Trump to sign proclamation directing National Guard to border

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told reporters the president would direct DHS, DoD to work with states to deploy the National Guard to the U.S.-Mexico border.
14:30 | 04/04/18

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Transcript for Trump to sign proclamation directing National Guard to border
A wild day of presidential proclamations and walked backs already uneasy his political director Rick Klein welcome. To the briefing room joined here by just official Catherine all of us from our. White House team and also a special guest today Devin Dwyer up in New York joining us as well. Look let's start pitching first evident is that you got that exceed up their New York on the on the news around. Robert Muller's investigation. Our colleague Jon Karl asking the White House ICE is yours is so the president's attention to sit down Robert Mueller at some point this comes in the wake of the news this for prefer in the Washington Post that. His lawyers have been informed that he is currently the target. Of an investigation DeVon dean do you think these developments are significant to the White House and the tech any kind of change in their stance toward possibly sitting down with more. A fascinating headlines she actually is her Sanders didn't. Go so far as to commit. To the president holding the same position he's had which of course is John mentioned. I this question was very eager. Desire to sit down with Robert Mueller we know John Dowd of course presents attorney quit recently after the president's team. Opt to ignore his advice not to do it. I think they have line is a big deal means very little I think that the president is under investigation but not a criminal target but what I'm fascinated by. Is the suggestion that Robert Mueller would be tied to entice the president. To come and sit down with him by telling the president that he's simply. Under investigation but not a target something you'd expect the president would like to hear. Maybe although we haven't seen a tweet guys the president hasn't trumpeted this one and Sara certainly tried to downplay that John. It would probably like that says something to say this doesn't involve him at all we've moved off. By that that doesn't seem to be half through and I would assume that he you read the fact that he's not target at this point as Selena significant but. Also keep in mind that every time. John Carlson Celia and reporters that the lawyers have asked the president directly about whether he likes the sit down the marquis says he would still very much like to. And the other little things that that idea that he might issue an interim report on whether the present work that was invasions and for obstruction that. It's also had it not story that is. Yeah overseas Republicans dump on us immediately say that shows what he said is true the White House residence they think it shows there's no Lou we don't know that at all well to that point. Lets guys let's move on to the issue of tariffs Larry Kudlow. I think you know operatives. Formally at via National Economic Council but he is moving markets open today. What you say it's actually it's nothing is actually happened. Tariffs. He's strong suggestion. Dustin. These tariffs mean ever happened to the apartment at the incident there's. The way. Off their own proposal these are all proposed tariffs not. And take effect and the response so far prompt talking tough on Twitter but responsiveness and economic it's very well. Now we are hoping to work this out to this the signal it's a little bit mixed it's let's make a negotiation now looking to make a deal. They do it. From what the advisors saying it makes look like me don't want extreme drought descent who when it would be easy to win but you know right. And exactly I mean I think. -- suggested that these may not even take place there Sanders said. I'm in the briefing today that they have the best negotiator at the single currency the presidency said it's going to get the UA. Review period and as you seven atlas that earlier in trade war going on here and Devin. Just the latest in a series are gonna cover a couple of the other issues this is the case for the president is seeing one thing if people want it staff. Point cleanup that you're seeing something much different with since it Kabul as words today in the market was weak with blood bath. In the Dow today he turns around I think actually not really what the president meets with something again there's an there's a real disconnect going on right now between the president. His aides in what counts is actually. Policy yet this is classic trump right and I mean we're talking about that China tariffs here but just remember a couple weeks ago of course the steel and aluminum tariffs. All the bluster about there weren't going to be any exemptions for any countries and then of course there were. In fact most of the steel and aluminum tariffs aren't being applied to any of the country's many of the countries that. Send there are steel and aluminum to the United States so really of life there were seen in against. I wonder Rick if the White House is really concerned about the potential political costs of this advocates Justin was hitting on. They're not really that interested in having this message crowd out their message on taxes ahead of the mid terms and as we just on some of the graphics there. On sweeting states pork State's car states those are Republican. Trump states and we know that they. Really don't want that Wayne on their chances of them. Yet he viewed it that in a progress that the president's words is it ignored by a lot of other countries and one other area were. We're seeing a disconnect like that is on the issue of border the president. Just yesterday's surprising a lot of people by saying now we be able to have a military presence on the borders is never done before. Today we just got earlier this briefing or the secretary of Homeland Security. That it actually this is about as art for. Which has. She's along this but. It's ridiculous. Actor figures it's indicative that this with sort of roll out. Based on trust surprise announcement yesterday. It not time out costs. They're not that all the governors are on board packed house that idea or they're not telling us how many troops are out there that's a big part of the equation. On whether they've secured the funding for me it's just not. It's not easy to just mobilize if you like and this huge restrictions what they actually do and there and contradictory messages even if and that breaking the top of the reasons. He has since this administration is that the border has become more secure think time we have to mobilize the national art good on errant secure the border. And DeVon it does it doesn't like. The president went off without having fully thought this through the policy is kind of wrapping behind it the other question of urgency was brought up a couple of times in the briefing today why now. Is this suddenly there's this sort of clarity is calls on congress when congress in the middle of an extended break we know that congress has given its best shot in all likelihood. At doing something around immigration negate some funding for the wall it's unlikely this kind of whose actions. It seems like he's as executive action this kind of feeling. I'm feeling that the gap where presidential rhetoric left off. Right this is the president's favorite issue it's been a quiet period around the Easter holiday spring break congress has gone. He simply went opposite sex. We know he's so frustrated that he hasn't been able to get his wall he did skated in the omnibus