Trump sets new sanctions on Iran, appoints new national security adviser

President Donald Trump announces plans for stricter sanctions on Iran following the Saudi oil facility attack and appoints former lawyer Robert O'Brien to replace John Bolton.
27:59 | 09/18/19

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Transcript for Trump sets new sanctions on Iran, appoints new national security adviser
Everybody welcome to brief him on Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us on this Wednesday a number of breaking have minds that we are following at this hour starting. With the Federal Reserve the Federal Reserve chief Jerome Powell a few moments ago announced. A that they are now cutting interest rates for the second time this year's citing threats to US economy the move will reduce the benchmark rate by a quarter point also make it cheaper now for consumers. But in businesses to borrow money while the economy generally has looks pretty good the Fed says it's worried about their protracted trade war with China. And the slowdown in American manufactured. Well three days after that daring strike on the world's oil supply inside Saudi Arabia that government today publicly blamed Iran. For the first time. The Saudi military officials showed a publicly today video that they said documents the trail of drones from Iran in airspace into Saudi Arabia they also showed parts. I've drones that they recovered from the site of the attack president trump who just yesterday walked back his threat of possible military action against Iran. Today said he'd quote substantially. Increased sanctions on that country take a listen. But there are many out. Many. That is the ultimate option and their options a lot less. Well they work very proudly presents dinner and right now we're in a very very powerful. President drop out in California making that he was also standing alongside his new pick for national security advisor the man on the right there is. Former Republican lawyer and hostage negotiator in the trump administration Robert O'Brien. He most recently helped negotiate the release of our rapper. I he replaces John Bolton who you remember was fired last week and becomes now president Trump's fourth national security advisor. More than any president has had at this point in their presidency. Well the president's trip to California is also set off a fresh showdown with that state over trump administration. Moves to roll back regulations on the environment the president announced this morning on Twitter. That he's now revoking a waiver for California they gave that state the ability. To regulate air pollution from cars and trucks. Which is down almost exclusively since the 1970s. EC between their for more on why the president is taking this step what he hopes to Dubai at our senior reporter and clarity who covers. The EPA and other agencies is here and let's start for people. Trying to digest what the president has Dominic comes to car truck standards what to California actually want in wanted to call on the president from. Well what California wanted were stricter standards that if you were gonna sell a car or truck in their state that it would need a fuel efficiency standard that was higher than the federal level and they even took it a step further this summer. When they meet and deal with four. Auto manufacturers to say you have to meet these standards if you want to sell and in our state and some other states have agreed they want to take those same standards so. In the administration's by a created two standards to markets. Also a lot of auto makers going along with that improving fuel efficiency for consumers the Obama mistress and set a pretty hard target fifty miles per gallon by all vehicles by Tony Tony five and California going further than that lets. I bring into the conversation Mary Nichols she's chair. The California Air Resources Board she was appointed by Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also helped. I set these standards Mary thanks for joining us you say you to fight this a move by the administration. He has actually California has been enforcing our own. And vehicle emissions and air pollution standards going back to the 1960s. So it's something that every governor of California a Republican and Democrat going back to Ronald Reagan has insisted on riches because our ear. It's so apparently after such a challenge to removes response from our air and millions of people or acted. That we should have the ability to require cleaner cars. And I want to make it clear that we don't regulate the fuel economy that's done by the Department of Transportation under the cafe standards so pardon. Confusion I think in some of the news coverage of this. Has been that you are talking about miles per gallon and while there's a relationship between what comes out of the tailpipe added that fuel economy how much gas is actually being burned. Our regulations. Only focus on the pollutants themselves. Including greenhouse. So we have good enforcing these rules for years. Back in the Obama era we reached an agreement with the auto industry and hurt or government. Where we all outlined our standards and we're moving forward to gather. This is now an effort on the part of the top administration. To roll back to where we were booked for Obama. And these standards Aaron have been widely popular not just in your state and across the country let's sure viewers. Our recent poll from the Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation which found that more than 60% of people. I actually