Trump to revoke California waiver on auto emissions

The Trump administration announced plans to revoke a waiver that would set stricter standards for auto emissions in the state.
8:35 | 09/18/19

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Transcript for Trump to revoke California waiver on auto emissions
Well the president's trip to California is also set off a fresh showdown with that state over trump administration. Moves to roll back regulations on the environment. The president announced this morning on Twitter that he's now revoking a waiver for California they gave that state the ability. To regulate air pollution from cars and trucks which is down almost exclusively since the 1970s. EC between their for more on why the president is taking this step in what he hopes to Dubai at our senior reporter and flair do you covers. The EPA and other agencies is here and let's start for people. Trying to digest what the president has Dominic comes to car and truck standards for what to California actually want in wanted to Connor president from. What what California wanted were stricter standards that if you were gonna sell a car or truck in their state that it would ever need a fuel efficiency standard that was higher than the federal level and they even took a step further this summer. When they meet and deal with four. Auto manufacturers to say you have to meet these standards if you want to sell in in our state and some other states have agreed they wanna take those same standards so. In the administration's my created two standards to markets. Also a lot of auto makers going along with that improving fuel efficiency for consumers the Obama minister since at a pretty high turner fifty miles per gallon. By all vehicles by Tony Tony five in California going further than that let's bring into the conversation Mary Nichols she's chair. The California Air Resources Board she was appointed by Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also helped. I set these standards Mary thanks for joining us used to fight this move violated his frustration. Yes actually California has been enforcing our own. I'm vehicle emissions and air pollution standards going back to the 1960s. So it's something that every governor of California Republican and Democrat going back to Ronald Reagan has insisted on riches because our ear. Is so bad apparently after such a challenge to removes response from our ear and millions of people who are acted. That we should have the ability to require cleaner cars. And I want to make it clear that we don't regulate the fuel economy that's done by the Department of Transportation under the cafe standards so part an apparent confusion I think in some of the news coverage of this. Has been that you are talking about miles per gallon and while there's a relationship between. What comes out of the tailpipe added that fuel economy hammers gas is actually being burned. Our regulations. Only focus on the pollutants themselves. Including greenhouse. So we have been enforcing these rules for years. Back in the Obama era we reached an agreement with the our industry and her current government. Where we all outlined are Sanders and we're moving forward together. This is now an accurate on the part of the top administration. To roll back to where we were booked for Obama. And these standards Aaron have been widely popular not just in your state but across the country let's show our viewers. Our recent poll from the Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation which found that more than 60% of people. I actually support. And missions standards. And oppose president Trump's plan to freeze these standards that were put in place as you were just saying. Art with the Obama administration and clarity I guess a lot of people wondering today why is the president picking a fight with California who cares why does he can't say. Hello Korea wants is that a tougher standards. Yet you know I think California is one of these states that trump loves to try to fight and he loves to you know go after he talks about it a lot of the liberals in California so I do think there's some politics to it. I think there's also a little bit of frustration that the Californians. The state officials there are trying to. To proceed is that it is authorities said this is sort of an interesting acting power player gonna see play out in the court. Also an interest in dynamic for our conservatives marry because traditional and they tend to be very. States rights let the states regulate their own economies and environments very deferential to the statesman here. They seem to be out grabbing that back. I'm but what do you say to the president's argument reiterated today by some of his his officials that a single national standard. For fuel efficiency. And emissions. Is helpful to business that there shouldn't be a patchwork of state standards. Is there should be one national standard. Well the whole argument about the cleaning for decades has been and what should be done that federal government and what should be left to the states so. Under our national Clean Air Act states have the crying married role and responsibility. Of cleaning up clear for their citizens the one area where there has been asked federal preemption and toward it says it. Taken over the authorities has been angered with the auto industry. With one big exception which is California. And states that choose to move ahead to further at Astor. Have always been allowed to do that. As a long as we could establish that there was technical feasibility so we were doing and that there was a need to do it well there's no issue about the need. We need to house cleaner cars were broad public health and to address the threat of climate change. And the technical feasibility is there nobody's really contesting that. Either. It's also the case that we have states that it joined our coalition. And it adopted California's standards that are states with Republican governors are Republican legislatures. As well as Democrat so. I think this really is not an issue. She knew a lot of ways what's new is that. For once we ever present on who's trying to. Not just block anybody from going forward. But actually is trying to. Whole act an existing program that's already on the books. Aaron we agree that a national program that we all buy into is more cost effective that was why we signed on in the first place to be. Obama standards is because we could. One national standard but now that the president wants to revoke that standard. We have to go back to our old program which is much more. Aggression is much more yeah protect and then let the Fed's half from the Bucs. And we know that should be fighting this in court this is by no means the final word Mary Nichols chair of the California Air Resources Board thank you so much. Offer more on what this change potential change could mean for consumers and there is a potential big impact I want to bring in Shannon baker. I Brandstater from consumer reports which has been actually crunching some numbers. On what this could mean four or for how much you pay for gasoline in this country and a and about how much your car actually pollute Shannon. Tell us what you've been finding out with your analysis. So our right now is national. SD and government's aim. At what the administration is trying it can't understand. I'm out at me funny and the pact and that is are we seeing unborn. And on the numbers. Administration and cost an extra 460 billion dollars for humor. Another about 3300. Dollars per vehicle and belittling the Irish. To be binding and it really honor I'm dollar and tax on pocket from the pack. That's not insignificant over the life of a vehicle based on these standards session in thinks for. For bringing us that analysis from consumer reports in all of this just seems so confusing and but what's your bottom line on the I understand you know. I think that the way that Travis is gonna play this is to say you know if wean rollback regulations cars become cheaper when cars become cheaper people buy more that creates jobs and I'll also trade in their old cars and have safer vehicles on the road. As we've heard from consumer reports I think there's a cost of fuel that's gonna hit consumers so nothing is for free. And I think the bottom line is that consumers can buy what they want and we'll see where the market goes for right now this is a political fight not sound like straws and Michael. Straws and Michael now car fuel efficiency standards gonna landing court and thirty think you so much.

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{"duration":"8:35","description":"The Trump administration announced plans to revoke a waiver that would set stricter standards for auto emissions in the state.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65703517","title":"Trump to revoke California waiver on auto emissions ","url":"/Politics/video/trump-revoke-california-waiver-auto-emissions-65703517"}