bill and so. I certainly this is I've been seen around that but there was a good question at this past week about whether Fox News again. Could be at play here in all of this. You know he saw that report over the weekend that it caravan making its way towards Mexico was hot on the case but. No question that this is an out of the blue. Move by the president catching his guard team off off guarded that there are also raising new questions about cost. How long those troops would be there are even if it's not unprecedented. The number of troops certainly sends. It adds a new dimension to the immigration fight headed into the fall. We know this is plan C because last week it was let's just have been military all that military and we have it we'll have to happen. And there was good news there are two guys were where in action in response to John's question she seemed to allude to the fact that. The Pentagon was actually looking at using some of their money. To build border wall where and military reservation goes up against Mexican border she said that they were looking at that is sort of Force Protection matter perhaps there's a way to. Bill turned some fence of the law. I'm sure filers. It goes I think by the early indication other out of the industry's innovator that this thing that rebuilding isn't all it's an account as trauma or so when they're looking to provide some numbers later on that might be there as he said earlier there's a theme today in the theme is the president saying one thing if something much different is happening reality. Reasons that Syria the president shocked again this whole team last week. When in the middle of a speech that was supposed the other infrastructure he he casually mentioned that we're going to be getting us here it really really quickly yesterday. He followed that up at a news conference yet you wanna get those those people all the small number of investors about 2000. That are there it's serious tied up in the fight against ice as the White House today. Reiterating that policy that the ices it doesn't seem though that the policy anywhere near where the presidencies this yes that is terms of a withdrawal plan. We're not just. Now I think that what they're cut they had a sort of walked back today was yes we would like to get out. As the president says but we got it be that if the earth and you can't can't put a time I'll. There's things can happen quickly they hope but they don't and you know it. The one thing I would say about. These these missions is as soon as you put out one acquired in the Middle East you know authors there's another one that you haven't been paying. Anchorage legislator that so you know this. There's going to be punished one where. And rain and I think that's I think telling is as you mentioned that you reported last week surrounding you know when he first made this. The statement that he took a lot of dissent cabinet you know by surprise a lot of senior officials not mine with its military and leadership on this so. Obviously fares and has released a statement from the Press Secretary Chu pointed out playing clean up there but again we still haven't heard directly from him. And us at this time floated this yesterday its top brass area. We have to stay and fight managed thing. Pullout had. That all night. And DeVon there is that contradiction inherent to this the president said repeatedly we're not gonna telegraph tensions eased that it was a mistake to get out of Iraq when we did. He is also sent let's make America great again in this accidents. Currently it's it's it's with that he clean who have been against the Iraq War questionable that it from the very beginning. And he's questioning a involvement in the Middle East continues seems like he's trying to. Make good on a whole bunch of promises that his look at together. That's right this is campaign trump showcasing its stripes yet again. What's interesting is this a sort of a big win for the generals. Clearly Mattis got to his ear general comfort chairman of the joint chiefs got an easier here this this roundabout. For the past 24 hours we're stayed in Syria after seeing we're getting out of Syria. But guys as you know the president has tended to get what he wants he wanted to Europe's. He resisted. His staff's nagging and his elbow for all those months he got out of the Paris report. He's probably gonna get out of the Iran deal all of these things he has people around him trying to hold him keep him that day. He goes there and that's I think what what happened with this case as well he wants those troops out that they'll they'll come moderate watch. And we should note that this won't want to storyline very briefly got Scott Pruitt the embattled EPA head a lot of Grady BC is reporting that stuff that's that put him in a very difficult spot regarding it. A sweetheart deal he got on on his housing arrangement the White House confirming today SARS and as saying that this that this is under investigation. It seems like he's still on some kind of. It's like eagle on and I hear analysis and isn't a surprise and a comment we knew the White House was looking up to it White House officials. I'm told us yesterday though that that. Prove it was reassured. And calling president pump and in general Kelley that today. They're coming out saying this is something that the White House is taking very seriously and looking into the first time. She's really instead as much on the record. And number. Answer media outlets and one of the alliance's. You know yet this fifty dollar a night room with. Mine and it's obvious. Obviously raised ethical questions he says there's more air tight situation where rent it literally one room that disease and temporary status. So every action through the web site. Sort of thing. Let's bring in April. It's your New York. Tells alert but it's an. I hope they take away today that this president is totally. Get creating whiplash this as whip last week at the White House. I'm eager to see what's in store for tomorrow he's headed out to West Virginia and get back to talking about taxes that's the message this White House wants to run I'm with you he can. Succeed in that little bit disciplined quote we got. That what he got the hardest you're she'd been in Washington is that department defense I. Company with a prediction will be in Syria for at least another year plus Maria down somewhere that. Are predicting. That we may lose. Its considerable. Hold off my present it. I. Again. This week news. And at Devens plant whip last president help his wedding Trout beach wrong this is true colors this is what complexities of the freewheeling style. And he's the improvisation all presidency and you're seeing are all the consequences of that. I think the market being held to meet suggest that there is some kind of check out there. When he saw the gyrations of the market. Public without the clean up what they've had about the tariff it was like let's get serious guys about what this is maybe the president can't just say whatever he wants me. Yeah. It out. Are that this action at the briefing room download the Eee PC. Thinks McGwire just after all that's it we're here. At us again right here on the Rick.

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{"duration":"14:30","description":"DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told reporters the president would direct DHS, DoD to work with states to deploy the National Guard to the U.S.-Mexico border.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"54238972","title":"Trump to sign proclamation directing National Guard to border","url":"/Politics/video/trump-sign-proclamation-directing-national-guard-border-54238972"}