support. And missions standards. And oppose president Trump's plan to freeze these standards that were put in place as you were just saying. Art with the Obama administration and clarity I guess a lot of people wondering today why is the president picking a fight with California who cares why does he can't say. Hello Korea wants is senate tougher standards. Yet you know I think California is one of these states that trump loves to try to fight and he loves to you know go after he talks about it a lot of the liberals in California so I do think there's some politics to it. I think there's also a little bit of frustration that the Californians. The state officials there are trying to. To proceed is that is authorities said this is sort of an interesting acting power player gonna see play out in the court. Also an interest in dynamic for conservatives marry because traditional and they tend to be very. States rights let the states regulate their own economies and environments very deferential to the statesman here. They seem to be out grabbing that back. I'm but what do you say to the president's argument reiterated today by some of his his officials that a single national standard. For fuel efficiency. And emissions. Is helpful to business that there shouldn't be a patchwork of state standards. There should be one national state. Well the whole argument about the cleaning for decades has been and what should be done by the federal government and what should be left to the states so. Under our national Clean Air Act states have the crying married role and responsibility. Of cleaning up clear for their citizens the one area where there has been asked federal preemption and toward it says it. Taken over the authority has been angered with the auto industry. With one big exception. Which is California. And states that choose to move ahead to further a pastor have always been allowed to do that. As a long as we could establish that there is technical feasibility so we were doing and that there was a need to do well there's no issue about the need. We need to house cleaner cars for a broad public health and to address the threat of climate change. And the technical feasibility is there nobody's really contesting that. Either. It's also the case that we have states that have joined our coalition. And it adopted California's standards that are states with Republican governors are Republican legislatures. As well as Democrat so. I think this really is not an issue. You are a lot of ways what's new is that. For once we ever press it on who's trying to. Not just block anybody from going forward. But actually is trying to whole act an existing program that's already on the books. Aaron we agree that a national program that we all buy into is more cost effective that was why we signed on in the first place to be. Obama Sanders is because we could. One national standard but now that the president wants to revoke that standard. We have to go back to our old program which is much more. Aggressive is much more yeah protected as. Then what defense half on the bucks. And we know that should be fighting this in court this is by no means the final word Mary Nichols chair of the California Air Resources Board thank you so much. Offer more on what this change potential change could mean for consumers and there is a potential big impact I want to bring in Shannon baker. I Brandstater from consumer reports which has been actually crunching some numbers. On what this could mean four or for how much you pay for gasoline in this country and a and about how much your car actually pollute Shannon. Tell us what you've been finding out with your analysis. So our right now is national. SD and governments in. The administration is trying it can't understand. And out at me funny I. And the pact and that is are we seeing a more in. And numbers. Administration and cost an extra 460 billion dollars for humor. Another about 3300. Dollars per vehicle and belittle and beyond. To be binding and they're really honor I'm dollar and tax on pocket from the pack. That's not insignificant over the life of a vehicle based on these standards session and thinks for. For bringing us that analysis from consumer reports and all of this just seemed so confusing and but what's your bottom line I don't understand you know. I think that the way that Travis is gonna play this is to say you know if we roll back regulations cars become cheaper when cars become cheaper people buy more that creates jobs and I'll also trade in their old cars and have safer vehicles on the road. As we've heard from consumer reports I think there's a cost of fuel that's gonna hit consumers so nothing is for free. And I think the bottom line is that consumers can buy what they want and we'll see where the market goes for right now this is a political fight not sound like straws and Michaels. Strossen life books now car fuel efficiency standards gonna landing court and Freddie thank you so much of the president. Is using his visit out west also shine a spotlight on California's problem. A with homelessness while that state has just 12%. Of the country's population it also has half. Of the nation's armed sheltered homeless population lives in California on where the president is now amplifying concerns. And complaints that have. For a long time then those shared by the city's democratic of the State's democratic politicians that encampments in major cities of LA in Sanford Cisco have been untenable they're bad for business. Of course they don't agree on solutions Democrats and