Trump talks tax overhaul in North Dakota

ABC News breaks down the president's tax overhaul speech in North Dakota, as well as other top stories in politics.
17:19 | 09/06/17

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Transcript for Trump talks tax overhaul in North Dakota
Still ourselves all across this current ratios are going to be so. All around the world will be lined once again with products proudly bearing the words. Made in the Lewis so you remember when we're growing it was either make America war many in the US. What I like better ready. May did America. Made in the USA. What do you like. Like baited USA. Seems to which it picked one the other problem. But we wanna have water the other I think made in the USA it made in this. There was such pride in that labels such incredible pride. And it's coming back again believe me it's coming it's the quality of what we do is second to none in America comes again. If the people speak with one voice we will bring back our jobs we will bring back our well. And for every citizen across our great and we will bring back the American dream. I want to thank the people of north to who have been so incredible to me. I've so many friends here. I have so many people that are respect from this incredible state. I want to thank you I want to say god bless you god bless the American worker. And god bless the United States of America and I appreciate you're being out here today. And there you have president trump. In North Dakota and delivering some remarks on what he would like to see happen. Make them tax reform in congress. Some very strong words for congress there the congress telling them to do their jobs or get out of the way. President company details of some of those ideas even pushing for a very long time on tax reform a big plan that he would like to eat. Happening at some point soon. Of course the priority for this administration clearly this week as well everyone I'm on an about live in New York a lot of headlines coming out of not just but the president had to say. But also the week he left in Washington DC before he went to North Dakota we got a full house here to break it all down. In our Washington DC bureau Rick Klein and John there Kovac. Over on the White House north line Katherine all there is and finally. Over in that senate building Alley wrote in everywhere and joins us live with pop over to the bureau Burress. Rick and John tax reform tax reform tax reform is clearly a priority when it comes and that the king. For the White House this week but is it a priority for congress actually get it done. I think president of actually did himself a some damage to tax reform which by what the deal that he can't democratic leaders just a few hours ago. They were trying to get that it did the decks cleared for the next year or so at least on the tech debt ceiling. I and also on nine government spending. I never try to package the budget things together and intricate way and suddenly president can't cut it you'll Democrats that are haven't backed. Negotiating right where the Christmas holiday I feel like Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi now may control the keys to that agenda. Despite what you get out there I'm I was struck by the politics the fact that he goes into the home. The democratic Senator Kennedy I can't invites are on this the trying to put some over pressure to support a bill that actually doesn't exist right now. As we have been hearing the name is Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer a lot from the president in the last 24 hours I wanna play. A quick sound bite for you this is president trump aboard Air Force One just a little while ago. Talking to reporters about that deal that Rick just mentioned. This is what he had to say about that meeting with congressional leadership. Earlier today take a lesson. We had a very good meeting with. Nancy Pelosi and just shimmer. We agreed to a yet three month extension on debt ceiling. Which they consider to be sacred very important and always will agree and debt ceiling. Automatically because of the importance of it. Alley wrote in the president's headed North Dakota and with regard to that deal that everybody was happy everybody locked out of that meeting happy if everybody actually happy with that do you. I'm not I don't know what deal he was walking out because I think Republicans left that meeting. Really instead stay angster that if you had traveled in the car with leader McConnell speaker Ryan back Q. B. Back to the halls of congress it would have been a very different conversation. They got up here we know from folks who were inside a meeting that all of this senate Republicans had after this White House meeting. That. It was very somber and air. It. Senate leaders and White House officials went in kind of describe what happened but certainly. Did not sound enthusiastic about this on I think charitable. Reading you could possibly have in terms of trying to figure out why president rob agreed to this. Short term deal is that he wants to be able to town a bipartisan accomplishment even though that's exactly the opposite of what he campaigned on. When he was running for president. Perhaps he wanted something to flex is. Bipartisan muscles but as written out it really that's up them difficult. Roadblocks for the negotiations had only three month deal so in three months have to do all of this over again and it's going to be a lot more difficult for Republicans. After all what is the White House that game. And here mean it's McConnell came out after that meeting and basically that the president can speak for himself. And that explaining his rationale clearly not owning the decision at all there it is precedent I'm just making his life a little harder down the line. You know that's a good way to put it I think he is and I think Alley touched on a lot of that but I would. Love to fact check that bite that you just. And played from the point how he said. Dot. You know he referred to them is Paul and Kevin he said we don't count and everybody was happy well you'd be that you remember that you know just hours before this meeting. A speaker Ryan told reporters I'm at a three month was extension was ridiculous and in disgrace balls so. In what you saw also and is tax beach and north Dakota's he's trying. To relish in his bipartisanship. Right he brought up health