Trump, Sanders Projected to Win New Hampshire Primaries

Based on the exit polls and vote analysis, the presidential hopefuls are expected to win.
4:35 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for Trump, Sanders Projected to Win New Hampshire Primaries
This is an ABC news special Rupp. Hampshire primary. Now reported. George Stephanopoulos. The poll that just flows in New Hampshire the nation's first primary and we have two winners for the Republicans ABC news projects that Donald Trump will win. That is based on the exit polls and some boats already counted as looking like a decisive victory. A decisive win too for Bernie Sanders on the democratic side. The Vermont senator scoring big over former secretary of state Hillary Clinton defeated Barack Obama in New Hampshire eight years ago. The rest of the Republican field all bunched up behind trump. Idol winner Ted Cruz Ohio governor John Casey Jeb Bush and Florida senator Marco Rubio all fighting the place. Chris Christie Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson furthered that. Those three may find it hard to go forward David Wright is with the senator's party in Concord and David. This self described democratic socialists are often got himself a party won in the senate now a winner in New Hampshire. That's right George is very much not a party of money here in New Hampshire series beginning candidate of the huge crowds 74 year old candidate Barack. The victory. This along with independents as well Cecilia Vega with the Clinton Campaign pucks in the city and they were braced for a Lawson playing camp. But not this bad. The pressure really on now in Nevada and South Carolina later this month. That's exactly right directly when the cap was hoping to avoid an embarrassment here in New Hampshire. Remains to be seen whether that's the case when we get these numbers but it looking like it probably will not be the case tonight we just received the memo. But its campaign manager they say they are now shifting the focus is you said to the early states the other early states South Carolina and Nevada. They're hoping that that's where her support among Latinos and African American voters. We're kicking and carrying her to victory it's been tonight coming out of Clinton camp is that they believe this race will be won in March not in February Georgia could see this podium here behind me we are waiting for Hillary Clinton to take this states. He could even go beyond march of Casey thanks very much Matt Dowd is here with me right now our political analyst and play trumpet centers have been heading they have for so long. It's hard to remember what a political earthquake this he's right I don't think you can underestimate the wow factor that exist in this today. But that was only six months ago that most insiders of both parties that neither one of these folks would ever win a primary and now they've won the first in the nation primary you mention earthquake this is a seven point oh on the richter scale with major foundational earth. Aspect of the establishment in the course in this. And only be aftershocks are going to be he felt going forward. And one thing's for sure the crowd's going forward for those two men are only anaerobic and both have channel lot of anger that's exactly right Matalin David Muir are now backing New Hampshire. They even going through the exit polls and you know trump is about as politically politically correct as you can get and those stark positions really struck a chord. If you're absolutely right George and this is really telling yearly half of Republican voters here in New Hampshire want an outsider status of look at this. On that issue of banning not American Muslims from coming into the US 66% of Republican voters here in New Hampshire support that ban and all of them. 42%. Voted for Donald Trump today in an amplifier that's so heavily criticized it won him votes there and on the democratic side. Let me Clinton's perceived strings experience and electability. But doesn't seem to matter much of the New Hampshire voters. Now that's absolutely right Georgia look at us we got this screen appear that the characters is that a third of democratic voters here and amp correctly looking for. Were an honest and trustworthy candidate look at the breakdown there. 92% of those voters went to Bernie Sanders 6% went to Secretary Clinton experience did not helper of bruising Knight team. What that is flashing red light for sector Clinton can give your thanks very much the next big contest the South Carolina GOP primary next Tuesday. Wanted to Jon Karl for more on men and John when you look at the results here what we have so far this feels not going to be window that much. Or five candidates scrambling to get second place here. All dividing the anti front vote at all seeing a reason to continue their campaign to the South Carolina and Georgia. That is good news for Donald Trump believes that anti trawl boat will remain divided. Here is okay Jon Karl thanks very much that is all for us right now. Dollar chomping Bernie Sanders the big winners in New Hampshire our coverage continues on more on Nightline to. See you tomorrow in Gian. This has been a special report. From ABC news.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"Based on the exit polls and vote analysis, the presidential hopefuls are expected to win.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36821955","title":"Trump, Sanders Projected to Win New Hampshire Primaries","url":"/Politics/video/trump-sanders-projected-win-hampshire-primaries-36821955"}