accused the president here of making the problem worse and are mad gotten in. I chief international correspondent out in Los Angeles there's action and spend some time taking a look at the homelessness problem. In California hey Matt good to see you so what do you seen firsthand view of our viewers a sense of the scope from we'll take a look at some pictures you've got. Even before we start there's a reason that there is such a significant proportion of homeless people here in California. Look around you it's nice it's pleasant most of the year it is a very comfortable place to be if you are living on the street. And people tend to choose places where they can also get help and that is this Skid Row area in downtown Los Angeles and we've been vetted dead end. Whip up fire station number nine which is the busiest fire station in the whole country. And that's not because they have that many fires although they do it's because they essentially serve. As the primary health care providers for this massive population of thousands of homeless people. On Skid Row and if you drive down their and you see it and spend time with these folks you'd. You learn that they're basically giving them. You know stitches when they cut themselves a people call in and their friend is just collapse from an overdose. These firefighters are their first on the scene they taken to the hospital if someone has a headache affiliate anything. Cardiac arrest this is where they go the seals have shootings and stabbings that sector. But we sees there's this whole ecosystem. Of a society that's developed on the streets of downtown Los Angeles and there's no real solution because what we saw. With our own eyes is people collapsing with overdoses one day and in the very next day the same team that we imbedded with. We're pic of that same person off the ground and they will recognize the person that they had saved literally saved their lives that day before. As the person who had just OGO deed and that they're doing it all over again. And there's no easy solution and and that's what we've learned from betting with these firefighters. They don't have a solution what they are trying to do is streamline the way this works right because this has been an enormous drain. On the system it it is insane to have firefighters in. Pick out bring out a giant fire truck in an engine every time somebody complains about having a headache because they are responding to a 911 call so what they're trying to do is have these. Quick reaction teams are trying to have sobriety teams that take people. Q halfway house is or other programs that can help them with their sobriety. And they're trying all sorts of different things but so far. Nothing is really work to mitigate the number of homeless people on the ground in Los Angeles in fact the numbers are only growing debt in. And not the city's mayor not the firefighters. Nobody seems to have a ready solution for this I don't think president trump will either. Yet to really intractable problem Mac great reporting thank you so much the president suggested maybe police scene may be bussing these people to a shelter. I'm not a lot of details there but this is a tough when you're gonna stay out of this is just the start of a big project your words working on much more from you Matt Gutman. And the coming days thank you so much mat for for sharing that back here in Washington as this city remains in a holding pattern on new gun violence prevention measures. The parents of those victims of the sandy hook elementary school shooting back in 2012 are with a provocative new public service announcement. Highlighting just how unacceptable. In surreal the situation has become. With the threat of mass shootings and America's schools take a look at this video although I will caution that some of these scenes. Could be quite hard to watch take a look. This year. Come on come into the perfect back to back school. These findings help any state or get. These headphones hard. Studying. This interview. The chances of ever conclude. School who constitute. He's his socks. But he realized favorite. But I think. They'll vote wouldn't stay protected monotony. That PSA Garrett gets me goosebumps it's the product of Nicole hotly. In her organization sandy hook promise she joins me now Nicole thinks so much of the mother six year old Dylan Hough we will of course I was killed at sandy hook back in 2012. Thanks for being here tell us about the PSA what message you hope to send him wire releasing it. Now. We're releasing this TSA in the back to school time because I think a lot of parents don't really understand. What that school experiences like for their kids today. School shootings continue to increase last year was the worst year on record. And that's sad thing is these acts are preventable so by selling an act like this now. And in really kind of giving parents a little bit about an emotional gut punch we're hoping to engage them in prevention as a solution. And talk to their kids about how they know the signs. And can learn the signs within their school to prevent violence before it happens that this stops being. The normal experience that our kids are having today. Now it's it's shocking that it's normal hasn't experienced and and we and to see it is really quite something and join of the phone by senator Chris Murphy. Of Connecticut who of course is from the state where the sandy hook massacre happened has been a leading advocate on this issue senator thank you for calling in. When he your reaction to this very powerful PSA if you've seen