Trump rolls out prescription drug initiative, WH skirts comments criticizing McCain

Sarah Sanders briefed reporters on North Korea summit and refused to say if White House aide who criticized McCain still has a job.
14:04 | 05/11/18

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Transcript for Trump rolls out prescription drug initiative, WH skirts comments criticizing McCain
My point here by justice officials and Mary Alice parks we've got married Bruce. Standing by one of the more consequential weeks of the trump presidency. I kind of winding down with what you might consider to be rather typical chaos but the big story the White House grappling. But with right now is. In a comment from an internal meeting or earlier in the week from an aide that I never heard before and I think was sort of semi anonymous Kelly Sadler. Who is reported to have said ABC news has confirmed from people in the meeting. That John McCain's not relevant because he's dying anyway and the White House stance to meet here guys really really intriguing you're guaranteeing the story doesn't go away because guess what we didn't hear from the White House today reading here we're sorry you know. College you know confirmation and no denying. That it happened either. I think part of the reason this is just created such a firestorm here in DC is that. Milloy and is loved like John McCain. Don't forget politics for kit which side of the outlets hard to do here in DC but really. Forget politics you talk to anyone up on Capitol Hill may have betting pool nothing but good things to say about him. And there's very few people laughter and. Are reals or statesman like Matt and Mary Bruce who who who covers John McCain and and other members of congress how is this being received this this is. This is a really stunning comment particularly given the fact that we know that Senator McCain is struggling with his health and all has to do with his opinion on the CIA nominee. Getting there are spots has been swift outraged. Huge amount of condemnation. For this White House staffer who made what. You know are pretty much universally viewed is wildly inappropriate comments. About a man who is not only beloved on Capitol Hill but it was also. Battling brain cancer at the suggestion was that the White House you know should just dismiss his criticism his opposition to the president's pick. To lead the CIA because as this staffer said it doesn't matter he's quote dying anyway I mean that is just. It is astounding that anyone would even make such a comment about someone who is nearly universally viewed. As an American hero and then I have to tell you what you just heard. The fact that the White House won't even comment. Audit. Is jaw dropping especially because last night. The White House did put out a statement now that statement did not include an apology did not include any kind of recognition of this. But that statement at least overnight said. We respect senator McCain's service to our nation and he and his failure in our prayers during this difficult time. Now today you know. What a week fifteen hours later. The White House won't say anything they won't even go as far as to repeat that statement that was given last night. It really doesn't make a lot of sense except if you think about the bigger picture here which is that it the White House. Work to come out and fired this aide Kelly Sadler it puts the White House and a really top spot because of course the president himself. Made those famously controversial comments about McCain on the campaign trail saying he was not a war hero because he was captured. The president himself still has yet to apologize for those comments of the White House is at a bit. Of a jam here to say the very least and of course you heard today from McCain's family his daughter Megan McCain. Coming out acting humanely rising above these comments saying look her family's doing fine. They have tremendous support but Megan McCain did question all out why they staffers still has her job. And and Sarah Sanders they simply didn't want to touch this issue at all which of course insures that this issue will only continue to be discussed about. And there were having an in his room whether or not even covered this story and with its services to low level person in the White House. It was absolutely from someone in the meeting who doesn't like their all like in fighting. It was all compounded as well on Fox Business yesterday when retired lieutenant general Tom McNamee ticket and others white and McCain. Read tastefully debug claim that he submitted to torture and then that's why they call them song bird. John John which was like the if there's no evidence that that actually happened so Lotta distasteful things on this and. And they can't part of reason Columbus because he's so many friend. Here in DC and economic country that came rushing to his defense and white wanted to be on the record to express to discuss a lot to do worry about. Came word about his illness worried about losing of. And don't forget that just last week to we recovered the story that McCain has reportedly telling his close friends that he doesn't want prompt at his funeral. Also just sort of like a strange distasteful sort of weird. Things I wish these stories around can't stop an agency like they may be connected because I