Trump is 'scared' of impeachment inquiry, Pelosi says

ABC News exclusive interview with Nancy Pelosi; Latest in impeachment showdown; Trump escalates immigration rhetoric; Bernie Sanders has heart procedure; 1-year anniversary of Jamal Khashoggi's death
28:07 | 10/02/19

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Transcript for Trump is 'scared' of impeachment inquiry, Pelosi says
Yeah. Every welcome took a break from her mom Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us on this Wednesday a lot of breaking news. On a number of fronts today here at ABC news we're gonna get to this developing story Bernie Sanders in the hospital out in Nevada. Bring you the latest and his health condition and what it means for his campaign coming up but first. I'd ABC news exclusive with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as she launches for impeachment effort. Into president trump ABC news chief anchor George Stephanopoulos sat down with Pelosi a short time ago. She says she's open to continuing to work with president trump even as they investigate but in her words she says the president is scared. Present was watching your press conference he says he heard you talk about why they do prescription drugs one envious Mexico. Can agreement but now he's going to do that Democrats as you can't do it why can't we do it it's up to him. We had that was our. Pledge during a campaign with the people who would lower the cost of prescription drugs I think that the president wants to do that so I hope that he would cooperate. He doesn't want the US Mexico Canada free trade agreements so too weak when we have assurances that there would be and flexibility for America's workers to America's. Farmers and with close. On the path to yes. So I think the president knows the argument can be made against him. And he scared and so he's trying to. Divert attention from pat. Two we're standing in the way of legislation he's scared you know hit another tweet right after the woman is talking to you about where he used the word I'm not gonna repeat. Right here did you hear the fear in his voice when he spoke within on the phone last week and so the surprise in his voice that he didn't understand. That I thought he did was wrong and that he was undermining our national security. That he was undermining our constitution by his actions and is undermining the integrity of our elections. Just. And this forget our senior White House correspondent Cecilia beggar she joins us from the north on Cecilia scared or not the president has certainly seemed. More aggressive and more angry and his response. He doesn't have a clear answer for why. He asked the president of Ukraine to investigate Joseph Biden. He had DeVon I think we've seen to those scenarios here today sort of back to back scenario that the president. Where he clearly is healing caged in he is clearly in rage. You know this is an administration where. We don't use the word normal a lot of things don't happen in normal way around here but what we've seen to date even in and that's. Scheme of things is not normal as the president's reaction he is he's a lashing out he's lashing out. At the media as we saw in the Oval Office he is lashing out at the Democrats. I kneel after this Oval Office where that we saw earlier today he's Chiron these headlines came out as a the president is having a meltdown. And then he goes and has this press conference where he says he uses that phrase it is used before that I am a very stable genius clearly. He is bothered by this one but as you say. He is not answering one of the primary questions that has been lingering over this administration says theft. Impeachment inquiry news broke last week I think we have that exchange racked up with us with Reuters Jeff Mason a White House reporter here take a lesson. What you want about why would you. Let Biden. And his son. Part stone called proactive and you know it. It's on walks out when millions of dollars they kid knows nothing. You know it and so do we go ahead ask the question the question sir was what did you want presents a Lansky to do about president Vice President Biden and his son hunter. Me yeah I was just a follow up of what I just ask these are lessons you're ready. We have the president of Finland asked him a question I have what form I just wanted to follow up on the one that asks you which did you really if you want you hear me yet ask him a question I will but I'm giving you a long answer. Ask. This gentleman and a question and don't be root they'll sir I don't wanna be rude I just wanted to to have a chance to answer the question and abstinence and everything. It's a whole hoax in you know is playing into the hopes people like you and the fake news media that we have in this country. And I say in many cases the corrupt media because you erupt. Much of the media in this country is not just make its erupt. And yet some very fine people to. Great journalist Brit reporters but it to a large extent. It's corrupt and it's bank asked the president of Finland the question place. See you could see my colleague Jeff Mason there again from Reuters asking president from repeatedly about Joseph Biden what exactly did. You want Ukraine to do about Joseph Biden the president not at all answering DeVon I gotta tell you know I've I've been covering this president for two years now. Even at the height of the Muller investigation I don't know that I've seen him. This angry this publicly. And also a stonewalling in public usually he has had some sort of an answer spin he can't answer. The central allegation at the heart of the democrats' case so far that he inappropriately asked. A foreign leader to meddle in our election to give him dirt on his primary political rival it. A fascinating to watch Cecilia and then the president's defense right now. Seems to be to declare all of this made up he went after the whistle blower earlier today as vicious. Is dis honest. But you for looking at that transcript