Trump rips Republicans who defied him, says he 'stopped the blue wave'

President Donald Trump in a post-midterm press conference said he "stopped the blue wave," referring to the expectation of big Democratic wins.
3:24 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for Trump rips Republicans who defied him, says he 'stopped the blue wave'
We sow the candidates that. I supported. Achieve tremendous success last night. As an example of the eleven candidates we campaigned with during the last week. Nine. One. Last night. This vigorous campaign septa blue wave that they talked about I don't know there ever was such a thing but. Could've been if we'd under the campaigning probably there could have been. Candidates who embraced our message of low taxes. Low regulations low crime strong voters. And great judges excelled. Last night they excelled. They. They really am and we have a a list of of people. That were fantastic. And I'm just or put him out. Mike lost. Rodney Davis. Andy Barr was fantastic who I went to. Kentucky for the most part I didn't campaigned for the house but I did actually make a special trip for Andy Barr because he was in a very tough race. In Kentucky and he won. That was a very tough race the polls were all showing that he was down and down substantially any one. And that when I did do peach stopper of Minnesota. Great guy he's new. Then ran a fantastic race on the other hand you had some that decided to let stay away let's stay away they did very poorly. I'm not sure that I should be happy or sad. When it fit just fine about it. Carlos. Que de La. Mike Coffman. Too bad my. Meal out. I sell me a love. To call me all the time to help her. With a hostage. Situation. Being held hostage. In. Venezuela. But me love gave me no love. And she lost. To bad side about that Nia. And Barbara Comstock was another one and I mean I think she could've won that race Ritchie didn't wanna have many. Embrace. For that I don't blame her. But she. She lost sips influence. Peter Ross come. Didn't want to embrace Erik Paulson didn't want they embrace. Then in New Jersey I think he could have done well but didn't work out too good Bobbie again I feel badly because I think that's something that. Could've been one that's seriously could have been one. John fast so those are some of the people that you don't decided for their own reason not to embrace. Whether it's me. What we stand for but what we stand for. Meant a lot to. Most people and we've had tremendous support. Then tremendous support in the Republican Party among. The biggest support in the history of the parties I've actually heard at 93%. It's a record but I won't say that those who knows but we've had tremendous. Support.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"President Donald Trump in a post-midterm press conference said he \"stopped the blue wave,\" referring to the expectation of big Democratic wins.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59032896","title":"Trump rips Republicans who defied him, says he 'stopped the blue wave'","url":"/Politics/video/trump-rips-republicans-defied-stopped-blue-wave-59032896"}