it. And what whether you think is Nicole hopper was just talking about there your colleague sits in his sort of a real firsthand sense that this is what it's like right now I American schools. I'm grateful student Nicole and her team for putting that out there I hope everything or my colleagues looks at didn't. May end of course all of us as parents to listen to our kids come home. Having gone through these active shooter drills which are a minor but not insignificant comment in and of themselves. IE I think there were at a moment in this country where parents and students are demanding action. And you're seeing the Neil moved more than it ever has before congress with Republicans more and more willing to look at. Things like universal background checks or Moses bans on these dangerous. Military style weapons. I wish you didn't have to take. These kind. Messages. Wish people would have to be faced a page of the reality of toward school shooting looks like in order to change their mind but. I do think my detention. And senator on that very point when asked you just said and you feel the needle is moving now more than ever. Bring us inside those conversations you're happy right now with your colleagues from the White House how optimistic are you give us an update that something can be done. Well evaluated on moment right now where the White House says you know put gave a proposal on the table that was leaked to the press this morning. That. You know is constructive in that it shows there are still trying to come up with a creative ideas. Me and I'll be sitting down the attorney general along with. Senator Manchin and senator to me tonight. Tenet. Try to understand more about what the White House is willing to do. The problem is that the president still hasn't weighed in the even on the proposal that. His own attorney general is floating around congress and it's kind of hard for Republicans to say yes to anything in Medina where the president stands but. You know the fact that we are talking at this level of detail. I'm once again it is time that the courageous work that the coal and so many other parents and survivors are doing. Is having an impact. And finally just when askew about the presence tweet this morning everybody's waiting to hear where he stands and all the stuff he talked about some comments that former congressman better or work made an art to date. In Houston last week the president says those comments about taking people's assault weapons. Makes it harder to get a deal do you think that language is counterproductive what what's did you make of that moment. I hope the president hasn't grasping for excuses. My head as to why he is ultimately going to cheese do nothing again. If we ultimately do nothing of the congress has not passed any substantial. Reform of our gun laws there's only one. Submitted only one party to boys it's the Republicans have been standing in the way of this very very long time so. I hope that we can continue the discussion that we've been having I'm looking forward to meeting with the attorney general later today in and hopefully we'll have more report in the coming days. We look forward to an update senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut thank you so much sir for taking the time to call and appreciate very much a coal want to bring you back. Into the conversation you just heard the senator say he feels like the needle is moving how do you feel. About the state of affairs right now you'd you have personally lobbied so many members of congress for years. I imagine it must be quite frustrating and disheartening that nothing's actually been done. It did it is disheartening and and I applaud senator Murphy for being so committed to this effort for several years seven years now. But I do agree with him that the needles moving not only in congress because. This is an open conversation that is happening much more regularly now in and people are even campaigning on a house of that is a significant change. But also in general a conversation across America. Has changed more people are involved than ever before we're also seeing more people saying something in averting potential. Threats of school shootings and suicides and there's a lot of action being taken where getting there it is frustrating it is a long journey but I have absolute faith. That we will create a safer community for our kids and for our future. And finally I just because does seem at least politically speaking the ball is in the president's court at this latest moment as they talk about doing something in the wake of those. Double shooting in south last month in Texas and Ohio. What would you say if you sat down president trump and met him face to face what was your message be president trump at this moment. I would urge president trump to take action the ball is in his court. There is legislation that's available today that would help save lives. And it's not about taking away rights it's about doing the right thing for his country. I'm sad and urged him to take that action immediately. Nicole hotly co-founder sandy hook promise we so appreciate you enjoy answered a call thank you so much thank you. Well next today September is suicide prevention month in this country today were highlighting the impact. I that suicide has on America's most vulnerable citizens. It's veterans suicide rates among veterans are one and a half times higher than the civilian population 6000 veterans die by suicide. Every single year. The highest rate is among eighteen to 34 year olds earlier today. I spoke with