rough transcript the White House released it seems to back up everything the whistle blower sets. Ed's exactly right the White House the president has repeatedly said that there are issues here that this is incorrect of course they're using the phrase. Fake news but where were a weekend at this now and they've yet to explicitly say what exactly. He's an accurate about all this and this really has become this push back the use mention. Has become centerpiece of the president's defense in this he he called it a coup with his democratic attempted. For of a coup impeachment inquiry on to Larry's calling it treasonous. But but you said it I mean that transcript. Matches. The White House's own version of the call matches what the whistle blower said in the complaint endowment again in president's own. Inspector general sent that this whistle blowers complaint is credible. Certainly get a make things very difficult for him as this investigation proceeds as to say they stand by. I captain crawlers also joins us from the hill Catherine speaking of the whistle blower you just learn some new information now the president weighed in on as well that the House Intelligence Committee. Got something of an early heads up about this four intelligence official having some concerns about the president's behavior. What's the significance of that news. EL I think it's also important here DeVon to point out an in the committee has can't confirm this in a statement. That ship has not met or Spokane. With the whistle blower or their council accorsi saw the president and that. Press conference. The just thing without any evidence that shift may have helped write this complained well in that statement. He says he didn't help break the complained that the whistleblower contacted the committee on how to move forward in they gave. A him advice on on hiring an attorney they're calling this. A regular occurrence them. Our Catherine thanks so much standby in the midst of this firestorm some other news popping a today over at the White House the president today weighing in on a new report. I that he used incendiary language raised a very controversial proposal earlier this spring about toughening his crack down. At the southern border ABC news has learned that at one point in a private mean the president. Asked his aides within the US could shoot migrants in the legs as they tried to cross and according to New York Times. Also raised the possibility of creating a water filled trench with snakes and alligators at the border to prevent those migrants. A Cecilia Vega is back I've seen our senior White House correspondent Cecile that this is. A part of a troubling series of cock comments on immigration are from this president hard to believe this wasn't a joke. Yeah I mean and where were both. A little bit snickering I think when you use you say that we're talking about a potential immigration proposal that deals with alligators and snakes in a moat around a border wall but that is what the New York Times is alleging in a story that is out today at a forthcoming book president trump. Was pretty adamant in his denials. About that aspect of the story calling it a total light he set on Twitter I'm. Top on the border but I am not that tough OK it was a lie but it he is adamantly denying that he proposed. This trench filled with alligators and snakes even though officials are telling the New York Times that there was a cost estimate produce. For the White House the president's request on this on but DeVon II I think the big headline in this. Is that the president is not denying this White House is so far not tonight. This conversation that we have confirmed the president hat on multiple occasions with aids where he suggested. That Border Patrol officers might shoot migrants illegally crossing in the border in a late in the lakes as a means of deterring them. From crossing there is no denial on that when it and it in and just to sort of step back for your DeVon. It's it's important for us to have. This conversation on a day like today because they think get all of this impeachment news and all of this chaos isn't enveloping this White House and and frankly this city rate now. There's a lot of big headlines that are happening that we can't can't ignore and this is a potentially. A huge policy that this White House that this president seriously considered I think for time being and in fact aides had to. Essentially talking mock alleged to you can't do that's or this is not legal salute we have to keep talking about these big headlines admit that in the midst of this this impeachment. Analysts as stunning as it is it's hard to believe is that as it is sources inside that west wing telling us that it is happening in these ideas are being raised sooner thanks so much for joining us senior White House correspondent Catherine fall there's back to you. You were one who helped us confirm this story overnight. What was the reaction from your sources. To the president's ideas when these were raised and where they actually drafted it's a Sealy alluded to there. Oh well look I think that the New York Times reported at a being drafted by it but at least the folks that I have been talking to about the story saying that the president has been bringing this up. Since November of twenty teamed up and so this is been an bin in his mind. For some time at least the source that I spoke to and an initial a comment that the president made in in November of Tony eighteen. As they said that they it immediately tried to convince the president out of this it doesn't seem like it's gone particularly far but it Lisa. This source investment inside the White House say this it could not happen essentially told president you can't. Captain folder forcing capped a Capitol Hill thank you so much Catherine for a different perspective on all of us and a little bit more on immigration sort wanna bring in Quinn knowing he's our immigration reporter here at ABC news because. As all this was