Trump strikes back at Omarosa over recordings, allegations

Democrats made waves nominating a diverse field of candidates in Tuesday's primaries.
4:12 | 08/15/18

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Transcript for Trump strikes back at Omarosa over recordings, allegations
Now be he said she said. It just continues between the president and on the row sat and Sarah Huckabee Sanders the white house Press Secretary. Didn't really help the situation in the press briefing yesterday when. She wouldn't give a direct answer as to whether or not there is tape of the president using the N word. Look I haven't been in every single room I can tell you the president has addressed this directly. He stressed it directly to the American people and I can tell you what the focus in the heart of the president is and that's on helping all Americans. And certainly. This is somebody who has been in business. For decades and you're just now hearing some of these outrageous accusations. After the fact he's dealt with people all over the world it wasn't until he became a candidate for president that you started to hear some of these salacious. And ridiculous claims. Today Norman is joining us from the White House to name we just played that clip there it feels like it's that White House reality TV show. We think he's that with this she said between trump and Amoroso but if you like we're not getting to the root of the issue here which is. Are there implications. Four the president of the United States if there is indeed tape of him using this kind of racial slur. If we look at the positions of this White House and how people feel. About it. Right and then the question is. If he did say it would it matter and yet that the easy answer may be no probably not I mean you have to think. The president has made very derogatory statements before about women. About people disabilities about a war hero Senator John McCain. You know of this of course this issue of whether or not he said he and work. We would have to Huard recording or see the audio ourselves to know for sure. But on any issue of race their standard saying that these accusations are just now coming out accusations about how from being racist. Existed long before he was even a candidate. Let alone president and it didn't matter then. His base has been unwavering and they are supports. Even as he's made those other derogatory comment. Sent those derogatory tweets as president so would it matter. It seems to not have mattered much. To this point. Yes I not only for his supporters but for Republican politicians who also have been supporting him. Throughout the administration despite of course the Access Hollywood tape despite the birther conspiracy theory is all the things he mentioned. I wanna talk about another big political story though yesterday there were primary the happening in four states and you know from the results it looks like we might be seeing. A very different kind of makeup of our political leaders in this country. Right so last night primaries. Showed progressive candidates prevailing in a way that is starkly different from congress let's be honest when he walked the halls of the capitol most of the lawmakers you see your anything. They are white and they are male but last night we are seeing something different even in parts of the country like the midwest and Minnesota state represented ill on Omar one democratic primary. She was born in Somalia she is Muslim she that refugee she is a progressive think she's poised to make history. Becoming one of two Muslim women in congress come November. And Vermont Christine hopeless becoming the first transgender gubernatorial. Candidate nominated by a political party she is a progressive Democrats if she upset. The incumbent governor in the general election shall become the country's first transgender governor. In November and then there's just on a haze she is a former national teacher of the year she won the democratic primary for Connecticut's fifth district she's looking. To become the State's first. Black Democrats in congress and it's important to note that victory. Comes on the heels of teacher were bolts or round the US striking for better pay an increase funding. And now you've got a teacher a former national teacher of the year who put me in the position to help make decisions that would impact teachers at least in that state so. Very interesting results we saw the primaries last night as we continue looking forward to mid terms in November. Della keep following all that thanks for joining us that like you said. Change is coming to our political system and I feel like that as is evident in the people who are starting to run for office.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"Democrats made waves nominating a diverse field of candidates in Tuesday's primaries.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57198729","title":"Trump strikes back at Omarosa over recordings, allegations","url":"/Politics/video/trump-strikes-back-omarosa-recordings-allegations-57198729"}