Trump will speak at UN amid Iran deal controversy, North Korea tensions

Delegates will be listening for a diplomatic option for handling North Korea.
15:28 | 09/18/17

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Transcript for Trump will speak at UN amid Iran deal controversy, North Korea tensions
Thank you. His. For many years. It's going to be discussing and it was among them. Peace between Palestinians and Israel you fantastic achievement. We are giving it absolute go. Is it. Groups he hasn't happened most people is it is no chance whatsoever actually think with the capability. BP frankly others I really think we have kids you would like to see it and the Palestinians what I see it. And I can tell you that the top administration would like this is so we're working very hard Q what happened. Historically people say it can't happen I think. I just want to save. Form in the kitchen. Ripped through. This president's it's great to see you again. Policy and a hundred early interest. The alliance between America and Israel has never been stronger. Never been deeper. Consider some ways the people suit and what is it builds. Or effective. The equally a look forward to discussing with you always an address to you. Rightly call. It is terrible interview with Enron and other role. Iran's growing aggression in the region especially in some. As yourself we will. Discussed. The way we can see is an opportunity for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. And between Israel and rules. These things go together. And locals talking. We confess both. Finally. We're going to be speaking to more fuel. And I what is. An under programs follow. America's position. Towards usually that the US and unequivocal. It's been strong. It's got both clarity. And conviction. And I wanted to. People of Israel and Israel's many friends around the world thank you Mr. President. It. Also as you well know this is an intrusion here is this week saw want to wish you. George you have American Jews everywhere people everywhere should not to look happy healthy. Thank you must put. I do yeah. Rules. They have president trump along with the Israeli prime minister. Benjamin Netanyahu meeting on the sidelines of the 2017 United Nations General Assembly the UN GA these are key meetings. For president trump of course when the world the sentence. Here in new York and tomorrow president trump. We'll make his debut addressing the joint assembly. Here in New York let's break down some of the big topics ahead of him in some of these sideline meetings and also what we expect to hear from president trump. In those keep remarks to get tomorrow. Joining me now in Washington DC Joseph serene Sione he's the president of the plow shares fund also. A member of the council on foreign relations Joseph thanks so much for being with us my pleasure so let's start right there with the presidents one of the president's first meetings here in New York he was tweeting about it. Earlier today saying he was very much looking forward to that meeting. With president's Netanyahu and talked about some of the hope that he hats for Middle East peace. There are a lot of key meetings he's holding here on the sidelines of the UN GA which stand out to you as among the most important right now for president truck. Well this is probably. That the most important for him because he gets right to the core of the issue of the Iran deal. President Netanyahu is a very clear again he wants to break the deal. He he he never liked the deal he was personally opposed to any person imposed present Obama so that's another. Opposition. Issue that day he and president trump have in common opposition to President Obama. And he he's going to propose that the administration either just pull out of the deal. War insist on an amendment to the deal. The amendment isn't possible this to deal with of course the seven nation deal it is enough to the United States just to do it. And pulling out most military and intelligence officials believe that would be disastrous both here and in the United States the Jewish press today in Israel is thrilled. With with articles by it defense and intelligence officials urging president Netanyahu not to break the deal. Arguing that this is in Israel's national security interest. But it appears that the two men are determined to do it this could be the most significant. National security decision the young trump administration. And apart mr. trump has been talking about wanting to do this for a while but seeing as he did there that you will see very soon what that decision is. He's not the only one is weighing in on this right now the Iranian President has summer Connie said in an interview with CNN a little bit earlier and I think we have this taxed to show you now. I'm that exiting of such an agreement would carry a high cost for the United States of America and I do not believe Americans would be willing. To pay such a high cost for something that will be useless. For that what do you make of his remarks what had his. Actually the argument that most objective intelligence and military specialists are are arguing. You don't want to pull out of a deal that is stopping Iran from getting the bomb in Russia have a better plan for how to stop in line got in the bond. And this administration does not just. Doesn't like this deal. In other words we now have you gone in an iron cage they have ripped out. Most of their nuclear complex two thirds of those centrifuges gotten rid of the plutonium reactor. Exported almost all uranium gas they had we are in a much better position here. Then we have been. If you break out of this deal this is what goes on May be referring to it actually fleas Yvonne from the cage. You blog will be fine that we freed of the restrictions. And nobody else is gonna come with us and is no chance that you get. Sanctions imposed on Iran it's really the worst of all possible worlds I think that's what were Hani is trying to say rather than I wouldn't interpret that as a threat. I think that's it is just to reality we would lose in the strategic balance if we break this deal. Injured granderson correctly actually meeting with her audience of members of his teen during their visit here to New York. I am I'm about to get on the train and go up to New York well have dinner with president were honey I met him in 2005 in Tehran when he was the nuclear negotiator. And I was had dinner with him again in 20152016. In New York. These are meetings of a small number. Why can't you might call us you know senior thought leaders foundation presidents. Etc. And part of the the round of meetings president on these happened it's a brief dinner but I'm looking forward to it tonight. To maybe you can give us some insight here how are the president's comments president Trump's comments. Being interpreted by leaders in Iran right now do they see it is Saber rattling or is there threat of something else. Ono they've they've seen a Saber rattling they'd they'd take very real that the president wants to