Trump voters reflect 1 year since election

"The View" co-hosts discuss how many who voted for Trump believe he has had a great term so far.
3:22 | 11/09/17

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Transcript for Trump voters reflect 1 year since election
Yes I am not a one year anniversary of the did as the dirt and he marked the occasion. Back sweeting. This photo when the masses congratulations to all of the deep novels. And the millions of people who gave us them massive Electoral College bands that big to me I'll give it up up ready up. Apparently a group. You know Ilyce anyway they still give them high marks then that high they're giving him I'm. And they said they would all from baton yeah. And his hanging onto these people need real life just you can't let's say. Clearly understand why the tribe voters are still supporting him because it you don't want one of us some boaters said he's trying to do his job but they just ain't letting him another one set he talks down to earth he has been trying to fulfill the commitments he made to the citizens that elected him. Remember when Obama would I remember when Obama was in an in his presidency. There was a lot of obstructionism going on they weren't allowing him to do what I think he wanted to do and I still gave him an and I was still supportive of him but he got plenty don't discuss hasn't gotten anything done and it's only been here in the beginning he wasn't has not yet he's not gonna. Health Care Reform tax reform looks very if he wins the wall I don't see the wall. Okay. Sonny's right it's only been nine months the wonder if we'll say they feel sort of like the Jane Goodall a red America everywhere I go what people like us explain -- voters to Meehan has this image of extra voter being sort of a like who really red state West Virginia coal miner and it's not just Astra you know the president prompt that our presidential got a higher support among. Black Clinton black men and Latino voters and my father and Mitt Romney yeah they're and there are these districts and they are here together Michigan Minnesota Virginia North Carolina main new York and Wisconsin. Those are all Obama districts that chopped flat do we look really deep into America we have to understand I think it's about poverty I think it's about anger towards things not getting done. And I do think this eighty to something that's summits racism let's call it. I think that is so Ares I. Like kick offs from supports all and I don't get some guys it's not what you say racism what it is effective and his full support for him not that I see it is because the cut that back the backlash says he's a racist and people follow him. Have to sign what about and I don't think it does it not can I just told you like. And black then voted her trump hype a higher number than it Ron in my eyes and not oral I'm saying I'm. At you don't think there is a racial component I think I think there is. A component but I think to sort of blanket it by saying like I think that like when you see in Charlotte, North Carolina with a riot happening you have to understand that it's a tiny tiny tiny speaker 300 people are conducting its terrific I'm not saying something that obviously some people feel more emboldened to come out its trumps all for not getting Steve Bannon out of office and not immediately condemning thing is I think to blanket in any way as a bigger person and I think it's it's a tiny tiny minority. Interesting thing to me is that. These people will blame the Republican party for all of Trump's failures so the Republicans are in deep what he because they can't win a primary. Without without him and they can't win the general with him so they got to get their act together.

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{"id":51045011,"title":"Trump voters reflect 1 year since election","duration":"3:22","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss how many who voted for Trump believe he has had a great term so far.","url":"/Politics/video/trump-voters-reflect-year-election-51045011","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}