Trump Supporters Rally in Atlanta

ABC's Brad Mielke speaks to Donald Trump supporters in Atlanta, GA.
5:26 | 03/02/16

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Transcript for Trump Supporters Rally in Atlanta
I think we can bill now back out into the field and promised reports from across the kind you were gonna go back to ABC's Brad Miller is gonna get the latest from his location brat. Take a way. So hang you guys I'm here now. Senator Clinton has done this from then heavily heavily democratic precinct tragedy got a final numbers and received that was 177. Democrats. 46 Republicans about sort of neighborhood we're in. Let's see we are headed Donald Trump. Watch party. Rolling on. Orders all around here's the news. It's up and running now. Let's see if we can did Russell look here answer to tell their story about what attracted them to Donaldson and less than Lincoln. So what every innocent life has all of Stevens. My music her mind failings and guys. Good we're good we're told. Primary season. She was not supposed to be a dangerous thing. Annan has been who had not. I don't yesterday actually. While it lasts. Out differences. Paul Waldman Barney's on land. Basically campaigning for him comes out of our lives it out for you right. It's so good luck they don't know what nice guys and McDonald's and you're gonna miss college campus and Minnesota Bernie Sanders. Lot of jobs and college so people want to talk about how we'll soon know into the armed robbery there's no doubt about and I these earnings since Jack. But the problem is we get out of the shops and active. So that's that's what makes producers are shocked when they stopped short track. He's actually want to bring back jobs for the latest news in the league champion. If you go ahead you know and how mean and how did you. I mean you know what the biggest thing Mays babe makes sense this man I go to a statement. You know that's what I want. And no matter what Vegas and I mean from 51 is gonna bring. The top amount of money Benson America made you know. Obama on taxes again businesses and money back we hear something about ways season. Lower than dead and eighty business and economist knows that the list calls you have gone out. Anybody that's in hand and hand you know. Letting them down long. Legal immigrants creates a lot of people within. Are about the same as regular immigrants taking out the illegals. We'll provide more job. Question what do you tell your hand there. How old are you guys here known that it really love it promises. All right. So does trump have regular. Another couple of people all I just a moment ago. Meantime. I'll everything is coming back whenever I'm things. David why. Doctors say. Make things. This thing. Yeah. What I really can't use it whenever. Whereas we're planning on TV and don't want something different right in yeah you know I do not like we don't know the we're going to learn about. Nancy I did and I'm hearing here you guys is that if McDonnell. In our living rooms than us then and now. Just one more thing you guys. You can stand next at least one party. Plus McDonald's. Yeah they'll use this guy all night long. The as Robin Oakley a wonderful feel. It even. And Evelyn pull origins in gold medal hopeful we've. Bills from Walt.

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"ABC's Brad Mielke speaks to Donald Trump supporters in Atlanta, GA. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"37326352","title":"Trump Supporters Rally in Atlanta ","url":"/Politics/video/trump-supporters-rally-atlanta-37326352"}