think Mary makes an important point about how that the White House is Ian eagle as far as they went a statement I do think it's important to play. I'm Megan McCain who was on the view ABC news program of course our earlier today take a listen to what she had to say about the story the flow of yesterday. I'm not scared of death anymore I just not. And whatever you want to say. In this kind of environment the thing that surprises me most days. We estimate this if you join it. V I don't understand what kind of environment you're working in when that would be acceptable and then it comes to work and vaccines to eleven John yeah and that's all I have to say if I'm surrounded by I get to coming to work with women night she genuinely such affection for respect. There's so much love around my family my father's legacy is going to be talked about for hundreds and hundreds of hires these people. Nothing burgers not happen now yeah yeah. And Megan McCain making a direct point to challenge the White House asking why does this person have a job and Cecilia Vega our White House correspondent joining us now. The one piece of information we do glean from this from this briefing today is that Kelly sather does have a job today that we know for the White House no apology. No further explanation but she is the working there today. Rick was the headline out of this press briefing Saturday and and frankly Alessio right districts and the hunt allergies are rough out here tip. Me the and that that was a headline that that she still works here but I think the other headline was what wasn't it's and I mean it's pretty astounding that the White House. Is it. Answering any questions. Or even acknowledging. What has been set in what was said in sight is meeting. Multiple staffers who were in that meeting each other names are on out there but they are telling every outlet every network. Like it gives exact quote that Dick Kelley Sadler allegedly said. And the fact that the White House isn't acknowledging it but not denying it. Speaks volumes and and frankly. This might just don't think you're gonna go away for this administration. They adding we all know this history that president tribe has with John McCain and his don't frankly it offensive statements. Towards him and and and and until they put this one to bed with either an apology. Or a firm denial if that's the case it's not gonna go way. It's a great point to say it would be very easy to say we're sorry ordinary to the reiterates that last night none of those things happening. One other piece of news today a lot of other news but on another topic I mentioned earlier the consequential week. A little more information about the summit started to come into view and Cecilia heard from the White House today SARS and are saying they're going into this eyes wide open. Jon Karl asking what the end goal is here and she civil course complete and total total denuclearization. All in one day we're led to believe it's. I feel that my that's not enough time to get back home like a lot and I just overly ambitious experience and maybe just slightly Sicilian what's the take. Well. Yeah you know we've been hearing from sources here at the White House that this is really just a one day summit cirrus seemed open the authorities say that perhaps there is some time built into the schedule. That if in fact they go a little longer the very well may as you know what struck me with in speaking to a senior administration official here yesterday. This person was saying that there are no preconditions. That the United States is demanding of North Korea in advance of this meeting so. You know they're really going in with a clean slate I don't know I think a lot of experts who know a lot more than I do about these. Obsessions of diplomacy would say it's going to be really rough to accomplish. This long list that president chart track has to get to complete and total. Denuclearization. On the nor on the Korean Peninsula. He's you know what wasn't what's the title of his his and did art of the deal so maybe this is the time and can't let every. Yes it's completely unconventional and turned on if you look at the Iran deal. Which he ripped up that took literally years of negotiations before even someone like as high level as John Kerry went over there or negotiate. The way they're doing us is completely opposite they're gonna do the high level meeting first. And strategy. And and what John Estee as what's the best case scenario from that high level meeting and she says that we coming walkway with a deal. So what I think is going to happen is that there's no possible way they walk away with the deal I mean by lunch we'll just be getting over the handshake that'll have four hours till trying to break the dinner. There's no chance but they might start doing it just backwards way which is or the opposite way I should say which is to have those lower level meetings following the big photo op. You know as trump once and yet. I do think there will be an epic the handshake of all handshakes to be attacked us at that summit in North Korea make take that across. Exactly artistically is that you really you have to go to diagonal the world does look at the opposition and having the Dutch are actually does. As an hour. I know as well she does. That I'll. Here is is an aide speaking at hand