show over to Cuba and let's criticized while cast and I am not happy it can't. Any parent arguing he barely doing here we are doing. Back dare I do I'm just saying he. He makes a lot of mistakes on this issue he is setting conditions he's saying. Will be shut political prisoners how free and fair elections and naval these private using personal best of why I'm here and not. Egypt and China and all these other PM great that he sat diplomacy. Would never be stopped by human rights issue about how got a hundred bed with the Russians. And you have. And you can take him to tap on it doesn't make it any less god a lot of your ass doing about a lot about it till I am not a did you have a good Apollo yes yes I've been. Not once been so Cuba Cuba. The people are suffering to a large extent there absolute shortage they have medical care but you know a lot of doctors of fleeing if they can get out. The people of Cuba suspect. More than the government isn't this old guy Raul Castro he'll probably be gone soon. It is going to be a big change in Cuba and the United States has to deal with that that's you can't you people. So even if the military gets a few bucks for not so these people what do they three because the united. The military is a threat to those people in that country the military takes one money and my money won't legal there. And they use that to suppress people to put political as an eye out what it was the embargo. And are you by President Obama when I'm watching me you can send you not been I think you know what I wonder telling them that's what you're right. Organization say this out.

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{"id":48136134,"title":"Trump reverses parts of Obama-era Cuba policy","duration":"5:18","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts weigh the pros and cons of the new policy.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-reverses-parts-obama-era-cuba-policy-48136134","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}