Trump unveils 4-part national security strategy

The Trump administration's plan targets border security and military readiness but not climate change.
3:00 | 12/18/17

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Transcript for Trump unveils 4-part national security strategy
As long as we are proud. And very proud of who we are. How we got here. And what we are fighting for to preserve. We will not fail. If we do all of this if we rediscover our resolve. And commit ourselves to compete. And win again. And together. We will leave our children and our grandchildren a nation that is stronger. Better freer prouder and yes. An American that is greater. Than ever. Before. God bless you thank give him. It. President Donald Trump declaring America first peace through strength and of course make America great again as he outlines a new national security strategy right across town here in Washington hi everyone on ABC news political director recline. Joined by Tara culinary our White House correspondent Mary Ellis park senior political reporter. We've also Alan Rogan on Capitol Hill but I wanna start with a working as. Our man at pentagon believe this is not required by law to give these periodic updates the national security strategy what stock outs. In what president trump Agassi today in Houston and new policy. Well number one rank top look the ceremony behind this event is typically doesn't happen we have a rule out of his strategy in this fashion. But the president comes out lays out his point by point his vision for how the strategy when he tied to American prosperity. That's one of the things that struck out to me the linkages that prison tramp was making about how it is important important national security strategy to be linked. Two advancements on the M on the home front. The economic prosperity he cocked towards the end there. One of the things he also mentioned was the economy that's one thing that jumped out at me. How many times about one point one of the four pillars. This new strategy which is advancing. US prosperity talk about the importance of improving America's infrastructure sites about how that ties into. Improvements here at home and and that leads to is stronger stability and security overseas. I'm so one of the things also that we we see in this is that you've got to this. You reaffirmation of the four goals here that protecting. He homeland. Enhancing. US prosperity. Preserving peace through strength which got was a plot line there at this this event in the last to a pillar here was advancing. American influence worldwide. I'm so. Those are the cornerstones. This new strategy that is ruling out but if you've been listening to the president over the last year so. Some common themes that you've heard. America first cooperating. Through. I'm reciprocity from our allies overseas. So it's in some ways more reaffirmation. Of the line at the prison is taking over the past years. And Tara a lot of this was packaging domestic priorities Lawrence national strategic audience your a lot of an immigration. We heard a lot about three deals we know those are the priorities were lot of tax cuts even house that was somehow linked here with. With the national security strategy that they're trying to art that economic strength. Is international strength and you know this breezy CB speaks softly carry big stick trump has more likely. Built up the military acts his stick but also screaming about you know America first. I thought his Tony. Today was really interesting it neared a bit of the taxi she had last week there was a softer. More resolute. Serious tone and you know from even I've spoken with these trump is really starting to learn the importance of meeting through rhetoric. And that is something that you know throughout time we seen that from our theater and it and that perhaps. Value as much in the inning and that's right you're seeing in these kind of speeches when he comes home from track and a bit more accurate that he. As the debate for the White House joining us now from the White House or one Sicily what did you make it this speech that you that you detect any new policy here are. How does this rank with other other strategic and policy speeches we've seen from the president. No new policy. That I cotton Rick but yeah I think it really struck me as perhaps a trial run for his state of the union speech when it sounded like Natalie heard the president. Forgive me if you guys talked about the sorry I didn't at the top of the broadcast but but we heard talk a lot about the election repeatedly multiple references. To the election in tax cuts and and what he would say is list of accomplishments. Over the last eleven months so if you don't you know I guess what what is interesting in what is new in this is this did clearing. Border security. As he set for the first time ever part of the nation's strategic strategic. National security interest. You know he talked about booting the ball up he talked about supporting Border Patrol and ending these lottery programs and chain migration. You know this was president trumps. One he hits list greatest hits list if you will of his accomplishments but also. A little bit looking ahead you know I agree with tear he felt very muted to me. On this one had to what's most interesting about this is what happened behind the scenes leading up to this from our reporting here at the White House. This is something that the president really wanted to do he wanted to get out there and give this speech. To the American public to the world as the waves here at the White House put it it's not something that other presidents have done in the past this isn't usually