unfolding Quinn and we're learning new details about some of these some eye popping ideas that the president. Was suggesting. His Homeland Security chief a DHS secretary Kevin Mac lean and the men in responsible for overseeing the administration's policy at the border gave an extraordinary interview. Late yesterday to the Washington Post which is quite in contrast to what we're hearing from the president. Right it it was a rule the world wide ranging interview here is and it this is an example of where the pulp people who are responsible for executing policy Mac only and an end his. Team at DHS are now getting into the political realm we see the Washington Post quotes there. He's talking about not being eight Kate accepted not being feeling a bit isolated. And not feeling like his and he's in priest in charge of the messaging that's coming out of his department. It's not entirely clear if he's talking about the president here or just the broader national conversation. But this is an example of him possibly taking a political hit for the way he's communicated about these are. Are striking to see the man at the center of this immigration policy that the president has put forward come out and say publicly that he has lost control of the tone of the message. The use of terminology is being harmful to what he's trying to do to control the crisis. You see here he says in this polarized time I am uncomfortable as the accountable senior figure certainly seems like a swipe. At some of the words the rhetoric the ideas alligators. That we're hearing from the White House Quinn oh and thank you so much for little more on the rhetoric here I wanna go to our guests join us now from New York, New York university professor Dan Ruth then he got who is an expert on fascism and authoritarianism she's been here in the show. Before great to see your Ruth so. This question I have here is it's sort of to go to 30000 feet on this extraordinary story of the president's controversial ideas. Given that this was said in private given that it has not come to fruition. How concerned should we be by this is it really that problematic that the president sort of spout are often private and his aides. Sort of dismissed as. It's very problematic and we need to be extremely concerned and earth because has been mentioned on the show already. These kinds ninety it's been circulating since he does me teen. And there are consistently idea shooting are migrants in its comes up at his rallies are in summer rounded up in me 2090. Minute rally. Black and are in San you can only get really gotten can't handle. And although it may seem like there horror film is he knows the straits electric frank. Last night's trends and alligators this is very much a glimpse into the twisted mind the person who is murdering his country its current. And unfortunately. Right what's keeping winds its anchor personality and more experienced. And a lot about this Ruth is I think sometimes a sort of structure had I think a lot of our viewers. I have inserted then I have their eyes glazed over it given the amount of controversial comments. That have come from the president some of his defenders even here in the show said this is just too Wii is he talks like this. Doesn't really mean it is a provocative guy. Do it do you see your risk here that all this behaviors become normalized to a certain extent and can even seep into the public discourse. Absolutely I think you create we create very well. And I hate to remind everyone that's. Before he got the president's our nation in January 2016. He talked about shooting some more. This isn't seeing throughout his presidency and then he during the campaign mimicked shooting you know alluding to shooting. He's political rival Hillary Clinton so. This is why from the very start as he looked at me like someone with authoritarian tendencies because what he's very serious. Even before they get our office and and European president who chairs it at this Wilson aren't Brazil at this they start associating themselves with violence. And proximity to violence that they could be capable of violence and this strategy into mediation. And now it is that it's against Wahl and he's very worried about impeachment and Mary it's logic that's he's going to be lashing out more than are. Certainly fires up his base we've seen that for sure and I know that it is also upset. A lot of people in this country particularly immigrant communities so a lot to be concerned about. And we appreciate you joining us from been yacht from and why you think you so much. Or not it's a breaking news involving Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and his campaign this 78 year old presidential candidate hospitalized. In Nevada overnight. Complaining of chest pains his campaign has now canceled all events until further notice effectively. Suspending his campaign at this. Critical juncture I want to bring in now our team that covers the sanders' campaign for more on what this means. For the campaign going forward his state of health right now Mary Alice parks is here a deputy political director she covered. His twin sixteen campaign also joined. By Avery harper she is ours Sanders our correspondent out in Nevada right now Avery wanna start with you give us the latest what are you hearing on his condition how he's doing. What we know that Bernie Sanders is recovering here in Las Vegas after having that heart procedure. That's a clear a clogged artery know that his wife Jane. Is making her way to being by his side here in front of us are ross' restaurant this is the last place we're senator Sanders was seen last night he was here break closed door. Fund raise our spoke with the owner of the restaurant and he said that the senator seemed tired and that he asked ray chair to sit down to ask answer questions from attendees. Tommy to take a look at this graphic this is a statement from. Senior advisor to the campaign Jeff Weaver. Is he says that the senator had chest