care again. He brought up this. Deal on that that the top of his comments that he mentioned in North Dakota and he says we just stop putting the party first I think Alley and Rick had good points it. Yeah Ahmad this don't does that make it more difficult down the road. They're breaking John's last point on this now because this is gonna create problems down the line this is totally during the Republican plan into chaos now. How did they move for over their legislative agenda. It's a very good question I mean there's they're you know we talk about taxes when we talk about these issues that you thought you know the talk. Issue now thrown for congress as well you know you so about health and their I think. This is another example of this White House not really realizing the reverberations. That president Trump's actions. It could end up having I think there's there's the potential for this to him to turn into something you know we've got. A not to overstate the the impact of cutting this deal because it does free up some other other legislative oxygen. For other other potential movement but this changes the power dynamic in the final way if you are as the president in its suddenly cut in. It's a close each optional into these delicate negotiations you're changing the way business is not. You're cutting out the Republican leaders and they're gonna feel frustrated by this and they didn't pull in the same direction for the most part legislatively if that some words and some. Disagreements but but they're planning has been a lot more intricate than the president's kind of improvisation later. Well Don you mentioned stock there it's another thing the president had to answer for the last 24 hours after yesterday's announcement. The administration with ending the deferred action for childhood arrivals program the present entered a couple questions about that aboard Air Force One as well people were asking about. And the mixed signals and seemed to be coming out because the president said maybe they can revisit it if congress. Didn't act in six months the take a listen to what the president had to say we'll talk about it on the back and areas. As in Nancy Skinner makes signals coming from the White House over doc Patten got sick. Mexico though congress I really believe. Wants to take care of the situation really believe. Even very conservative members of congress have seen it Tristan. If they don't want to see what we're gonna do but I will tell you I wrote believe congress wants to take gavel. The Catherine Alden let me ask you this to the president is basically said it got six months to act that this congress that problem. They have to do something about it at the same time he says you know what maybe I'll come back and check in on the since excellent that they haven't done something about it. Exactly I want to point out I was. Pressed the president on these mixed messages ask you said you saw he's tweet last night that's as you know congress have six months to do this and it in if they can't I won't revisit the issue obviously. That brought up a lot of questions what does he mean five revisit the issue in what way and and Cecilia Vega question in the Oval Office earlier. On today's think it is having second thoughts on doc and to which he said he's having no second thoughts and sending no make singles but really signals did come. You know last war how is he going to revisit the issue he was asked them. Does he won a pathway to citizenship for these doc recipients on Air Force One and he says. Yet this is going to be discussed later but we want to talk about the legal issue right now I'm but they haven't discussed the path to citizenship yet. The president expresses confidence that this is something that congress can get done but frankly. I want it back at square one here and if this doesn't get done in six months they have a lot of other and legislative items on their agenda is talking to congressional in the other day that says on top of everything we have to do we get tax reform and now we have this in the six month wins out. You know what that they can't get it done it leaves a lot. Questions on the table on the so Alley Grogan the president has confidence in congress that congress have confidence in themselves and neighboring. Something to the floor. Yeah I think the president is the only one with as much confidence adds he has. Exhibited when it comes to what congress can get done. Number one congress really only acts if there is a strict deadline. And so the fact that the president. As you pointed out as Catherine pointed out the effect he tweeted that he will revisit this in six months sort of takes all the wind out of the sails of Democrats and Republicans to actually. Worked to get something done. Couple that with the fact that they're still a lot of differing opinions on how exactly to accomplish. The goals of doc most senate's Republicans and Democrats house to. They'll support the ultimate goal but it's just a question of getting there. Now we're hearing that some Republicans like Rand Paul they say they don't want to do you any immigration reform without without number one budget cuts. And number two a lot of other senate Republicans house Republicans are saying they also want measures on border security so this is going to be. A really tough political fight. Remember the DREAM Act which was the bill that I dealt with these young immigrants that was written in 2000 and wine. It has been sixteen years in congress hasn't accomplished this I don't know why the president is so confident that they're going to be able to accomplish it in six months. There brick clinic kind of begs the question here why passed the puck over to congress in the first place. If the president think something's gonna end up back on his lap in the yet. I think heating want to make a decision I think he was caught between. His own words. Promises he made his supporters he simultaneously said that there be a great heartened dreamers had nothing to worry about the that this is an unconstitutional illegal program the dividend on they want. So he was caught in that bites of his own of his own making I think even in insane right revisited he doesn't want to quite only he's he's now talking kind of platitudes about. The need for congress who addressed this. To suddenly have confidence in congress at a bashing congress for all these