break out of this deal. Doesn't want to certify Iran is and is complying with the deal. And is clearly a political act I mean by all available information. The with the international atomic energy agency says when her own intelligence agencies say. Iran is complying with the deal they are not cheating on violations. Rock solid. This is why president Trump's own national intelligence team is telling him to stay in the deal but the president is indicating that he wants to. He wants to pull out we'll probably make that decision on October 14. So what's your in Iran shoes you go what what comes next he breaks out of the deal then why. And they fear that he's gonna block with Saudi Arabia and with Israel. And hadn't more military interventions. Against Iran member in the Middle East Iran really is engaged in some nefarious behavior they are. Backing aside the president. Syrian a brutal destruction. Of the Syrian people and Saudi Arabia is is bombing Yemen civilians. In an attempt to push back Iran. Forces in Yemen so there are real complex going on none of these are vital to US national security interest here. Is that trump linking this deal is gonna drag us deeper into these Middle East wars. So let's talk a little bit about what president trump has said so far because while his big remarks prepared marked will be tomorrow. Tomorrow morning. He started spoken a little bit about how he views America's place in the world about how he views the United Nations he's changed just telling somewhat. Candidate trump really blasted the UN is weak and incompetent but this morning in a meeting with other member nations here in U in New York. About the future of the UN he had this to say let's take a listen. I applaud the Secretary General for laying out a vision. To reform the United Nations. So that are better serves the people we all represent. We support your efforts to look across the entire system. And to find ways to United Nations can bet. And be better at development. Management. Peace and security. United Nations was founded. On truly noble goals. These include affirming the dignity and worth of the human person. And striving for international peace. We encourage the Secretary General to fully use his authority to cut through the bureaucracy reform outdated systems and make firm decisions. To advance the UN's core mission. Further we encourage all members states to look at ways to take bold stands at the United Nations. With an eye toward changing business as usual. And not being a hall. Two ways. Of the past which were not working. So Joseph president trump has not been shy about redefining America's role when it comes to international alliances. He look at sort of the new realignment within NATO the Q what happened with the withdrawal from the parents climate accord. What do you make of America's place now how president trouble position us in the United Nations in his speech tomorrow. US. Credibility and our ability to influence events around the world is in decline. You you've seen so ready with the reaction of our closest allies in Europe who was standing at define their own way you see it in South Korea and is faced with this growing North Korean threat. Has president had states who wants to kill. The South Korean US trade agreement. C is so what everybody is looking into this week to this speech by the president for the general assembly. To understand. What does it mean. That the president wants to put America first. What exactly does that that play out. And what you just heard is some I think we issuing words from the president. You know that he's a more peaceful. Emphasizing that that the love concept that he often states. However I expect that in his speech tomorrow to be coupled with a very strong words on North Korea and Iran. We don't have a real diplomatic strategy. For solving the differences with the line we don't have diplomatic strategy for solving the crisis would North Korea. What they're banking on so far is toughness is trying to be so tough. Try it. Find it to threaten. Military action in the hopes. That other countries will take actions for example China to cut off support for the North Korean regime. I don't think that's going anywhere so I'm I'm afraid. Anderson what many people are going to be listening for tomorrow I'm afraid we're seeing us slide towards war. Both in northeast Asia with Korea and in the Middle East. With with Iran. That's why a lot of delegates listening tomorrow going to be on edge looking for something to hang on to something indicate that there's more strategy here. Then tweets and bluster. To do what will you be listening for tomorrow because that phrase a sort of a slide toward towards a very alarming for a lot of people. What are you going to be listening for the president to say that you think it helped to calm some of the anxiety there. While the administration of the weekend is clearly indicating that that there are military options I don't know what those are now. There are things you can do what North Korea with Iran military solutions if you strike North Korea North Korea's nuts union and strike back. So and that could unleash the most catastrophic war world has seen since the end of World War II distance would be a big. To me like war so what's you looking for in some. Marriage if if they do have a strategy act tough. And then open a diplomatic door who going to be looking for that is their opening one of the things you really would like to see this week in New York. Is the secretary of state analysts and needing. With the North Korean foreign minister who will be in. At the UN he's a very accomplished. It and it didn't seek leadership positions for twenty years in North Korea a meeting with him could be act kind of crack. Just opened the door to see if we could get talks going that could lead to real negotiations. That's what a lot of people looking for. I wouldn't hold Barbara. Finding the former that you go I'll ask you about our current state of war America's longest war now in a condit's son. We know president trump is going to be meeting on the sidelines we adopt on president Ashraf. Connie is there are any indication are any hope that you hold that he may address some of that future. Fourth Condit on his speech to RO. He'll hold out hope he will indicate. Perseverance. Our military is now making plans to stay in Afghanistan. Indefinitely. We've dropped all talk of leaving there are no plans to leave. We've just slightly increased to troop to troop levels is no military or political solution in incite. Is very. And little hope. For resolve and the war in Afghanistan any time. Just her and Sione in our Washington. Thanks to all of you for watching as well if you want to get some more background on the president's remarks tomorrow head over to At any time and don't forget we will have his entire remarks to the United Nations General Assembly. Life here tomorrow morning thanks for watching for now I'm on an Abbas and off the accuracy.

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