pains which led soups senator Sanders going to the hospital he said that the senator is up and in good spirits we know that the senator was related to do with three events here in Las Vegas I was laid to travel with the senator in California later this week we know that has all come to a screeching halt. As he recovers from that procedure. Now we're also joined now they say every during my doctor marine you're saying he's the head of cardiology. At Lenox Hill Hospital in New York joins us. From New York via Skype doctor thinks so much for coming in a lot of people wondering. What this statement from the campaign means relatively ambiguous or clogged artery to stents. How serious is that he procedure like that what does this mean. You're so thank you for having me on I've been getting a lot of these calls. Angioplasty and stent placement. Really under one category called Kirk tease coronary intervention PCI. It's pretty routine procedure. Done very common we in the United States and worldwide. It can be done in different clinical settings and that really determines. How the recovery is and how serious condition. The worst scenarios some had a heart attack. And there are actually in the heart attack or trying to open the Audrey having it. The best scenario is somebody who's very stable living their life. Starts to steal symptoms early on and they get. Don't by stress tests and some other modality that there's a blockage. And that's obviously key question that's your point there were asking the campaign did senator Sanders have a heart attack here they haven't provided any information America speculated could have been a simple. Now they're saying that he was experiencing just come first career granted downplay. Anything like that they're saying that he was having a regular day on the campaign trail and then in the evening senate's not. Sheila. Doctors job opting congress gave me a very clean bill help is obviously. Quite active for seventy years old. He had at the time according to doctor's letter no signs of coronary heart disease no high blood pressure or mild cholesterol. Now what does it tell you that that something of this nature are clogged arteries and the need for two stance comes out at this point does that suggest. Anything more serious. Well you don't have to know his case to really comment and I don't know this clinical details and we'll tell you in general. You know there are five major risk factors for developing carp are released without Brooks chronic disease Platt. They are. Been around forever and you know your stuff that we work all want our patients to modify it so they are hypertension. High cholesterol. And smoking diabetes. Can we history of heart disease and Durham and advancing age. I finally doctor having undergone a procedure like this we know that he's recovering cleared his schedule. How quickly do you think Bernie Sanders can give back to an active normal schedule. An active function. Yeah. Tico a lot of that depends upon. How much what his clinical presentation was was it more unstable as a heart attack. But in general most of these procedures people recover from really and gays who a few weeks. Our doctors render saying head of cardiology at Lenox Hill Hospital in Europe think he's so much sir for Skyping you know you're very busy appreciate your perspective. I'm there Alice he has. Here's recovery and then there's a covering to Bernie Sanders level activity. Mean this is a candidate who normally campaign more than. People half his age he was usage and three or four events a day. I'm are being as a part of it a hard time keeping up with him so it's hard to imagine we'll be able to get accent that love all. If he does do that quickly. That's going to be quite a statement they. Nothing has boasted about his health is at his vitality in fact he gave an interview just earlier this month to doctor Oz the doctor Oz show to talk about. His health out there on the campaign trail here's what he had to say about how it's been fill in the past few months. I will tell you that being on the campaign trail is very difficult. You don't get enough sleep so a campaign. Trail is really not conducive. But the good health happens what what I tried to do as much as like and his walk on the big walk when I was a kid a growing up right here in new York city of Brooklyn. A law. Ari was a cross country runner and a pretty good moral. And I have good endurance. Community 437 mile and an as a runner myself that's pretty good. Yet he was a champion actually and his campaign likes to put out pictures of him playing basketball it is Stanley baseball at his grandkids. Their current their argument to why he is young enough to run for president 78 years old is. That he's doing and they always say the proof is in the pudding look at how he campaigns. So this. Headline this development really hits at the heart of this critique that that maybe he's just along. Also see in must be extremely frustrating for Bernie Sanders he's obviously been struggling in a number of polls nationally key states. To comment this time he's got to be quite frustrated. Absolutely innocent time in the race where British Sanders needs to win over new voters and he's out a hard time doing that. He has a silent a group of supporters that have stuck with him. A but he needs to expand his being so this is a really tough headline for that. He might have been able to have a little bit of a change in trajectory this week because he released just walking fundraising numbers overnight. That really show fund raiser popular right now that just an unbelievable numbers that show his dominance in small dollar fundraising. But this is not the change and tragic that they were hoping for. End and politically finally Mary Alice because you've been really plugged in with the state in this race right now we just saw on the screen them a new Monmouth University poll has kind of been. Hanging out in third place a lot of pull second place in some polls this