Trump on Voter Fraud: 'There Is a Lot of Stuff Going On'

ABC News' Tom Llamas spoke with the GOP presidential nominee ahead of a rally in Green Bay, Wis.
5:59 | 10/17/16

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Transcript for Trump on Voter Fraud: 'There Is a Lot of Stuff Going On'
Neutral you've been seen election's gonna be read what evidence do you have voter fraud look to start off where we have the media which so that it. And so biased that we've practiced in a meeting we had with top judges and everybody assisting they've never seen anything like what's happening and you insisted that. And they will take people that have absolutely no credibility. That no witnesses that put front page stories so ridiculously have that in addition all you have to do is look around the country you look at certain parts of the country. And you see the kind of voter fraud you decent people that have been dead for ten years and it's still so called voting. There's a lot of stuff but those those pieces are very rare and where the secretary of state of Ohio who's we your supporters says what you're seeing is a responsible because it may hurt. The peaceful transfer of power are you worried. That if you protests and election result we could lead to violence they'll actually I think it's the opposite I think people want to see honesty and elections. They don't want to see people voting veteran alive and people voting five times or ten times like we have in many communities. And I think it's actually time the honest I think I think we have to Chile the office. I think we have to be very vigilant and careful with people that are voting people coming in to vote. And an ad registered people coming in as illegal immigrants and have the right to vote in the coming in and voting. And you know that surprised here's some and you see go over the country but this tremendous voter fraud and we really want it stopped and it can make a difference between winning and losing an election. Since the debate nine win at least not when have come forward to accuse you sexual misconduct. And on Friday he sits in that caught my ear you said. In almost all cases it's nonsense which mean but. Well it is instances of people that you sit almost all people because in the case of as an example people magazine's Sheehan the butlers who mr. Butler said it was absolutely perfect means. Why wouldn't you written to the time if you had a story like that it took about many many years ago. But if you would have noticed early to tell them you would have written it it would have been written twelve years you know come up the night before never told anybody of People Magazine it was totally made up. All of these things were lies they were made up lies now. Heavy and you are asked have you crossed the line in the past with women ever I don't think so I have great respect for women I have tremendous respect for women. These people come up may be for a little fame were made before some of the reason may be because they're part of that Clinton Campaign. And I think a couple of them were involved somehow with the Clinton Campaign. The one that I met on an airplane thirtieth 35 years ago. I mean nobody can believe that's a believable story listen to that sort. In addition to that there's even a witness but I mean can anyone really believe that thing like it took place it's ridiculous. Good point is its lines penalized. And the media should be playing even US in his question the media should be planned but I don't mind the question because I like killing people. You realize it was fabricated stuff in all cases now you've had all these stories yet the battleground polls came out today. And that pretty tight but how do you explain that. Well I'm honored I'm even utterly question that's very nice that's dom is. Still much better. I always does talk Italy's are you like you have to fight. The battleground states came and said it very close we're leading in Ohio substantially by guests at four points. We're doing very well in North Carolina I think we're doing very well in Clark very very well Hitler. And again were being outspent by millions because I'm basically putting up my own money plus we getting smaller contributions. From people that have been great but I'll I'll be in for over a hundred million dollars which means I'm not going to be controlled like Hillary she's got people putting up money. A tremendous tulips and they can have total control over government but I am honored by the polls polls just came out. In an and other posters Kaman and we're doing really well before you you'd better of you could hear or not but before you got here manager Aaron time you got your there was a chance insight Paul Ryan's ox. Is Paul Ryan hurting you or helping. Well I don't wanna be knocking cholera and I think he could be more supportive to the Republican committee we're doing well I think we're gonna win the election do you think you want to win. What may have been because maybe wants to run in four years in May be does enough to win could be just as you know I mean who can grew Leno. But I know I'm I'm and his territory and the rule screaming for trial the head of the Republican Party just left nation enemies as you can win Wisconsin. And I know what they would do very well here click here but would do very well it's a great state with great people. They wanna win they want to have Supreme Court justices want to have their Second Amendment they wanna you know there's a lot of things it. They want that if Hillary gets in Huckabee that would last question B debate on on Wednesday. Which Donald Trump regency we saw much more aggressive kind of you were year old element at second debate a week and astute candidate. In this next debate what he thinks there's a lot to be aggressive about she's done a terrible you look at ice is even most looked at Los. Mosul with all of this noticed more months' notice within what they just go in again. Now what's happened one of the primary reasons may be the primary reason they wanted to get the leaders of crisis. They were all done they left. So what are they doing their attention that was a waste of blunt saying the attack in Mosul and the primary reason was they wanted to get the leaders devices. But if you want to leaders of places you go and surprise you you do like you know you want to surprise people you don't wanna go in and announce it all over. ABC and every other place so they go out they announce it I think it's ridiculous I think the way our country's being run time. So ridiculous but muscles an example I mean if fighting from Russell the leaders have now left. Adams and woody and frankly. Who's going to be the winner of that battle Iran because Iran unfortunately he's taken over Iraq. So they're doing that really in my opinion because one have some kind of a little skirmish prior to the election so this mr. tropic every time you very thank you.

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{"id":42869901,"title":"Trump on Voter Fraud: 'There Is a Lot of Stuff Going On'","duration":"5:59","description":"ABC News' Tom Llamas spoke with the GOP presidential nominee ahead of a rally in Green Bay, Wis.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-voter-fraud-lot-stuff-42869901","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}