the director of the suicide prevention program at the Department of Veterans Affairs doctor Matt Miller. But to ask him why so many of those deaths involve a firearm in what the agency is doing now. I broke 6970%. Veteran suicides are firearm. Related. But what what we really focus on is safety regarding firearms. And working with veterans. To understand. Win they may be at increased risk. Four suicide. And then Morton with that recognition. In her reducing time and space between weapons and ammunition and self. For a period of time. And veterans are overall very receptive to this for example. Gun lock distribution. That's that's one of our most popular. Handouts Adam bands that we engage for suicide prevention. Thanks to doctor Matt Miller the VA if you know someone who is contemplating to setting you're looking. Are for a way to help you can contact the suicide prevention hotline 180273. 8255 there are people there 24/7. Willing to listen and willing to walk you through it and if you're considered yourself to get you some help our thanks to that team finally today and a lighter note national treasure. I here in Washington reopens to the public tomorrow after years of technical glitches. And construction delays at the Washington monument there it is in this beautiful sunny day in Washington has been shut down for quite some time if they did that earthquake. Here that elevator inside the monument. Rocket mechanical trouble but today our Serena Marshall out there on the National Mall got a first hand look she got a ride up and that our. Elevator Serena what did you would you get to experience today. Dad Devean that Elliott and that's insight today is much different than the first elevator that was put in and 191888. That. It was actually steam and the time women and children weren't allowed to go up but it because it was considered. To danger as that this snazzy new elevator all the high tech. Upgrades the Washington monument has gone through over the past couple years means finally tomorrow after. None three years as you said before that an additional three years that is under construction we'll reopened to the public. That fence going no way those visitors will be flocking to this money. This coveted views counties say it's a view unlike any other in DC. From the US capitol to the Lincoln Memorial. And all of the nation capital's most historic buildings and between. And I can only be seen here at the Washington monument. We'll be right. Standing 500 ended the five feet five and 18 inches it's the cornerstone of the National Mall. But since two dozen sixteen following an elevator cables snapping it closes doors to the public again. After had only been open for two years from a previous three year shut down from the 2011 earthquake. It's isn't an epic series that it was a long line of people expected when he takes. Well when you get into doing a renovation. Cars. The upgrades mean a high tech security system outside a smoother elevator ride inside that the top. Those saying brass. Taking views so when you get to the top U gets to that deal at that moment feeling totally amazing have been look forward to it. It's our country for tourists and means signs like that us we'll disappear starting tomorrow. Now to come and visit the Washington monument it's free open to the public but to go signed you do need a ticket they're going to be getting those tickets away beginning tomorrow at 830 every day and a first come first served basis. About a month to be elegant those tickets online free planting tree in advance and book your ticket book your elevator ride to the top to get those stunning views. And to their again Devin. Always free to the public they're hoping to ramp up those numbers in the coming weeks to get to the 150 visitors. Per half hour that they were seen before the monument shut down for repairs that in. Those cables hold up this time -- I'm sign me up but never seen been up there are some looks like a pretty cool won't view before lets you go to I was struck has reams of trivia about this sounds like that first elevator you were mentioning was actually off limits to women because it was considered too dangerous. I think I become a Washington monument mini historian here there so many cool facts about this building. Not only was up first elevator off limits to women and children eight was put in. A year after 80 fixing it Yorker opened they closed it back down to put that elevator and to then closed it back down again ten years later to replace it with the electric elevator but another cool factoid re her seventh. The cornerstone of the Washington monument actually inside. Have a copy of the declaration of independence a copy of the constitution and papers newspapers from fourteen states so that's buried somewhere on the property here. All right Serena Marshall force on the National Mall thanks so much Syria thank you for watching us here today. On the briefing rumor here everyday 3:30 eastern time on ABC news live hope to see you back here tomorrow on Devin Dwyer Washington. Have a great afternoon.

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{"duration":"27:59","description":"President Donald Trump announces plans for stricter sanctions on Iran following the Saudi oil facility attack and appoints former lawyer Robert O'Brien to replace John Bolton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65703279","title":"Trump sets new sanctions on Iran, appoints new national security adviser","url":"/Politics/video/trump-sets-sanctions-iran-appoints-national-security-adviser-65703279"}