Trump gives unprecedented interviews on WH lawn

President Donald Trump surprised reporters on the White House's North Lawn this morning, taking questions on Michael Cohen, the FBI and North Korea.
7:20 | 06/15/18

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Transcript for Trump gives unprecedented interviews on WH lawn
We're talking to Keira Phillips you know. Curious that we were joking around about the idea that the president likes to use weird to get his message out of course of the morning but then. I think he's surprised some folks forced to bow what they gaggle group of folk those that don't know what do. Out our our our happiness at this scene and leave everybody sued big Agilent explain what that is and and greed that's what's so why is that you were talking yesterday. Usually find out what the president is doing when he tweets you know his opinion on things it's quake and then we know exactly what will be working on how we pursue it. So here we are at the White House today OK and it's before the president stepped up to the mics but I'll give you a little a little background. We actually behind him is where the press briefing room is OK but right they're behind the president you'll see him right next it and there. We saw a tweet that he was going to be walking out this way to go do an interview with another network that we well mentioned mention my husband works but. I still love my husband even as with a run network but that the whole other story. I'm so. There he's walking Sydney interview are right here's the tweet that he put out how the highest rated by our morning show at FOX & Friends should we give it away. Is on the front lot at the White House maybe I'll have to take an unannounced trip down to see him. Okay Zachary when that happened. Everybody who thought nothing was going to happen today. An act reading and looking forward to it day reading up on you know what happened yesterday at everybody sees this and comes running out. Waiting for the president so really it was like. Is it Sheila thinks that he's never done this before it would be unprecedented. What's going to happen the next thing you know you see the streets getting cleared using his Secret Service coming out and sure enough here comes the president. Walking out of the mansion so it was. Unexpected there was and rethink today. And then the president steps out. For as you say a dangles a right after his interview acts added she adds. To talk to him as he was walking towards his interview that he's doing right there you'll see on fox but that afterwards he held a gaggle and that's where he just sort of steps. In front of us and everybody starts yelling out their questions so what you're about to see now is what I asked about Michael Cohen as you don't Michael Cohen. Is under I investigation right now his long time attorney and fixer for possible. Criminal activity and everybody's wanting to know at this point. Is Michael calling going to flip on the president. Is there anything that Michael Cullen has or. Or done that would implicate the president in any type of criminal activity that is what we don't know so the first question. I threw it the president was do you think Michael Connelly is going to flip on you. He said no and here's the rest of the gaggle. Michael Collins right. Look I did nothing wrong you have to understand. This stuff would come out a long time ago I did nothing is a lot of extra fresh and it's really not easy similarly regularly like Michael I haven't spoken like on a long time he still your lawyer. No he's not my lawyer but in Amarillo lawyer and not but I always liked Michael. Are you know he's a good person you and I think he's suffered here are you acumen but I just one note you're asking me a question of dried just want to know if you're worried he's gonna cooperate with federal you know I'm not. I did nothing wrong got nothing wrong. You can see Zachary it's sometimes pretty tough to get the president to answer your questions he got little testy with me got a little testy with a lot of the reporters. But you just have to keep at it and keep asking your question and I'm glad that he finally. Answered me because Butte we've been wanting to know what he thinks about Michael Cohen so what we learned is. Michael Cohen is no longer his personal attorney. But that he still is friends with Michael Connelly said he hasn't talked to Michael Cohen lately. And also he believes that Michael Cohen is not going to flip on him so that made news today that was interesting for all of us that have been following. That story. You can't make this stuff be. Very you really don't care if whatever else what he's going to do and what he's going to say I'm just glad he's at something and he answered my questions what. They seem out there at the White House today obviously get a lot to talk about we're talking about this new inspector general report that came out from. Fuels to believe that. You know it supports his stance you know. He's quoted as saying top people were horrible they were plotting against my alexion. But the inspector general report doesn't actually say that in my mind. Let right and he actually actually Catherine. Inspector general's report did you look and see if you've got that and well she's looking at the transcript of that and bring those notes out with me forgive me Zachary was riding out here thinking hasn't talked about Michael Palin and yes it has in North Korea so I'm gonna bring up the transcript of the Q and he asked on that but if you don't mind can I just mention North Korea for a minute because. Okay because you and I were talking about that yesterday and we've been wanting to know if we are went when. Get more information about specific steps with regard to bear vacation and and when is Kim Jong-Il gonna start dismantling. His nuclear weapons when are we going to see. The actual proof that it's going to happen. The other question that we were asking was about human rights abuses and and why the president and this was the question that I asked why do you keep lifting. Thank you very much that's up on the IG. Why do you keep lifting happened raising. A man that has carried out executions and and start his own people. Well he was asked that actually buy a lot of people and I thought this was a pretty good response on. I. I can't speak to that I can only speak to the fact that. We cite an incredible agreement it's great and it's going to be think this little girl not because I now and North Korea can develop and North Korea to become. A great country economically but it can become whatever they want with it won't be nuclear weapons and they won't be aimed at Ewing. Pretty pretty direct I think when he said look I'm doing what I'm doing. Because you don't wanna see nuclear weapons and your backyard pretty powerful now I have and lets you have a question Zachary Heidi and. Who bought it's it's it's fascinating it's both the direct him in in in so evasive ball at the same time it doesn't. Seen. It. The Christmas except that right we're still waiting for specifics on how is going to hold him accountable. Whether it's human rights abuses. Or how is get it dismantle his nuclear arsenal. Now with regard to the IG. Report that came out here ego that what the president said look. I feel vindicated that that's the one thing he did say but specifically. He said I'm actually proud because I eat the Clinton dynasty I beat the bush dynasty. And now I guess hopefully in the process of beating very this honest intelligence. Because what they did it was incredible and a real insult to millions of people that voted in that election. On both sides. Directed directed to the point that's the president the United States Frazier. Cure of Butler you Catherine. Thank you so much for all your time this morning we have a wonderful weekend. Stats fellow crazy I can't wait to sleep because I write dress knit are.

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"President Donald Trump surprised reporters on the White House's North Lawn this morning, taking questions on Michael Cohen, the FBI and North Korea. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"55928611","title":"Trump gives unprecedented interviews on WH lawn","url":"/Politics/video/trump-unprecedented-interviews-wh-lawn-55928611"}