particular one at a 15% behind Warren. And Biden. How does this affect his campaign do you think he's thinking about giddy now do you think that did that it's too too soon to be it is it's not talk. About his campaign's targets are are taking a Twitter to totally downplayed that saying he is a fighter he is tough they expect him to be out of the campaign trail soon. But I've talked to some progress a strategist that are definitely starting to wonder. Wondering how he sells it and if he's able to do to make a real pitch to voters that he is the right guy instead witnessed the end. A more appropriate time to look elsewhere you know it's a tough moment for him and his campaign's really gonna have to be transparent about his health and they're gonna have to show that he has any message. And we were seated delayed all campaign against for the time being also suspended some TV ads in Iowa while he recovers and figures on a path for Merrill sparks thank you so much eyes always are thanks again Avery harper out there in Nevada covering. The sanders' campaign finally today we're taking a look back one year later at the death of journalist in Washington Post columnist and American resident Joseph mall. Can't show he it was one year ago that he walked into that. Consulate Saudi consulate in Turkey. And never came out to act today around the world his family members and friends. Were commemorating Erica shall be. In what he stood for speaking truth to power in Saudi Arabia as a journalist. A challenging backed government. And of course bringing that reporting here to audiences around the world and in the United States. It's also raise new questions and invigorated the conversation about threats to journalism around the world today. Take a look at these numbers from the Committee to Protect Journalists sixteen journalists to have been killed so far in 2019. More than 250. I she imprisoned around the world last year alone. A 64 journalists. Are miss seeing our right now a troubling picture. For international journalism as we remember tomorrow commercial he needs talk a little bit more about this to remember could show me. I'm where journalism goes from here I'm joined by Courtney rash from the Committee to Protect Journalists corny think so much for coming over courtesy of so taught me about the anniversary in the significance of this moment do you think. Their debts Jamal's memory is being sustained do you think that people are still thinking about what this means for journalism I. Think people are thinking about what it means you've seen events all over the world but I think about we're also seeing got neither. The United States government nor are business leaders around the world are willing to. Take a stand in against Saudi Arabia which cause I just recently Mohammed bin saw mom the leader there. Has accepted responsibility and yet no one has been held accountable. There are secret trials happening. And we don't know any information about god and sixteen journalists are behind bars nine more were arrested this year so the cocked on continues. And we're seeing some pictures here in front of the Saudi embassy today protesters. Highlighting the role of the top levels of the Saudi government Mohamed bin Som on their caricature and left she saw. According to the interview that. And Vince Oman gave to sixty minutes over the weekend denied. Took responsibility but denied complicity in the murder of this journalist and I was struck by one question was asked that. You know what's it. What is a journalist to you how as a journalist threatening to you but it is true that a lot of these authoritarian regimes feel threatened and have been taking steps. To crackdown on jerks. Yes I'm authoritarian regimes in frankly democracy like so we've had seen at least as you mentioned sixteen journalists killed this year. Historically the vast majority of journalists who lose their lives in the line of duty are murdered. And in nine out of ten cases no one has ever held responsible and unfortunately looks like that's going to be the case with the show she. We've also seen you know yes and authoritarian regimes we've seen three years of that record numbers of journalists imprisoned around the world with Turkey China and Iran. Accounting for 30% are sorry for over half of them. I'm but I think that what we're really concerned about as well is the anti press rhetoric that emanates from. Some of the world's leaders in democracies. With the labeling of journalist asked Geeknews as enemies of the people. And we are seeing this ricochet around the world have really negative impacts on press freedom. On the safety of journalists. We're just trying to do their job and serve the public and it. It's is very important remember because we see a lot of it here we here we are to today coming from the White House recording. A run out of time here but real quickly too anyone is watching this who wants to support good journalism wants to be defender journalism. And quality journalists what we're convey everyday people do. Well tonight are holding a vigil so you can think about and in front of the Saudi embassy in Washington DC you can pay for your news because dot supports journalists and their ability to stay safe. And when a petition in our tweet comes along that is about you know freeing this journalist are getting justice. Think about and gazing without because we know when journalists get out of prison or when we talk to their family is that got her engagement real. Any different so important Courtney rashly declare a Committee to Protect Journalists thank you so much for coming in sticking around today in an in memory jamarcus shall we thank you for watching this year and ABC news live in the brief here we're here every day 3:30 PM eastern time 530 and 630 as well. Download the ABC news that you can follow all the stories we covered today right there on Devin Dwyer Washington but to see Redeker tomorrow.

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