event filled with opposite circumstance this is. This is a stamp but document that is did it that is required bylaw White House to get to the congress. Usually there's no more there there's no there's no ceremony around it but this president lives and come here like this president likes to do with the flags the military brass and and give the big speech. A nation without borders is not a nation he said it rather dire portrait I'd add also Cecilia that. That he's painting here this is eleven months or so after the American carnage speech that was his inaugural address all the it's a little bit but still pretty harsh. On the state of the world that he inherited very very difficult. Language for his predecessors of the problems that he use them at having appointed. Yeah and that is very Donald Trump if you will right that's the tone that he likes to strike that is that is the message of this presidency America first. He wants to put the military person has made no bones about that you know a couple of other headlines it we should probably hit on here that. He didn't mention but are part of this document. A difference from the Obama era national security plan climate change is not considered under this administration a threat to national security. I believe terrorists that it though the economy economic interests all. Goal number one also China calling China a strategic competitor here that's a big shift for this White House to. So much took things in error jumped out at me those are definitely among them but I have to say this isn't this isn't. A lot of news made if you look we organ at. Give him a report card on that but it really felt much more like state of the union practiced and Lee report card that he would give himself for the past you're looking back. Them passing grades I think there's a reason to think that for the president's also zillion Vegas thinks thanks for joining us for the White House perspective it. And Jerry Allison did it seem like it is unpacking. A whole lot of well policies needing it together in the strategy amenable to broader than we've heard from the president. Right it was more aspiration all then as serious at a concrete list of new policies. A big focus on looking backwards sort of a list of some accomplishments though. Maybe that many to tout for first year needs and strides against. Ice as he talked about international deals he's pulled out of but a lot of folks argue that for one full year with Republicans controlling. Does tout there might be very little to show. I think get a big gap I'm Wes rush the only time that Russia came up was actually sort of a complimentary Tomlin talked about new partnership's annual allegiances and alliances. With Russia is so different in a tone on Capitol Hill where even Republicans are constantly talking. About Russia as a threat a concern and new priority for national security. I did notice that it touched on cyber and social security act so as to rent alluding to and I eluding an investigation and not exactly a fan but not giving up passing out right this is this is a threat to the United States. I think that directly and we are rival powers now it's now rivals and but it yeah absolutely Martinez over at the Pentagon we heard the president talk about the need answered the sequestration. And those those automatic cuts. Depending on spending its neighbors were rebuilding the military those lines go over how does it. Match up with reality we scene of last year. What unites as sex station is just something that's been hanging over the coming on now for almost six years it's the constant refrain from senior officials. Sickest rationing going to. But he's the military's readiness it's going to impact how we will fight overseas how we maintained he actually level our troops here stateside. And actually leave what we constantly see. Is this dialogue between the Pentagon and the congress get rid of stickers station needs automatic cuts aren't going to be. Permanently damaging to the US military so. A president trump here kind of repeating the refrain. That you always hear from pentagon officials and I think you really can't escape the reality and over the last. Eight years or so this drumbeat of continuing resolutions that we get from congress. Since they can't really pass a comprehensive. Or individual. I'll funding bills or for the government I'm kind of puts the military and the strain and the kind of have to operate at that strained. While congress debates how they. When they move towards a final bill so it's a very tough situation for the and thinning out over the last six years or so. And what you hear from the president I don't know if it's ever gonna really resonate because. It's been going on for so many years it to me here and others it just becomes white knowing. If indeed we also heard guys a little little news of the day reference from the president today of course. We're we're following this story out of out of Washington State and it's really horrible situations as. You seen the pictures we've heard reports of fatalities the president's first reaction guys was the talk about how this shows the need. For infrastructure reform. That fact we came out before any expression of solidarity or our thoughts and prayers for. For family members intriguingly to me also keep you didn't have a lot of money for. I train spending in his budget but he's making this again a lot about his own agenda. And easily got ahead of the news there's a lot of conflicts reports might causes derailment. And I think it's important that questions he actually had invested time in infrastructure a Democrats have been pushing that charge. When the president was