Trump speaks at conservative Values Voter Summit

"We're going to have great health care in our country," Trump said at the summit, organized by the Family Research Council.
8:02 | 10/13/17

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Transcript for Trump speaks at conservative Values Voter Summit
They have president count and in his remarks today in Washington DC asset values voter summit. An annual summit organized for the family research council they're conservative Christian lobbying group and mr. trump today it be first sitting president. To speak. At that summit lot of headlines overnight and more to come later today without a president can get those little bit there hey everyone I'm on the Nevada. In New York in with me down in Washington DC my colleague Catherine falters over at the white. House how you doing Catharine. Tom nine. Didn't allow violent big news day ahead of us is an integrated yourself stay with me every at this secondary out practice overhead DC bureau here think January Allen. I just angry cat and we're like we're like reeling at his home hot and since Friday the thirteenth so that doesn't make it any kind of know why not I had Grammer and his yes you guys brace yourself with a lot to come Katherine Kate get off your first of all we just heard the president talk there. Not a lot of different thought the war on Christmas about protecting Judeo Christian values here this group. That's silly research council's. Summit at the values voter summit what might he there would be talking to when he shows up here it you know he's talking to it it's an annual conference in DC for social conservatives to gather this now he native went insane and his first sitting president to do this. This is something that he's just before and during his presidential campaign I think this is as. Third on the third visit there today and obviously he earth there mavs. It just has there been there in general he he touched on on what others have been touching on here in this conference faith. Hope a blessings of liberty religious and political. Freedom is so in mainly with that message of course at the top of that you you heard and I'm. Mention the hurricanes in the wild fires and in the war an edit hearts and a prayer is a go to the victims of Las Vegas so we made a point to say that again on but really this conference is. Bring then these messages that I talked about to in this downing a social conservatives as you know I'm former chief strategist Steve Bannon is also scheduled to speak there. Along with Kellyanne Conway. Later today so he of course was kicking up over here and previewing. His big speech on Iran so that. Nasser gonna get that doesn't affect it he also mentioned some other action he's been taking a big priority for and Mary Alice when it comes to health care we saw yesterday I think that give order that would go a long way towards undermining the current system that would implement in the last night. There's another huge blow dealt to the current health care system tell me about that. Right it was bizarre day yesterday. It's being formal white house press conference where he signs. He's executive orders that just suggested that federal agencies consider new rules and rules could changes to rules could have a real impact but. Things down the route and then late at night at 11 o'clock the White House issues a bombshell of a statement just a paper statement saying that right away though. The federal government is gonna stop paying insurance companies subsidies. That they use under the Affordable Care Act to help lower out of pocket costs for lower income Americans. Caloric Americans especially who buy their own insurance on the individual market is a something the president has threatened to do in the past. But even Republican and had urged him not to there's a feeling that this well absolutely. Destabilize. Further destabilize those individual insurance markets. There Katharine help us understand in the White House perspective here because you are he had some Republicans pushed back on this saying hey this is actually gonna leave. Some people in mind its strict uninsured or vulnerable what does the White House thinking here why now. The outlook exactly and we have Republicans pushing back against the summit but I think. It's just think it's did dismantling and one of our colleagues but that he wants to wall back as Mary Alice said he he threatened to do this isn't. Fulfilling his campaign promise but as you mentioned Republicans have said have taken issue with this too especially Democrats but he Republicans in these districts and I think. When this. Poses a huge political risk for hammering adds it's unknown. What exactly is going to happen here so the White House. You know a little sign this morning the president tweet it. Already paying in early this morning at 5:30 in the morning usually before he starts sweeting was up early today I'm weighing in and defending this late night. I'm decision from the White House saying the Democrats need to comment Menino me that again on the same page here on the but as you mentioned it's it's a huge political risk for hand and it's unknown it's unknown. What the now I'm looking outcome will be. And we act. And we know we're gonna have more coverage about unpacking what exactly it does mean experts are digging through that right now we'll have. A lot more coverage coming up on of course and here at the day goes on but capitalistic reading here for a second there's another. They speech coming up later today this is something the president's been hinting at for a very long time. Capacity with the Iran nuclear deal what are we expected Sunday. Who says he's not a preview not a little bit in his speech just now but what we should expect the president kind of lay this out from. Pretty clearly as he sat on the campaign trappings of the terrible deal he wants to rip it up but we don't really expect him. To go that far we think he's gonna stop short of completely. Scrapping the Iran nuclear deal and and that we expect him to decertify and so what that means is he's going to. Punted to congress again another another issue that congress you have to deal with they only have 34 a working days. Working days laughed when it doesn't that punt that the congress. And name have to you know make that decision whether we impose sanctions. In ninety days so that's what we expect. And to hear from the president today he will lay them out. More clearly we believe in a speech that at 1230 from our top forty prime but right now acts that's what we expect. And that of course has enormous implications for our foreign policy for the balance of power across the rest of the world we're gonna dig into all that in our coverage later. The very out let me ask you this Kaplan mentioned everything gets punted. Back to congress now we've seen that before Health Care Reform. Tax reform now it looks like potentially when it comes to this particular deal that nuclear deal with Iran. If congress prepared to handle that. Immigration reform and run good this is the president and mode now kind of I'll break it congress you buy it. And it's is is is this strategy of asking congress to tackle ever growing to do list and tackle it suing me. They're gonna have to fund the government by the end of the year they want it to move on tax reform by event. Immigration all of those. Dreamers as young immigrants feel like they're in a note at their visas and there are their work status is totally up in a balance to let alone now healthcare. More and more are watching this president. Pines issues from foreign policy to immigration to health care to congress. And expect them to. Act and this is a congress and we also now. Isn't Tenet necessarily getting things done cell pat tacking on more more for them to jail. Just means that their their focus is that much morning by Andrea and I'm not yet and I I would. Add a thing out adds Mary out that's obviously adding this. Laundry list of a weapon or a have to deal. But it's also think against the one of the president's own advisors last week. Not as was. Against desk in. And stopping the area and Xeon. And this position and he's gonna take today's an interesting to see how it plays out. Down the line within the white house on the conversations that are going on behind the scenes because a lot of advisors don't agree with this position on the White House today. It is an incredible step to taken of course this. Full details right here 1245 today the president that'd be seeking to make those remarks Mary Alice park Catherine follow there's. Happy Friday thanking gal. Happy Friday the thirteenth significant. Things all of you for watching as well. 12:45. Eastern time right here we're gonna have the president's remarks on the Iran nuclear deal. Right here to join us then for now I'm on an Abbas healthy back here carry it.

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{"id":50463788,"title":"Trump speaks at conservative Values Voter Summit","duration":"8:02","description":"\"We're going to have great health care in our country,\" Trump said at the summit, organized by the Family Research Council.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-speaks-conservative-values-voter-summit-50463788","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}