Trump signs spending bill despite veto threat

President Trump said he would "never sign another bill like this again."
10:24 | 03/23/18

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Transcript for Trump signs spending bill despite veto threat
Hi there and welcome to a special edition of the briefing room coming out pretty extraordinary event over at the White House for the president. Society massive omnibus spending bill on ABC news political director Rick Klein joined here by Katherine folders and are let science. I want to start with Jon Karl over the White House. Ridiculous situation is the president's quote so I've got a new name for my garageband John but it. It also seems like it. A pretty apt description of this whole last 24 hours what led up to this and what are you may what's the upshot from the presidency. That he signed it but did it with all of these reservations and I'll never do it again. All. One of the strangest. Bill signings these actually let me take back these strangest bill signing I've witnessed. He spent half the time condemning the bill half the time praising the bill. And he said this is the last time he's gonna sign a bill like this and he said Rick that he. Needs to see two big changes he wants an end of the filibuster in the senate and he wants a line item veto I can promise you. That neither one of those two things is gonna happen. There's actually no way the Republicans that would go along within into the filibuster in the senate. And a line item veto has been on the wish list of fiscal conservatives for. For decades. Probably wouldn't pass constitutional Muster anyway but this is this was a very strange situation ultimately said. He's signing this funding bill because he gets a big increase from the military and he said his number one job as president is to keep the country safe. So he needs he was basically forced to sign a bill he doesn't like because it's the only way get the money for the for defense that he says he needs. And John before illegal I just struck me that it was almost something on trump be about this that the VV that the theater is very tropics but. The idea of of saying well I've won some things but I didn't win some things I like something's I don't that's not very that's not very tropic usually he says it's the biggest is the best. He got all these winds and there are lots of things as allies are telling him. He could get out of this why did he try to split this like this what what what's your sense of why he decided to sign this even with all these reservation. I think that Dutch general Mattis was a key factor here you know that general Mattis came down talk to the president that he was at his side. During this during this press event. And Mattis made the case that that the military absolutely needs this funding increase. If we were going to another government shut down if we were unable to. This bill was not signed by the president the military. Would be the what would be would be would suffer more than anybody because most of this spending bill roughly half of the spending bill goes. To defense. So I think ultimately that's what it came down to but this was a very conflict that president Viktor exactly right it's not the kind of president we use of these stay. I think that's why we saw him alternate behind. Praising what he used on here saying this is going to be the greatest military ever but condemning something that he was signing he seemed. At times to be almost speaking from rated TV that his demeanor during this event was one of I thought I I sensed a sense of an angry president. Forced into a situation that that he did not want to be it is. Our job related back to the White House a couple more hours for the president takes off tomorrow Lagos so lots of news can still be committed but we know we'll we'll see you back on world news tonight thanks down. It's so guys I. It is it is extraordinary what would you feel like it if there is strategy behind all of this is. This is done this week has put us on circuit overload we've have a war of words we've had the firings we've had the nice words for potent. All the that the trade war with China all of these wacky stories not to mention that the women that are coming out of the woodwork now. What what do you make of the week this has been handled from the communications perspective Catherine you're talking to people people why excited this morning by the potential beetle from what the president got a. Perhaps a strategy of one from president trump you know there were some people who were is saying yesterday he randomly announces national security advisor to. It's so. People wanna viewed McDoogle interview on CNN an outcome from this perspective it came after he wants them. A Fox News. People making the case against this bill and any came out with this week night in. Tell you that from talking people on the White House this morning they are all scrambling after this week created new way is he going to sign is he not going to sign it so from a communications. Point of you I think it's he's acting as on comes director here and then has come shop was really taken a back. What you do if you Paul writer Mitch McConnell. Lectured to about how you have to Cagle the senate rules. You're told that this bill is is atrocious a ridiculous situation the president says. It was written by Paul Ryan's allies in the house. Optical sign off on it. They don't want it they don't like change and blocked the senate rules this is a strange message to to end the budget fight of the year with. Hot and keep do you means what you heard repeatedly saying he's not going to change filibuster rules and these are two lot makers who have been in the house and senate effort many years they know how easy marks they know that things need to get done and if the president talk them out. You know when he did this isn't necessarily the right up in the consideration next time around with folks ain't had no idea what happened this morning a lot of add people were speculating