Trump Gives Victory Speech Following Projected New Hampshire Win

The presidential hopeful started by thanking his late parents.
13:42 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for Trump Gives Victory Speech Following Projected New Hampshire Win
We are going today and America great again. And I want to thank everybody but I really have to begin. By paying homage to my parents Marianne thread erupted looking down this thing. This is something very special they love this country have been very very happy right now so. I want to thank. My sister. Judge Barry Marion. Really racist not a great sister Elizabeth. My fantastic. Brother or Mueller who's watching right now within Marie. And I want to thank my brother my late brother Fred Wada fantastic guy I learned so much from threat. Taught me more that just about an embryo just probably about even with my father a fantastic guy. So I want to thank Fred he's up there and usually he now. I. And we can go right down the line but we have to start with Bologna and what she puts up with. Okay. He had she said right from the beginning you know if you run you know you're going to win and she said that. From day one so money at things. And Don and Britain as thank you so much. At a bond issue is that she made seven stops today at the polling areas. Soon. Very very special Ed Jarrett. Jared is a very very successful. Real estate entrepreneur in Manhattan but he likes this better than realist and I. And allow us. And Eric and they were all out today and it was amazing. And glory where his glory his glory have a ground gave Laura Lott alliance. The ground yeah. As glory glory glory of the wind down ski. You know we learned a lot of at about ground games in one week I have to tell you that. And the entire staff and hope that this is so this is hope this is so nobody nobody takes bar phone calls I think it today that hope so. Thank you hope and glory and the entire. The entire group the entire staff incredible job you know Beers. A. Solve. Again. We have to thank the candidates because they really read we have some very talented people. And to be victorious against some of these people even if it's a one week but I believe it's going to be for many weeks okay. They really are they're terrific. A number of them called and I just wanted to thank them but I wanted to congratulate. The other candidates okay. Now that I got that note led. You know it's always tough and that to borrow boom boom. But that's the way it is and and really you have some real talent we have some real talent in the Republican Party and the RNC and riots we want to thank everybody thank you very much. We. Yeah right right well I'll tell you why. I'll tell you. What are we really want it we want to thank the people at New Hampshire. Right. You know. I said it and I said it even a year ago I think the government to do really well there. Because I mean a lot and it's still. Beautiful and I love it so much and I love the people and I said I actually think they like me a lot. And then all of the suddenly starting getting numbers in an ever went said. How come they like chump so much. But I have so many friends up here and they are special special people so New Hampshire I want to thank you we love you. We're going to be back a lot would not get a forget you you started it remember you started. Okay. It's. You know what I came out I heard the end of birdies speech and I heard some of the beginning. And now. Well I first of all congratulations. To parity in all fairness we have to congratulate. We may not like it. But I heard parts of birdies speech he wants to give away our country folks he wants to get away when I get a let it happen. We're not gonna let it happen I don't know where it's going with parity we wish him a lot of luck but it. We are going to make America great again but we're going to do it the old fashioned way we're going to beat China Japan. We're going to be Mexicali trade. We're going to beat. All of these countries. That are taking so much of our money away from is quoted de lead bases not gonna happen anymore. We have the greatest business people right now in the world. They'd call me all the time they wanted to be involved we have political hacks negotiating ideals. Billions and billions and billions of dollars not gonna happen anymore we gonna use the finest business people in the world. We are going to do something so good and so fast and so strong and the world has got to respect us again believe me. Okay. We're going to do. Do we love our country. Do we love America. I think one of the things that really caught on it's very important self funding my campaign every. Body on both sides. And yet I was saying two weeks ago I said. Don't think people really appreciated. As I see all of that money being poured into commercials and it's not their money it's special interest money and kisses on both sides on the Republican side the Democrats at. Money just pouring into commercials. Special engines it's obvious he's of people that don't necessarily love our country they don't have the best interest of our country at heart. We're not gonna let it happened we can't we have to do something about it when you see when you see the kinds of deals made in our country. A lot of those deals of Nate because. The politicians aren't supposed to. Yeah and making them the air benefit. We have to stop it. We have to stop it we are now going to make it to your benefit with going to make the deals with the American people that's the way. I I. Now. Very. I love this look at you. Look do. I look besides the most imaginative side. In not GO. We're gonna make trade deals we're gonna rebuild our military it's going to be so big so strong so powerful. Nobody. Nobody is gonna mess with us believe me nobody nobody. We are gonna take care of our vets whereas now whereas now. We love now. All right now. Get up their view. We give it take care of our vets. Our vets are treated horribly thereof greatest people aren't that sick that it be taken Garrett that you remember that everybody. Right. We're going to have strong incredible boaters and people are going to come into our country but they're going to come into our country legally. They got a comment. Legally. We're going to build a wall it's going to be built. It's not even believe it or not. It's not even a difficult thing to do and by the way. For the people of New Hampshire where you have a tremendous problem with heroin and drugs you wouldn't even believe that you see this place is it's so beautiful have a tremendous problem. The first thing always that they mentioned to me mr. trump pleased and something. The drugs the heroin it's pouring in and it's so cheap. Because there's so much of it. And the key to getting stuck and other people are getting stuck with it and that we're gonna end it would it ended at the southern border it's going to be over. And we're gonna work. At what they don't work really hard to get those people that is so addicted off the happened within a work like hell to take care of the situation. It's a huge problem in new identity huge problem all over our country. Now borders again and we're gonna work with you people to help you solve that very big problem and will get it done. I. And so do. Lot of group of people. You know and a top of this group we have thousands of people outside they can't even get in that's what we have. Thousand. Health care we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. It is a total disaster. We're repealing and replacing obamacare. It's done. We're getting rid of Tommy -- are we gonna educate our children locally. We educate our children locally. We are going to preserve our very sacred check in amendment. This is not going to be any whites give them away at our Second Amendment. If we had protection in California recently had so many other places you could even look to parents. Paris has the toughest gun laws in the world. France has the toughest gun laws in the world. These animals go when they start shooting one route three a 130. People with many people. Horribly wounded horribly wounded right now in the hospital. They have their bullets going in the other direction believe me it would have been a whole different story folks. But nobody had protection. I am going to be. The greatest jobs president. That god ever created remember that. Don't believe does phony numbers what you hear four point nine and 5% unemployment. The numbers probably 21 829. As high as 35 in fact I even heard recently 42%. Do you think we got gatherings like this every year we had that we had 5%. Unemployment you really think we'd have these gatherings forgetting about security forgetting about ices which by the way we're gonna knock the hell out of ice. Back to hell out of and it's going to be done that. The right way. So we're gonna take care of the economy. We're going to take care of who did it take care of all of the things that I said. Our border everything health care it's going to be so great with us about obamacare. People are forgetting. Now them miserable. Because. It's going up 45%. 35%. 55%. It's totally out of control probably sinks of its own volition in 27 team unless the Republicans give it another. I mean what's going on what's going on the budget the last budget that was approved is an. Absolute disaster for everybody in this country we Oden nineteen trillion dollars as of today we just cross. The nineteen trillion dollar mark within a very shortly be at 11 trillion because of the budget. We are going to make our country so strong. We are going to start winning again we don't win anymore as a country we don't when Andre. We don't win with the military we can't be crisis we don't win with any thing. We are going to start winning again I'd wake gonna win so much you'll get it be so happy we are going to make America. Slope rating did may be greater than ever before I love you all thank you know America. Thank you thank you do and I just thank you we are going now. To South Carolina we're gonna win in South Carolina. I'd love you'll thank you very much.

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