first elected Democrats that it was the one area they were excited to work with this white house on others Republicans on Capitol Hill that sent him or not. Really interested in taking up that mantle because they weren't sure how to pay for itself the fact that indeed. Immediate aftermath of the trashy like there's the president once again talking about infrastructure spending when his own party hasn't exactly been willing to go there. I think definitely raise my wrath. And it's going to be a busy week on Capitol Hill the government shut down his looming at the end of the week before they get though they'll books are very high for taxes we heard. The president against eighty's he to be on the verge of easing as the lawyers that's that American history and lots of superlatives that attack around I wanna get reality check. From Alley wrote in give us a sense up on Capitol Hill helping Stanford here we know that Senator McCain won't be around for votes but we're still. Looking like like a possibility passes what's the best guess right now in terms of the time. Here. Many this bill on the president's desk. Right now at that house the house it's going to take up this. Bills tomorrow with the goal of finishing up its votes. Sometime Tuesday afternoon that they're gonna send it over to the senate where they could finish up work on this as soon as late Tuesday. It's likely that that might bleed over into Wednesday though but you're right that on both sides house and senate. They have the votes to pass that senators are confident that even with the absence of Senator John McCain who has said he will not be back. In time for this vote he's recuperating Arizona. They still have the votes so as a C and right now there's nothing standing in republicans' way. Forgetting this on the president's desk by the end of the week. It is the shutdown which is that thing is standing in the way of everyone's Christmas holiday what is the what's that what's the betting line right now valuable we're looking at the close of business Friday. Yeah that's right where Ford days away from the government potentially shutting down nobody is really talking seriously about that actually happening it's just a matter up. What deal is made between now and December 22. One of the big fault lines of course is defense spending which the president just spoke about talking about. Getting rid of that damaging sequester which by the way news flash spoiler alert. They're not getting rid of the sequester anytime soon everybody agrees the sequester is terrible. And they don't like these across the board cuts to all of government but nobody really knows nobody wants to give up anything to fix it. The big question is how much defense spending you put in this government funding agreement which they want to cover a long term at least longer than a few months. I and how much domestic spending thing do you get in exchange for that. In addition there's also a lot of and he and of the year fights including around funding Children's Health Insurance Program we don't know exactly how that's going to shape up. But again both sides here know that an actual shutdown would be politically perilous neither side is looking to actually make that happen but. It's a matter how much that they can get in terms of and fashions and again we've got Ford days until they have to wrap this up. All right Kelli Rogan thank you up from from Capitol Hill I want it just a couple developments on the the Moeller investigation and in some of the so over the weekend headlines that we salt really striking to see this effort begins a full and full year to try to discredit Bob Mueller. Before he does any further action are what's your sense from the White House as they position around that with their lawyers lawyers for the transition team raising concerns. If you see that there really stress pulling her out looking for scraps some weights are really diligent night. The investigation on its indices hit that Mueller tuck was those was the firing of the two FBI agents who were obviously openly talking at Alice. There disdain for Tom calling him an eighty head you know praising Hillary Clinton on and that actually was involved in the investigation. And the more they can kind of paint the team is being partisan in my ethnicity political. You know investigation and that is something that there could keep doing. The idea that government emails. Can't heat you know me out moraine subpoena it is a little. The transition committee refused any prize how about those ending up investigators' hands. Yeah those Anderson over the began losing to Republican lawmakers even on our own show. I continued that drumbeat about partisanship and partisans were politics in this investigation. When we know that are Miller fired those two FBI agents as soon as those tax for at least in the public eye. So this idea of needing to clean house there's more cleaning that needs to be done I think is it really kind of tricky line for them to be touting right now. Looks like yeah clean house this is. Part of that and and as well and he told trump slow down the investigation it is what you need to do slower you know handing over documents. Quite you know question the motives that he's moving make it more political and this is exactly what they're doing and there to try to slowdown out rapidly expanding investigation. Lawyers for the president that meeting with the special counsel even this week all right. That does it for our coverage today our thanks a Louis Martinez since leaving Alley wrote if we're tower palmary Mary Alice parks I'm recline sticker on what is next time.

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