months it just doesn't work that way so I don't think it's any kind of new confidence I think he just does not want to deal with that he wants it taking care of he wants to be able to announce some kind of a deal probably roughly similar. So the way that he was able to announce a deal today on spending and debt. Our and a jump over to some foreign policy issues real quake Rick and John jump in on this because this is something that's been. Sort of simmering through the headlines but again came up today after the president had a call with Chinese president Gigi and pain they of course spoke about the rising tensions. We its North Korea we've had some sort of back and forth for president jump about what exactly the US policy is. When it comes to handling North Korea it seems like we have a new evolution in that now Rick what's the latest when he comes to that approach from the White House. Well now it's back to negotiations and back to trying to find some new sanctions and I think some pretty blunt assessments from the UN ambassador Nicki Elliott others to say. Maybe there's nothing else that works but David trying this combination of carrots and sticks and clearly he. There's fewer weapons that he as it is disposal because the president has chosen so many battles of the same time. Of course he's also talking about trade in a much different waited with the South Koreans so apply his pressure at this point. I think they're they're the running out of options but but there's no good options left the mean. Which are left with these the acceptable options of nuclear war and that's what they're still trying to avoid after a couple of weeks ago we talked about fired fury locked and loaded. It's hardly kept more. Closer to the edge that and that and I think a lot of the behind the scenes negotiations and that in the private talks that the president's been having world leaders. Had been aimed at trying to find a solution that may not be there. All the way to fire and fury and then back again John sorry we're trying to get in there. Don't north I I think it's it's interesting because to an extent the president seems some sort of boxed himself in. To a box when not really wanting to talk openly about military strategy but. Sort of you can see him feeling the need to want to respond to almost every. Provocation and overture from the north Koreans and it puts in a really difficult spot when you know it seems like his main priority is to you know not not forecasts what. What he's planning on doing the still projecting strengthened and and trying to appear strong next involved. We'll Katherine Pollard John raises a good point there that every time there's been any kind of provocation the president has answered in kind is there anything that tells us. We should rule that out moving Ford. I think it's a big question here of military action right we've been asking the president has since it brought a member I asked him. At the end of April is king is he ruling out any military action hasn't relates to North Korea and he said at that time in April will see you will see you know he's asked the same question today to. You know. When he was leaving and he says no. Are you to take military action in North Korea again he says we'll see what happens we'll see what happens but certainly that's not our work first choice so. Yes says Johnson mentions there the president. Does respond until all of these threats from North Korea we've seen it in tweets we've seen in statements even when he says you know were done talking. But still that is what we don't know the answer to and what the White House's defense here is new that the president doesn't want to forecast his news but you know. Is weighing military option of course that a military unit accident North Korea. They say all options are still on the table but it's still remains unclear if this is something he will actually do. Our recliner many give you the last word on this on yet another story we were not kidding when we said there was a lot happening in Washington today we we've got some news. About another trump family member that we know is going to be answering some questions. When it comes to the ongoing congressional investigations into Russian interference in the when he sixteenth election. What are we now. Donald Trump junior will be testifying tomorrow accession call test might as it's it's a closed door meeting and it's actually only with the staff members this is not. He's beat public testimony interesting though all on a couple levels about Osama is that even though these are staff level interviews these are. Lawyers that work for the committee and staff members that are going to be talking to him we've heard from several democratic members of the senate committee and that are investigating this that are going to be in the room. They think so much about this interview in their so interest and we have to say they want to be there I feel like there may be some kind of Kate rattle and it goes on daily activities and that in their presence there but it. It gets to the heart of this investigation because if you circle everything you kind of highly strings together. It comes out the money comes on the family comes on the business those of the teams that come back together over and over again. That meeting that happened in trump tower last summer that evolved Donald Trump junior in the campaign chairman as well as Jared Kushner. All of these all of the participants their accounts of that meeting become so critical because that's a key piece of evidence. And as the committee gets a little bit closer to its final hole talking to those key participants I think is a signal publicly that they're getting closer. And privately they want to know what Donald Trump junior and knew about that meeting what he was told how it lines up with other things that he sets I think it's a high profile day even though we won't see him pop. Is faithful. Packed news late and it's only Wednesday. Now let that thing again thanks to all put you out there Rick Klein John Graham backed Catherine father is an Alley wrote and I'll with a cocktail. Thanks on them. And thanks to all of you for watching as well if you want to stay on top of all of those stories head over to Any time to keep up with the latest for now I'm on an Abbas and a few back here's.

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