whether the president would actually need it and threw it. And one thing that was telling was that there was never any discussion among congressional leaders. About continuing resolution and he. Has sure gone there yeah. If. Rickey minor and his budget director came yesterday and briefed reporters on this and so that this bill on his priority on the the president is. Evidently he's said. Let's cut right to the chase is the president going to sign as though the answer is yes and of course he was right eat yeah he ultimately minds right but it you know of course the president and has that bill signing anything you know he's happy and mentioned it happens with. The president likes to position himself against congress sometimes in in in this part of this is this I think part is also reacting to an angry conservative base you've seen the tweets by Laura Ingraham and Coulter. I even Bob Corker saying please veto this thing they feel like this was a mistake for him to sign. But I as this was going on a text or Republican health Samper who made the point that look he he is now watered down the veto threat. By backing ominous by big in the veto threat and as saying why did it but I did it reluctantly. What does it need you to the public can ever take seriously the idea that I might veto this when they're getting all these mixed signals and by the in any decided that they anyway. Yet they mean I didn't really have to hold on to all of their cards and stay in it you're ready to veto something preemptively it and not actually following through that they may not to users. I do wonder about the public perception visiting monstrosity of only 2200 pages would read it a vote seem like the president was read it. The guy if you look at a military items but but. He's what what's that the message that he communicates to the public. That this is a mistake this is terrible this is about process. At least its pass by his people and he signed it. If it seems like there's always be offered. Then there's always going to be a contradiction but I feel I get it we've seen this with him before. Great you know he. Says it's it's a bad thing that he'll do it anyway so at this I don't it's a muddled message but at the end of the day I don't think it really matters for those people. Looking on at least for his support. And it gets plaintiff has base and he has base doesn't want to CEO one point three trillion dollar. They also this is a way that he can saying I didn't. And I am opposed these things but I sought by. Here's what we need for. And the president as I said as is leaving for a weekend that are illogical and a couple of hours but he's not doing it without having blown up yet another part of this team he's replacing I was national security advisor. HR McMaster replaced by John Bolton off a hardliner this comes on the heels of of replacing secretary of state if Twitter. On the heels of his shakeup in the legal team issue and even a rhetoric carefully. Katherine his national economic council advisor Eric hone on as well different fear they're. He's gonna he's blown things up along the way this is seen with disruption as domination it seems like an important one to focus on right now the president. We've been told internally is getting more comfortable in the job even as it would seem like there's more chaos. In in PE he's. Joke that is that chaotic day in it is that he wouldn't necessarily in at sea ray he's brick and replaced them McMaster sources houses with. A planned thing but at the same time you saw John Malone on Fox News yesterday it was. Surprise heavy enough that we gave when it ditty it was Fox News contributor and there is. A some debate about that so yeah it's it's definitely a part of the minute and it is chaotic but what the Bolton. Announcement chosen their excellence and protections is that there are. Likely going to be serious changes in foreign policy. Need to be Iran and North Korea especially ahead of that North Korea meeting. Yet seems like policy. Policy is real here what it was exactly yesterday John Bolton appeared on Fox News he didn't really delve into how he file and at the current state things will be interesting to see what happens in Korea as the president's planning. That. Reported meeting when it leaders confront them. And almost as an L by the way and all of this last night on CNN as he referenced earlier. A former playmate model talks extensively about a long term extramarital relationship. With president trump story Daniels will be on sixty minutes this weekend it doesn't sound like it's going to be a quiet next couple has cycles. Now and it's really seems like there's just board structure truck coming out these relationships that the president supposedly had. According to these women it's gonna be really interesting to see the president himself as you know are actually directly across its best. We've only really been hearing from spokespeople and lawyers deny he happens. He's surprisingly been able to dodge questions on stormy day and Dino and I am thinking that the White House has denied. If this relationship that he is there's been some news wrecked them down you know he hasn't. I'm taking questions on and so he's even apply under the radar their little bit but he leaves tomorrow on Saturday you know he leaves from the south on. He looked again isn't it chatting me so he could never thought about. Right we'll see if we get more ridiculous situations that right now. Bowler Charlotte science thanks everyone for watching the special edition of the briefing room will be back if there's more news. Until then you can download the ABC news out you can follow us that he BC thanks for watching.

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{"id":53967565,"title":"Trump signs spending bill despite veto threat","duration":"10:24","description":"President Trump said he would \"never sign another bill like this again.\"","url":"/Politics/video/trump-signs-spending-bill-veto-threat-53967565","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}