he's imagining that. That visual. I can she be struck by the fact that there's no talk of human rights that the idea on the agenda isn't condos and and it seems to didn't totally forgot Anderson SI. This this man who has cauldron was brutal dictators in the world bite. President trump and planning Republicans and and foreign dignitaries. I mean pet that is just totally stopped and that issue is not being brought up at all and it will be remarkable to think about handshake of that magnitude. For those issues are just less and less. And if there it. If there is a complete. Denuclearization. Something major will be have to you know given an exchange and the major issues are the sanctions and the and the US troops and South Korea. A couple other things we want hit before we wrap it up for the weekend guys and was anxious for that but dubbed it new new developments in the Bob Waller wrote some ABC news exclusive reporting. This afternoon from our investigative team Johnson to chief Catherine falters in the team. Of reporting that Bob Mueller has new area of interest he is looking at. The inauguration money this is kind of famously a slush on opposite specifically though looking at foreign donations that may have monitor this Tom Barrick. That the longtime top confidant who read it who ran that inaugural committee among those being questioned by Muller it just in this seems like it opens up a whole different potential avenue. A 107. Million dollars to check out Bob biggest inauguration fund ever double a bomb put together. He's focusing on four. Foreign donate forward areas of interest for donations Russia Saudi Arabia UAE in cutter and he sort of Bosnia inquired why or why and why are they giving money very our congress it would mean it illegal for them to donate to the campaign but not choose the inaugural committee so. Where there. And entered that many GAAP. Landry shouldn't be any different than any other president time we know that was never fully accounted for either but yes you're right what what what it will under the influence potentially trying to buy this was a big avenue Q what you say you can't give money to to a to a campaign be hands you an inaugural. Was another thing John Killian inner yesterday as give any interviews but he talked to national public radio. And a long form long discussion it's his comments on immigration and I think Pavel lot of people. Worried about the point of you that he's bringing here he talked about how many of the immigrants coming here is adding I think even most don't have skills that not able to assimilate well. The the White House not commenting any further on that for this does seem to reflect a world view that's put forward by folks in the White House this is. The point if you that they use at the Department of Justice and that through this secretary of Homeland Security try to influence policy dispute that people are trying to come here just. Don't fit in. And and it's around the and it goes counter to a lot of to the fact evidence now that. First generation immigrants tend to be business owners tend to start businesses. At a higher rate and near where Americans so there's a lot of question about where they're giving these ideas from where these. Where these ideas sort of stem from. I was just in its meeting he did say he thought people would be here for a while under temporary protective status should be able to get citizenship. That is then again there are really the opposition. I'm administration administration has been actively rolling back those sponsors suggests that that is categories. And an essentially threatening to deport a lot of folks who've been here for awhile under that is. Those active status as so. Conflicting messages all around. Residents are just and we did learn this week that the president was really fired up about immigration innate and staffing secretary Nielsen got out and doing out over not being able to initialed an order that try to papal over the paper over those differences now but. Pres on the president's mind. A big time he apparently paraded Nelson for not arresting people border. Apparently in the cabinet meeting Wednesday sessions suddenly adjust to rest some of the order and you'll see us doing that and he kind of threw in the buff many turned on her. And and operated her according to people in the meeting. She denies that she offered in the resignation letter that she drafted a resignation which was one report time she denies that. But him. And I'm happy and his asylum laws and make it's that you can. To arrest people that took on the border seeking the right time that's all right a whole lot -- covered this week and a very consequential week that doesn't for this edition of the briefing room for just official Mary Alice parks I'm Rick Klein download any incidents happened. Catch us next time next week. Here on the pretty.

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{"duration":"14:04","description":"Sarah Sanders briefed reporters on North Korea summit and refused to say if White House aide who criticized McCain still has a job. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"55106307","title":"Trump rolls out prescription drug initiative, WH skirts comments criticizing McCain","url":"/Politics/video/trump-rolls-prescription-drug-initiative-wh-skirts-comments-55106307"}